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Killington Sailing Association welcomes all types of sailors and canoeists to our lake. The presence of wind turbines gives an indication of good wind conditions on most days with a prevailing SW wind. Racing takes place in an informal fashion on Wednesday evenings during BST. There is no formal instruction for sailors but peer teaching can be arranged. Several youth groups use the lake such as Kendal Sea Cadets and Lancaster Sea Scouts as well as many clients from Bendrigg Lodge. New members are always welcome and contact should be made initially to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Warning: Health Hazard Blue-Green Algae – Killington Reservoir  

24th October 2018 

The Blue-Green Algae at Killington Reservoir is still persisting, with the occasional small scum forming when the wind pushes it to the dam wall, at other times it is thinly dispersed across the reservoir and is not visually noticeable. 

Although BGA occur naturally in freshwater, there is a risk of serious hazards to health when they occur in high concentrations.  The highest concentrations of BGA toxins are found in scums which can form on the water surface, which can look like turquoise paint, grass clippings or floating mats. 

The toxins that can be produced can affect humans, pets and livestock.  You should avoid all contact with water that has a BGA scum on its surface, and also avoid very green water. 

Immersion sports such as: paddling, windsurfing; diving; swimming; water-skiing & canoeing carry a higher risk to human health and these should not be practiced where there is a scum or green water present.   

Such conditions can come and go quickly, which means that the Trust cannot guarantee the suitability of the water for these activities.  Therefore it is your responsibility to check for scums or green water prior to any immersion activity. 

Do not allow pets or livestock to swim in or drink the water.  We recommend that you keep dogs on leads. 

If you do come into contact with BGA affected water, remove contaminated clothing and wash all exposed skin in clean water as soon as possible, particularly before eating or drinking. 

If you are in any doubt about your welfare after contact with the algae, please seek medical advice.   

This advice remains in force for the remainder of this calendar year.  Next year it is possible that this problem will re-occur.  We would therefore be grateful if you could tell us if you see any signs of green water or algal scum. 

Richard Delves 


Business Boating Manager (North) 


DL 0113 2816874 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.