Club Craft

The association owns seven dinghies: - a Hartley 15, a feva, four picos, a laser, four SUPs and two optimists plus two windsurfers and two Kayaks and a Yaksport sit-on ocean canoe

These craft are for the use of members of the association at no hire cost to the individual.

A NEW diary booking system, allowing members to register their intended use of the craft has been implemented.

Click here for Booking Diary

Only one craft booking may be made each day and members are limited to a maximum of four craft per booking (however, on the day, unbooked craft may be used.) 

Each Member/Group will have a user login giving them access to the system using their Member Number and an allocated password. 

Upon selecting a date for the planned booking the system will automatically show all outstanding bookings for that date facilitating the selection of available craft.         

Only recognised drivers will be able to book the Escort boat.                                                                             

The diary will show outstanding bookings from the current date and will also contain brief information on planned club events (which may indicate when no craft will be available for members to book)

The dinghies are kept in the first seven berths (nos 0 to 6) however the optimists are on the small grass triangle by the jetty and the club rescue boat

Sails and other detachable gear for the Hartley 15 and the optimiists are stored in the clubhouse
The windsurfers are stored in the clubhouse along with the Yaksport and paddles.

Members are responsible for the condition of the craft.

Use of the craft must be reported in the clubhouse diary along with any damage or defects which should additionally be reported by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.