Minutes 26 April 2017

NEXT MEETING – Monday September 18th at 7.30 at Bendrigg

PRESENT– Geoff, Myles, Peter M, Tony, Andrew, Ian, and Geraldine

APOLOGIES – Chris Bell, Martin, Pete


Ian to send out email to membership containing

Myles to supply wording on Tuesday evenings

Myles to supply wording re Push the Boat Out Sunday 21st May

Geoff to supply wording for reminder re RIB familiarisation

Geoff to supply wording re new signing out books/procedures

Ian to supply wording re Group usage of club facilities – see minutes below – and formal constitution change will need to be adopted.

Warn of dropping lake levels in July/Aug and concreting work in late July/early Aug

Reminder to close gate while at lake to prevent random visitors

Change key press code number at workday 2018

Temporary membership to be discontinued – Geoff to inform Bendrigg, Myles to inform Sedbergh TIC

Sponsors’ Plaque investigation and insertion into new concrete work – Geoff

Geoff to inform Wednesday racers of Wed 10th May cumbria canoeing event at clubhouse

Myles to check over the Oppies and reduce to 2 – discard remainder


Geoff to confirm with C&RT about water levels autumn 2017 - DONE

To produce signing in/out book for RIB and club dinghies/windsurfers – DONE but membership need informing - action

To finalise tap fettling- ongoing

Chris to finish gate - DONE

Pete to submit insurance premium claim for last autumn’s 24 h race – NOT DONE – reminder to be sent

Myles to do 24 h entry for KSA - DONE

Ian to ask Pete Wood to produce a gate notice - DONE

To investigate alternative electronic calendar – ONGOING

Previous minutes - agreed in their final format

Matters Arising – not on agenda

Windsurfing gear now racked – thanks to Chris and Geoff – “perfecting” now complete


2 new memberships in process

Payments going well £12 280 received to date

9 non renewals – several are “going to pay”!

4 declared leavers

No direct BACS payments received as yet

Enquiry from Peter Melling – “outdoor adventure” – have they paid temporary membership? Not yet paid – arranged via Geoff who will chase their payment - in light of decision made later in meeting – they are to be invited to fully join

BERTH UPDATE – Peter Melling

Proposal to “herring bone” central island to make easier access – Peter will need a working party to move boats and replace stakes.


Good workday with a good group of select workforce. Windsurfing rack completed. Gate and banner finished. Ongoing work to provide buffer for gate. Male showers/tiles – thanks to Peter for removal and replacement. Partition door needs a workforce to lift off doors to inspect and fettle and then replace – Myles offered strong young school workforce.


Concrete slipway and piles – C&RT propose to start dropping lake level at beginning of July to reach 2.5m drop by end of July – work ongoing then by use to concrete slipway and secure inner piles. Hope that Chris Bell will be around! Geoff to liaise with Chris re dates.


Work on refreshers ongoing – Morecambe and 33rd Lanc Sea scouts reminded. Sedbergh Sch, Oversands, Arnside, Lytham SCC all completed. Intention is not so much practical RIB training but procedures esp to groups. Suggestion that we might change key press code number annually to avoid access being given to non-refreshed people? Agreed but timing too late for this year. – Action for next year’s workday. Geoff enquired whether there was any mileage in our “contractual” obligation in membership to “pay back” by giving time on RIB? Currently there are only 2 events a year and these can be resourced from volunteers.


Are these often used? No. Do they provide any new members? Few if any. Given that we no longer have keys for gate, are we not giving unrestricted access to the public? Should we continue the offer? NO – from this meeting onwards, temporary membership will no longer be available. Geoff to inform Bendrigg, Myles to remove info from Sedbergh TIC.

EVENTS – Myles

Laser Open on 22nd April – 22 competitors – small profit donated to club funds

Tuesday evening first night – nil attendance due to horrendous weather!

Push the Boat Out on Sunday May 22nd – posters handed out – volunteers requested and several in place – more would be good.

24 hour race entry is completed.


Hydro scheme – Cumbria action for sustainability – have approached Andrew to offer possible energy supply from the scheme. Andrew to liaise to investigate further – potential for reduction in energy costs possibly during night hours when storage heaters on stream?

Money - Bluefin insurance approached KSA re insurance costs – eventually their quote was only £250 less than current costs and we have just entered a 3 year contract with current RYA insurance – deal to be turned down. Andrew to Action

Broadband – via B4RN – we have been invited to “show interest” at this stage which we have done. Could provide sufficient bandwidth to provide live streaming from webcams

Morecambe SC group membership – an Individual from MSC arrived to sail the other day and was challenged as to his membership. He thought as a member of MSC that he was entitled to sail. A discussion ensued and it was agreed that we should clarify exactly what a group membership was entitled to – the relevant clause in the constitution is Groups can only operate when as a group focused on their activity.

Suggested replacement wording is “ Group members are not entitled to use the facilities individually. But if operating as a group, they have the same access to all club facilities as full members, but only when operating as a group.”

This alternative wording to be agreed by email and circulated to membership but the constitution will need to be formally altered.

Cumbria Canoeing – had asked and it was approved that they hold an event in clubhouse on Wed 10th May – racers to be informed by Geoff

Vago Sail – mainsail away being repaired – approval sought to purchase a sailing school replacement when it next needs replacing – should save repair bills Agreed

Oppies – state of – we have 4 hulls but kit for only 3 at most – hulls in poor condition – Myles offered to sort them out by PTBO event and then to discard remaining 2 hulls. Myles to update Andrew when completed so insurance cover can be updated


NEXT MEETING – Monday September 18th at 7.30 at Bendrigg