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1st March 2020 - 28th February 2021

After submission of your email you will receive confirmation of your application and a request for payment. - Please do not send any payment at this stage.

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I am competent to handle the craft used
I consent to the rules of the Association and agree to abide by them
I understand that all users of the lake take full responsibility for their own safety
I am over 18 years of age (or, if under 18, will only use the lake under the supervision of a responsible adult)
I hold valid insurance which covers '3rd party' claims up to at least £1 million against any person authorized by me to sail a craft I have registered on the reservoir (Please note members do NOT require insurance to sail the club craft as they are covered by the Association's insurance)
I am happy to undertake routine duties to help run the club, as approved by the membership at the 2006 AGM
I agree to this information being stored on a computer
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