Minutes 4 June 2015

NEXT MEETING – Sept 24th at 7.30 at Bendrigg Lodge 






Present – Geoff, Myles, Martin, Andrew, Ian, Geraldine, Tony, Sue, Joanne, Peter M, Paul, Lydia

Apologies – Chris Bell, Pete L, Nick and Tess


ALL – please proof read minutes and attached document soonest.

Myles to confirm with Pete L that KSA wishes to go ahead with 24 hr race entry and enquire of KSA laser sail – and/or get replacement sail

To contact Nick Pike to get access to lottery windsurfing bid info

To re-park Picos…

Ian to amend website to change all tabs mentioning safety boat to read escort boat

* Also to amend text on the website as shown after a week for immediate feedback by committee

* membership form to be reviewed at next meeting to consider fees for canoeists.

* (and membership form to be amended immediately from “I am competent to handle the craft registered” to “I am competent to handle the craft used”

* Standard race entry form to be amended to ensure that day membership was explicitly included in race fee.


Previous minutes - agreed

Matters Arising – confirmed that 24hr race is advertised on website for any member to take part in – Myles to confirm with Pete L that KSA wishes to go ahead.

LEASE UPDATE – Andrew reported that progress was slow but that letter of comfort has now been received. There appears to be goodwill to achieve the lease extension for 10 years to 2031 which will ensure that if our grant bid to Lottery Inspiring Facilities is successful then we can proceed. CRT has proposed a deadline of September for completion of the lease extension; this will be very welcome to KSA if it can be achieved. Much progress has been made since these minutes and Andrew will update at next meeting


* Windsurfing bid had been unsuccessful – Nick Pike to be contacted to get password to lottery website to view the grant application and review it with a view to considering resubmission – Action – Myles

* Inspiring facilities bid (£40000) – submitted – for consideration at their Sept meeting

* Cumbria Community Foundation bid (£2500) had been submitted and has been allocated to the “Comic Relief Fund” which will meet to discuss the bid in late June

* Community Grant application (£2500) is still in preparation but will be submitted

* Geoff suggested looking at Foundation for sport and the arts fund - but this funding has now ceased.

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE - Ian informed us of membership which sees 9 members having resigned, 12 members failing to renew yet but are still being reminded! And 2 brand new members. Ian was mandated to inform late renewals that a joining fee would be charged as of end of June

EVENTS – So far this year we had held a wild and blustery Laser Open (part of Rooster series which Killington sailors are doing well in ) , and an Open Try a Sail day (and Scouts evening) as part of the national RYA “push the boat out” week – also plagued by poor weather. Wednesday night racing was continuing with slightly low numbers, and a new initiative of Tues evening development sessions had started and will run till end of June.

Upcoming events include family days on Sunday 14th 11 – 2pm and 21st 2-4pm June

And …. 24 hr race entry 12/13 Sept and Barts Bash race on Sept 20th

All upcoming events are advertised on website.


A wide ranging discussion occurred with some differences of opinion expressed. In the end it was agreed that the safety boat name should be discontinued and replaced with escort boat when its role was discussed.


Emphasis should be placed on ensuring that all events of all types should ensure that a signed disclaimer was in place stating that sailing was at the sailors’ own risk (or responsible adult if the sailor was not an adult). The Association's annual membership form specifically includes such a statement. Visitors taking part in Open events should sign an equivalent statement along with their application for day membership of KSA (for insurance purposes). Members of the public visiting for public events such as “Try a Sail” should also sign similar disclaimers.


Qualifications for use of Escort boat

It was agreed that there are two levels of qualification for driving the Escort boat. The higher level is drivers who hold a relevant RYA Safety boat qualification. The Committee agreed that this should be

the only category of driver authorised to drive during events open to the public (Try a Sail etc). All drivers using the KSA boat in a group context should also possess an RYA Safety boat qualification.

The lower level of qualification is for users without the relevant RYA certificate. These users must undergo annual Escort Boat training provided by KSA (as Pete Lawson has organised and run this Spring). These users are not authorised to drive the boat on any occasion open to non-members of the Association.

In addition to these levels of formal qualification, ALL users of the KSA escort boat must be inducted on the operation of this particular craft both on and off the lake and must take responsibility for its care and maintenance while under their control.

The committee considered how to monitor and control this arrangement and accepted an offer from Myles to “vet” potential users’ qualifications prior to allowing access. The Committee agreed to give Myles sole authority to compile an annually revised list of approved Escort Boat drivers. For the avoidance of doubt, no person not on the current (publically displayed) list of approved drivers has any right to use the Association's escort boat.


ACTIONS – Ian to amend website to change all tabs mentioning safety boat to read escort boat

Also to amend text on the website as shown (after a week for committee comments) and highlighted in the attached document which is a copy of the text on the website and to draw notice to it via an email to members but it may require further amendment once considered by committee – IMMEDIATE feedback requested by committee members to proof read for howlers!


Myles had requested that there be a formalisation of what a group is entitled to in its membership as the RYA had asked for evidence of this contract….. discussion led to a draft paragraph (below) but also led to a discussion about Canoe groups

“Groups can only operate when as a group focussed on their activity”. In other words, members of a canoe group may NOT then use the lake individually at times outside the group’s activities. Nem con. However it was agreed for a future meeting to discuss what the membership fees for a canoeist should be, as the current fee of £100 seemed excessive. Neither of these changes would take effect until 2016.

ACTION – membership form to be reviewed at next meeting to consider fees for canoeists.

(and membership form to be amended immediately from “I am competent to handle the craft registered” to “I am competent to handle the craft used”)


Members (Day or full) are required to observe the guidelines published on the KSA website

Full members are given access to the clubhouse for their use and are asked to leave it in a clean and decent state on departure. Members (including sailing group members) are entitled to use all the sailing craft owned by the Association. These craft are insured for the personal use of members and

group members and must not be used for any commercial purpose. The escort boat is insured by the Association and is available solely for the benefit of KSA members on Killington Lake. The escort boat may be driven only by drivers who have been authorised by the official appointed by the Association and whose names appear on the annual list of authorised drivers displayed in the clubhouse.

Members using the Association's craft are responsible for their care and maintenance while in the member's control.

Any damage to premises or craft should be reported as soon as possible using the online contacts on the KSA website.


Any other business

Chris Bell commented on how good the site looked after our clear up day in March and continuing care by Geoff. All members should look after it to keep it looking good

The Morphets will be advised that their boat will be put up for sale – they have been contacted several times to remove it. - agreed

Geoff hopes to appoint a new cleaner in next few days

Ian expressed a concern by size of new cage and proposed to charge 2 berths’ fee for it – agreed

Barrow Scouts had contacted KSA to see if we could arrange a sailing taster day… it was felt that this should take place through a member organisation not directly through KSA itself . agreed at a fee of £40 for use of club boats – Toby Hubbard of Sedbergh Scouts had expressed a willingness to explore facilitating this. Since meeting the Barrow Scouts had found an alternative solution

Myles enquired of knowledge of missing Laser sail from KSA boat? Will explore with Pete and supply a replacement if necessary

Ian asked if picos could be parked with masts less intrusive on rigging area - agreed.




NEXT MEETING – Sept 24th at 7.30 at Bendrigg Lodge


Agenda items

Consideration of individual canoe membership rate

Formal adoption of “ contract “ (as above)


CRT lease








All those who attended are thanked very much for all their efforts

Next year must avoid Mother’s day.

 Nb next meeting at 7.30pm June 4th……at KSA