Minutes 13 January 2016

NEXT MEETING – February 4th at 7.30 at KSA - AGM pre-meeting




PRESENT – Geoff, Myles, Ian, Geraldine, Peter M, Pete L, Andrew, Tony

Apologies – Paul, Lydia, Chris, Kendal  SCC



Andrew recapped history of grant applications and special projects in history of KSA

New Jetty had been decided upon as current jetty was in an unsuitable place, and didn’t allow changing depth of lake to be coped with esp in view of Bendrigg’s needs.

So a floating jetty was decided upon partly in response to a failed Lottery bid to finance a new wooden jetty. Meetings with Canal and River Trust (CRT) had determined a spec that required coping with a water depth of 2m above the spillway and 2 methods of securing the jetty. We had been surprised by the depth required until Storm Desmond struck!

Andrew commissioned visits by three leading companies to bid. Candock, Aquadock, Versadock.

Andrew summarized our findings based on design, technical spec, cost and service

On that basis Candock was the best company esp on cost and quality of service


FUNDING – Andrew summarized position to date

£1K secured and received, £1K promised verbally

Other grants applications pipeline - £1K x 2; £4K from Hadfield trust; £7.5K from Frieda Scott

If all these are secured, we can proceed with the project


PLANNING – had been secured for new wooden jetty but we have had to re apply for this new floating jetty. We anticipate since first planning was approved that this will go ahead.

CRT approval – we have taken full account of their requirements so assume that this will be received.


{Additional grant for weather station and winch has been received and these facilities will be installed this season}


Questions were received and discussed

UV guarantee on the materials of the floating units

What material are the units made of

How stable will the jetty be esp for disabled users.?

Will access from shore to jetty be satisfactory at all heights of water?


Peter Melling brought to the meeting an idea of using floating concrete jetties and some financial figures for new and secondhand units. The new units would cost a little more than our preferred supplier. It was agreed that if our funding were insufficient for our preferred jetty we will re-examine the secondhand concrete jetty units.



AGM to include a racing report- Pete Lawson agreed to present that

Wednesday laser series – Pete keen to reinvigorate it and an advert for it has been included in the Chairman’s letter. Geoff has also designed a poster for it in club. Myles offered to advertise it via Cumbria Youth Sailing facbook page and to contact Arnside sailing club to enquire of interest. Pete has contacts in South Windermere who will also be contacted. Agreed to charge £25 per series to cover club insurance.

Geoff has redrafted club guidelines and these were circulated for further comment (also attached to these minutes) Comments/feedback requested to Geoff on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Workday – advertised as being on Sunday 13th March – all welcome and encouraged

AGM – at 8pm on Thursday 4th Feb at the clubhouse.