Pre AGM Committee Meeting 4 Feb 2016

NEXT MEETING May 5th 7.30pm at Bendrigg


PRESENT – Geoff, Myles, Ian, Geraldine, Tony, Peter M, Andrew, Martin, Chris

Apologies – Paul, Lydia, Pete, Kendal SCC, Joanne




Myles to obtain sack truck for winch post

To provide Day ticket forms – including insurance compliance

To provide stock of membership forms at club

Pete to offer dates and run Escort boat refresher training

Geoff – to write guidelines/proforma governing use of “own” escort boats by groups (done)

Ian – to propose new membership fee structure (done)


Minutes of previous committee meeting agreed

Matters arising – nil

Met Station and Winch – obtained and installed – suggested that sack trolley be obtained for Winch post (Myles)

Jetty project

Planning permission – has been obtained as of 4/2/16

Grants – Andrew recapped the history – Cumbria community foundation have come up with £4.5K from 3 trusts that they admister

In pipeline – bid for £7.5K from Frieda Scott; £4K from Hadfield Trust; £1K from Sedbergh community trust

Without the large ones above we cannot fund the jetty without other sources of funding…..

Total cost is of order of £21K which include legal, planning costs.

£4K to be supplied from KSA funds but could rise to £7K if really necessary

Canal and River trust still to state formally that they are happy with the plans

April 1st visit by Candock (preferred supplier) to sort out some details – C&RT will be invited to attend.


Escort boat refresher training – Pete to be contacted to offer some dates. Reiterated that those who get that training should be available for club events eg Laser Open



Escort boat guidelines have been revamped by Geoff – RIB logbook obtained and positioned adjacent to keys

Group guidelines revamped by Geoff and will develop a proforma covering use of their own escort boats to include insurance cover

Berths and clubhouse guidelines circulated by Geoff and feedback appreciated – final version will be published on website


Club Boats

Costs of 10 club dinghies = £700 insurance and a few hundred a year to maintain/repair

Members without dinghies only pay same as other members but get use of boat with no maintenance costs – seems “unfair” Ian suggested rebalancing membership fees to reflect that. Eg increase membership cost but only maintain berth fees. Ian has since circulated a proposal for discussion at next committee meeting.


NEXT MEETING May 5th 7.30pm at Bendrigg