Minutes 4th May 2016



Present: Geoff, Andrew, Tony, Ian, Geraldine, Martin, Myles

Apologies: Chris Bell, Peter Melling, Paul and Lydia,



Agenda for next meeting to include discussion of new fee structure

Myles to contact Pete Lawson re escort boat refresher sessions

Geoff to recirculate escort boat for groups guidelines


Previous minutes were agreed as a correct record

Matters arising:

* Webcam live feed is due to happen in about 10 days – apologies for delay to previous announced date

* Rebalancing of m’ship fees – Ian’s proposal is to be discussed at the NEXT meeting (see end of these minutes for his proposal)

* Proposed new groups joining to exploit use of club boats… each case to be considered on a case by case basis eg Arnside, Morecambe recently

* Escort boat refresher – no news from Pete Lawson – to be contacted by Myles to prompt some dates to be offered.

* Escort boat guidelines for groups using their own escort boats… discussed, further amended and to be recirculated by Geoff

Membership update – new groups have joined Morecambe, Lytham SCC and Arnside showing intentions! No more resignations since last update. Some still outstanding renewals.

John Peatfield doing great job checking dinghy park.

Project Update – Andrew spoke to his paper. There was much discussion of imponderables! Including acceptance of risk, assessment of Candock’s viability, state of british currency, etc….

Agreed that KSA will not make any payment until….

a/ CRT have signed off the installation methodology

b/ There is a clear installation date, also agreed with CRT

c/ We have agreement on the currency issue and the final price

d/ if the John Fisher Trust award us £5K or more, then we will have sufficient money to finance the scheme. IF they award less than £5K then we will need to review our financial situation including considering asking members for loans to allow the scheme to go ahead.


If there is significant change to clauses a/b/c above, then there may need to be further committee work.

IF all the above are satisfied then the committee were happy to approve 35% to be paid ahead of the work.

Andrew was thanked for all his hard work on this frustrating project and he, in turn, reciprocated by appreciating all the support he had received.


Push the Boat out – Myles shared his publicity plans and solicited further support for the day itself…. Ian and Geraldine kindly offered their services as shore managers for the day. Any other offers gratefully received. Sunday May 22nd 11am – 3pm – volunteers from 10.30


Laser Open – 17 competitors attended from a range of clubs but half or so were from KSA including all the podium places down to 4th with Peter Lawson 1st, martin Metcalfe 2nd, paul landon 3rd, tim luke 4th. Thanks were recorded to all of those who helped and to Paul landon for his work organizing it.


Tues Evening sessions – regular attendance by one family of 5 and Susan Landon and daughter. Worth doing!


Start of year workday – Geoff expressed his thanks to all of those who turned up to the work day and did such excellent and efficient work.


Future events - 18/19 june Junior regatta

24 hr Race Sept


AOB – new cleaner starting soon – and thanks expressed to Geoff for all his work cleaning

Old jetty – approved that Geoff purchases new antislip coating materials for wooden jetty.