Minutes 15 March 2015



               Nb next meeting at 7.30pm June 4th……at KSA


Geoff, Ian and Geraldine, Myles, Chris,  Martin, Joanne, Peter Lawson, Sue Brighouse(S.Canoe Club), Peter Melling

Apologies – Andrew, Tony, Tess and Nick Pike, Paul and Lydia, Susan Landon

 ACTIONS – come up with ideas on revised group membership


AGENDA  for next meeting – to consider “contract” for group membership

                To consider quals necessary for safety boat access.

 Previous minutes – agreed


 Matters Arising

·          Rescue boat trg occurring this weekend

·          Skip booked and present

 Lease extension update – Andrew keeps asking C&RT but no tangible progress yet – Andrew is persistent however!

 Grants –

 Windsurfer grant application has been submitted which we now await outcome of from Sport England small grants fund – situation  as before

 Jetty grant application is ongoing.  Planning permission application has gone in.  RYA Regional Dev Off has been consulted and has  made constructive feedback to improve application.  Kendal SCC have asked for inclusion of cleats on the jetty.   

Membership update – 22 still outstanding to renew

7 have withdrawn, but 1 new application

So far we have received £10545 from renewals but there is still £3025 outstanding.

Application to “trial launch/float test” a small yacht approved – possibility of oil pollution from an engine considered.

Lock has now been changed to new code which has been circulated to paid up members.



Canoe events went well and British Canoeing happy with our support

Family days (including national Push the Boat Out day – on 17th May), 14th June, 20th June – details passed to Ian for Website inclusion

Laser Open on Sat April 11th – more help needed please

Junior regatta on 6th pm and 7th June all day

24 hour race entry for w/e of 12/13 September

Bart’s Bash informal race day on 20th Sept – family race



Laser confusion sorted out with relevant people

MANY boats and trailers and sundry other rubbish cut up and  skipped



It was pointed out that group membership conditions could be abused whereby one group paying only one membership could access all facilities and boats by many people.  Discussion agreed that some alteration to group membership is probably needed and will be considered at next meeting.  Ideas proposed including raising group membership fee but reducing their berth/boat fees; Another category of membership to be considered “crew member” for the maximum number brought up in one session @ ?£25;  Berth fee for cages to be considered.

Since then Myles has also raised an issue that there is no clear conditions of membership for groups and it is not formally written that they are entitled and insured to use club craft.  Arising out of this discussion has also been a further discussion as to exactly what quals are needed to drive the safety boat. 



All those who attended are thanked very much for all their efforts

Next year must avoid Mother’s day.

 Nb next meeting at 7.30pm June 4th……at KSA