Minutes 9 October 2014




next meeting – pre AGM meeting at 7.30pm at KSA on Thursday Feb 5th


present – Geoff, Ian, Geraldine, Myles, Chris, Pete, Tony, Tess and Nick PIkes

Aplogies - Andrew , Paul, Martin



Pete to confirm 11/12 April for safety boat training refresher sessions

Pete to deal with lasers and skipper

Geoff to contact Sedbergh Canoes about their subscription

Geoff to get quote for 10 helmets and b’aids for windsurfing

Myles to shift wooden boats (Done) with a view to burning them (not done)


Finance – Andrew reports that there are no current issues

Lease – Andrew is pursuing the renewal of our lease – after an early good start to enquiries, things have slowed down… he awaits further news. Lease renewal needed in view of possible grant applications which need a minimum 7 year lease

Membership – Ian reports 15 resigned but 16 joined so net gain of +1

New website working well

Only 3 berths left

Maintenance update

Harbour wall repairs done

Grants update

Paul has done zero on jetty plan – Myles offered to take over

Windsurfing grant application – almost ready to go – see windsurfing minutes later

Wind farm – not going ahead – moves afoot to remove the wind monitoring mast

Safety boat training

Considered very important – Pete to consult diary to see if w/e of 11/12 April is suitable for 2 hour refresher sessions. A full course would be two days and this would be by mutual arrangement – Chris may contact Pete.

General agreement that those who club pays to have trained should offer back 2 sessions of rescue boat cover each season. Rota proposed for next season

fuel tank and prop guard ordered for RIB from Derek –to be chased up

Derelict boats and their ultimate fate

2 wooden boats identified to be burnt on the beach…. Myles offered to deliver them to beach (DONE but couldn’t be ignited – plea emailed for bonfire materials etc to get them ashed before lake rises)

3 Lasers identified – one appears to be Pete’s via loan to Gareth . Others to be audited by Pete and best one used as club boat – second best one to be offered to scouts.

Nat 14 owner to be further “threatened” via mum and other routes to remove…

Skipper to be disposed of by Pete

Lark in two pieces to await developments

Various trailers to be cut up and disposed of – Chris offered to do this on spring work day

Windsurfing – Nick has finished the grant application and sent it in to RYA RDO for his comments. As soon as that is done, to be submitted to Sport England. Nick thanked for all his work in conjunction with Chris

Discussion about provision of helmets and buoyancy aids esp in view of fact that we don’t supply them for dinghies. Would have to take on responsibility for safe maintenance – PPE legislation is quite tight. Agreed that Geoff would get a quote for ten b’aids and helmets to add to the grant application. Discussion continued about use/control/maintenance of all club boats to no satisfactory conclusion.

Events –

Barts Bash had happened in a small way – sadly only one group took part – You tube video of the start available here…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFgPVtJv9Uw

Ent Open happened in Sept – only a small turnout – but that has been common this summer – not sure whether to bother organising it next year

24hr race – KSA came 22nd and won their flight. small team of 6 from KSA and Sedbergh School

Wed series has continued all summer successfully

Youth Sundays have happened several times very successfully – Neil Richardson thanked for all his efforts



Cleaner has been away for 7 weeks but normal service will resume soon

Sedbergh Canoe club pay one group membership and one small berth fee but then unlimited numbers of their members can use it…. little KSA revenue – Geoff to contact them and have a chat

Longrigg have requested a canoe rack –agreed to do this – possibly where unused topper rack is

Lydia’s membership card doesn’t work – replaced

Myles asked when it was safe to get RIB indoors and poss over to Derek for prop guard fitting – after clocks change

Myles sought authorisation to get some stitch in time sail repairs done to club sails

Geoff asked if all could suggest items for AGM Agenda and/or newsletter

next meeting – pre AGM meeting at 7.30pm at KSA on Thursday Feb 5th