2017 Pre-Agm meeting

NEXT MEETING – April 26th at 7.30 at Bendrigg


Present – Geoff, Myles, Peter M, Tony, Andrew

Apologies – Chris Bell, Martin, Paul and Lydia, Joanne, Pete, Chris Bell


Geoff to confirm with C&RT about water levels autumn 2017

To produce signing in/out book for RIB and club dinghies/windsurfers

To finalise tap fettling

Chris to finish gate

Pete to submit insurance claim for last autumn’s 24 h race

Myles to do 24 h entry for KSA

Ian to ask Pete Wood to produce a gate notice

To investigate alternative electronic calendar

from last meeting – all completed except below

Ian - To investigate an alternative online calendar

Chris - To install new gate components in new year

Pete – to send in insurance bill to Andrew for 24 hour Ent

Previous minutes - agreed in their final format

Matters Arising – not on agenda

Taps still be finalised

Windsurfing gear now racked – thanks to Chris and Geoff – a little more “perfecting” to be carried out


Sponsors’ reception planned in outline potentially on a Tuesday afternoon when there is activity on the lake…. Model of hydro scheme reception discussed with sponsors and maybe Tim Farron coming along. Candock to be invited. Details to be finalised.



Electronic google calendar for booking club boats is in place for this season and should provide a record of use. Ian has put a link to this on website along with an announcement. (do an internet search for “Google Calendar” – click on link and log in using username This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then use password kilington

Geoff’s revision of various boat/craft/RIB/ Group guidelines was circulated and approved. Key issue that signing in/out is carried out- Geoff to provide “BOOK” for this purpose – one for RIB in store room and one for club boats in main “wetroom” – Groups and members to be reminded that CCTV can record usage of site to back up Book entries. .

Escort boat refresher training – not carried out in 2016. Myles offered to run this in conjunction with Pete in 2017 and will advertise to those who use it that they should contact him to arrange refresher at their mutual convenience. Geoff will contact all those on current registered user list. Quid pro quo for that training expected.

DAYTICKETS - Is the system still fit for purpose now that we don’t have a gate key and can therefore not withdraw “knowledge” of the gate code. Current stats for take up of this service suggest very low usage and we may be worrying about a problem that is minor. More to discuss – Action- discuss at next meeting.

END OF SUMMER – JETTY “FINAL PUSH” – Geoff met with C&RT engineer the other day and discovered that some dam repairs will be carried out with high water but he reinforced to engineer that we had been led to believe that water would be dropped at end of summer to allow us to concrete first 2 piles and lengthen slipway. Confirmation sought and/or request to drop water levels may be accepted……


Ian to be asked to request new gate notice from Pete Wood

Early entry for KSA for 24 hr approved


NEXT MEETING – April 26th at 7.30 at Bendrigg