Minutes 24 September 2015

NEXT MEETING – February 4th at 7.30 at KSA - AGM pre-meeting



KSA COMMITTEE MEETING Thursday 24TH September 2015 


Present – Geoff, Myles, Ian, Geraldine, Joanne, Peter M, Paul, Lydia, Pete

Apologies – Chris Bell, Andrew, Tony, Sue,


Volunteers to act as Trustees for the lease – contact Geoff

Ian to “display” proposed new constitution on website for perusal by membership

Geoff to review and circulate guidelines for powerboats, berths and clubhouse

Geoff to include “plug” for Wednesday evening laser series in Chair’s letter – form of words to be supplied by Pete

Myles to investigate new gate banner

Myles to contact Arnside and inform them of outcome of their request


Previous minutes - agreed in their final format

Matters Arising – Nil except as under agenda

LEASE UPDATE – Andrew reported that the new lease was in place – Andrew congratulated on his dogged persistence in guiding this through. Geoff reinforced to younger members of the committee that this process will have to be gone through again in approx. 10years! It cost £2K in legal fees. Trustee volunteers needed – if willing contact Geoff. Andrew is away from October to end of the year – contact Geoff for any financial matters.


Lottery and Community grant decisions imminent

Decision to let Windsurfing grant application “lie” – since nobody willing to drive it.

Since meeting Lottery have turned down our grant application primarily on basis that we have had a large lottery grant prior to this- seems no point in re-submission

Since Meeting Community grant of a grant of £890 has been awarded in respect of funding to install a winch system and a weather station. This does not include VAT costs. Work to be completed within 6 months..

Remaining grant application may be decided in November once Comic Relief funding has come through.

CONTRACT – members and group members

Decided that the form of words below be adopted into our Constitution to be approved at the AGM,


Members (Day or full) are required to observe the guidelines published on the KSA website

Full members are given access to the clubhouse for their use and are asked to leave it in a clean and decent state on departure. Members (including sailing group members) are entitled to use all the sailing craft owned by the Association. These craft are insured for the personal use of members and group members and must not be used for any commercial purpose. The escort boat is insured by the Association and is available solely for the benefit of KSA members on Killington Lake. The escort boat may be driven only by drivers who have been authorised by the official appointed by the Association and whose names appear on the annual list of authorised drivers displayed in the clubhouse.

Members using the Association's craft are responsible for their care and maintenance while in the member's control.

Any damage to premises or craft should be reported as soon as possible using the online contacts on the KSA website.

Groups can only operate when as a group focused on their activity.

(copy of revised constitution – as yet to be formally approved – attached separately)

CANOE MEMBERSHIP – Agreed to keep individual canoe membership as it currently stands

GUIDELINES FOR POWER BOATS – Geoff will write a form of words for circulation

Lancaster Sea scouts – donation to be asked for by Geoff for their loan (amount to be set by them) – not to be repeated

GUIDELINES FOR BERTHS AND CLUBHOUSE – to be reviewed and circulated by Geoff

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE – at AGM Ian predicted income of £13K but about £800 less so far this year. 10 non renewers – all chased at least twice. Comm agreed that renewal post this date would incur a new joining fee. Ian does not want to continue as dinghy park steward – Geoff thanked him for his service. Ian agreed to continue to act as clearing house for allocating berth numbers but Geoff/Myles will police it. Informed that Shaw is now in Lydia’s berth. Now amended on berth sheet.

EVENTS – Pete ran a successful 24 hour race team who came 20th (2 places up from last year). Myles ran a Sedbergh School team at 24 hr race in 54th. Agreed to enter for next year.

Rooster Lakeland and Far Northern Laser series has seen a number of Killington sailors active with Tim Luke winning the Radial class, and George Thomas the 4.7 class.

Barts Bash race was held with small number of entrants BUT one entrant did it as part of his 42km sail for Eden Valley children’s hospice in a RS400 on the same day – John Peatfield

Tuesday evening sailing has had a steady if small number of attendees

Wednesday evening laser racing has thinned out a bit. More entries needed – to be encouraged in mailshot for AGM ..


Any other business

* Arnside approach for use of club for running a course – Myles had met a representative from Arnside who proposed a discount rate for use in exchange for reciprocal sailing rights at Arnside along with opportunity for our youths to take part. Committee suggested that they might send some of their prospective course students to Tuesday evening sessions for a “get to know you” benefit. Use of clubhouse and boats etc to be offered for a fee of £200 with proviso that full escort boat induction be carried out. (this info has been sent to Arnside)

* Summer very quiet at club. Geoff has taken on responsibility for tidying up etc BUT a new lady is about to start as a cleaner. Geoff will organise some new taps for those that are currently sticking.

* New gate “banner” needed since previous one is very faded. Myles to investigate.

* Gravel to be ordered for delivery to beach at high water point…… (done – thanks to Peter and Geoff who distributed it)



NEXT MEETING – Feb 4th at 7.30 at KSA – pre meeting prior to AGM at 8pm

(Ian and Geraldine apologised for absence)