1 off Hi-fly Wide Style board.

This board was purchased with a grant a number of years ago. It is still in reasonable condition. It is one of the poly style boards so is a little bit heavier than other boards but it is wide and stable. It has a centre board and standard mast mounting slot. There is a mast foot with it with a normal pin type fitting so can take most rigs and if needed the mast foot can be changed for your own. If you do change the mast foot please make sure you fit the club one when you are finished.

1 off Mistral Escape.

This board was donated to the club by an ex member and is in good condition. It has a centre board and full set of foot straps and in the right winds will plane nicely. It has a sliding mast track and an individual mast foot mounting. This had gone missing but one has been made up to suit. Please ensure if you use this you put it back into the board and ensure it is safe for the next user.

1 off 5.5 metre rig complete.

This rig, which was purchased by KSA with a grant a few years ago, is kept rigged in the club house for members use. Please do not de-rig it or change the pieces like the mast foot please change the universal joint to the board.

1 off Kiddie Rig.

KSA last year replaced the old kiddie rig with a new one. I off 2.5 metre one is built up and is in the club house for members use. The rig is complete and has a mast foot mounting to suit both the club boards.

1 off 7.5 Tushingham Rig.

KSA also have a 7.5 metre rig which is in storage and can be requested for use if you need to try a bigger rig. It is too big to leave out rigged. If you wish to try this please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Members are advised to give me some warning if they want to use this rig. I am not available all the time due to work commitments but plans can be made. It would be the intention for someone to borrow this and return it so we know who has it.


Members who use the KSA windsurf equipment are expected to record their names in the folder and fill in a sheet to record the usage and confirm it is not damaged before and after use. If whilst using the equipment you do damage it then you are expected to report this in the book and report if to a

committee member so it can be repaired. A small tear in the sail can be repaired long before it is totally destroyed as happened to the last kiddie rig. Accidents to equipment do occur whilst windsurfing and sails do get torn so please report it. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I will collect the equipment and get it repaired. A member who does accidently damage the equipment will be expected to cover the cost of the repairs.

Wilful damage is a different matter and anyone not using the equipment correctly will be prevented from using it in future. The foot straps on the Hi-fly board were torn off by misuse and are not available to buy anymore so we do not have any rear straps on the board.

The committee will review the windsurfing equipment with the view to repair and replace. If it is well used then the option could be there to purchase other equipment. By recording your name in the folder it will prove the use of the equipment and support further purchases.


Wind direction at Killington is best sailed in the South to South Westerly winds. Northerly and north westerly winds are also good but can be cold. East winds cause a large calm area off the beach launching area which makes it difficult to get back to shore.

Killington windsurfers over the years have always been helpful in supporting other sailors who are just starting out windsurfing or want to try to learn new skills or manoeuvres. Anyone wanting to learn is welcome to ask and I expect they will receive guidance. No one is known to hold any formal qualification in windsurfing training at the club so it would have to be on an informal basis at your own risk.

All members shall declare on their application forms whether or not they are competent to handle a sailing craft. Members who are newcomers to the sport must obtain assistance from experienced members in order to enable the former to handle their craft safely.

If the escort boat is out for other activities and you are not or confident in your abilities then ask the driver to watch out for you. Be aware of the club rules for the escort boat; it will be used during racing / instruction. The driver should warn you 15 minutes before it is taken off the water. Please read and understand the club rules as detailed on the web site. Guide for Sailing at Killington

Always sail in pairs or ensure someone watches out for you on the shore.

No inappropriate use of the gear i.e. boards are not to be towed behind other craft for fun.

Blue Green Algae

The basic principle to be borne in mind is that if sailors and windsurfers of sufficient maturity understand and accept the dangers involved and decide that they wish to continue to sail at their own risk, they may be permitted to do so by the club without the danger of legal liability to the club arising. Members should ref to the advice from the C&RT on the web site.

Storage instructions advice

To remove the Rig.

The 5.5 metre rig is hung from the rafters of the club house. To remove slightly lift the mast foot end and remove the 12mm loop of rope and lower down. Now lift the mast head off the hook on the next beam. Leave the 6mm loop on the rig so it can be restored.

Replacing the Rig

Make sure the loop of 6mm rope is exposed above the mast head and then hang the rig off the hook on the beam then lift the mast foot end up and hang it in the 12mm rope loop. The boom clew should be downwards.

The 2.5 metre Kidde Rig.

This is stored in the corner past the two windsurfing board’s free standing. Please make sure it is removed and replace carefully. If necessary remove the 5.5 rig to gain access.

Removing the Mistral Escape board.

Remove the 5.5metre rig as above. Lift the board upwards and remove the high density foam from under the tail. Lift the tail of the board outwards in to the club house approximately 750mm (To clear the fin from the wall.) Then swing the tail to the right towards the door and ease the board out towards the door. The elastic shock cord should allow the board to come out.

Replacing the Mistral Escape board.

Point the nose of the board towards the shock cord loop the tail towards the door. Ease the board into the loop keeping the tail out from the wall to protect the fin. Put the board into the vertical position and then lift and put the high density foam block under the tail.

Removing the Hyfly board.

Remove the 5.5 metre rig and then lift the board and remove the high density foam from under the tail. Then lift the board out into the centre of the club house lowering the nose out of the mounting loop of rope. Re-hang the 5.5 metre rig if not using it.

Replacing the Hyfly board.

Remove the 5.5 metre rig for access. Put the nose of the board under the rope loop and stand the board up. Replace the high density foam under the tail. Re-hang the 5.5 metre rig.


When moving the windsurfing equipment make sure you can handle the weight if not ask for assistance of another member.

Getting the Mistral Escape board out is better with two people one to lift and manoeuvre and one to support the nose as it becomes free.