AGM Minutes 2nd February 2017

KSA AGM February 2nd 2017

NEXT AGM FEB 6th 2018 8.00pm at KSA

PRESENT – Geoff, Myles, Tony, Peter M, Andrew – committee

Alasdair Simpson (Arnside), Sue Brighouse(Cumbria canoeists), Keith Byers & John Hodgson (Morecambe SC), Jon Abbatt (CYST), Martyn Browitt (Lancaster Sea scouts) , Helen Walker (Oversands School)

Apologies – Paul, Lydia, Pete, Kendal SCC, Ian and Geraldine, Martin Metcalfe, Pete Lawson, Paul Landon, Chris Bell

2016 AGM Minutes agreed

No matters arising

Chairman’s report – he spoke to his letter and was thanked for his work (copy at letter at Annex A)

Treasurer’s report – he spoke to his accounts including the extra column for the major Jetty project to clarify where funds had gone. He explained the significant rise in some costs, one of which ought to be avoidable – ie the RIB damage (see later for further comments on RIB usage). Insurance had risen due to the new jetty; Cleaning had risen as we now had a regular cleaner; FTS costs had risen as some security equipment had failed – a new firm would be investigated. (Copy of accounts at Annex B). One typo in the accounts was pointed out and is amended in the copy attached to these minutes

He added some comments on the small rise in membership fees to ensure that our reserves remain healthy into the future. No major projects were anticipated in 2017.

The chair expressed many thanks to the Treasurer for all his hard work on commissioning, financing and overseeing the jetty project.

Membership report – In his absence the Chairman presented this report which had been circulated prior to the meeting and is attached at Annex C. The Chairman expressed our thanks to Ian for this report and also for the work he has done towards the installation of CCTV security coverage and lake conditions for the website which he has contributed significantly financially towards.

New Booking system – the electronic booking system for club boats is up and running which should facilitate peoples’ usage of the boats and provide a record, along with CCTV footage, of usage to back up the logbook of use – see next item.

{Ian has put a link to this on website along with an announcement. (do an internet search for “Google Calendar” – click on link and log in using username This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then use password killington}

Use and authorization of Club Escort Boat - as well as unfortunate vandalism of the club RIB this year, there had been damage to the boat by an unknown user which damaged the prop guard and bent the prop shaft which caused significant costs. The Chair has revised and upgraded the usage guidelines (see attachments) for the club escort boat (and the club dinghies/windsurfers) which will be circulated. Key points are:

* Every authorized user must undergo an annual refresher session

* Every use of any club boat (dinghy, windsurfer and RIB) must be signed for before and after use

* Any damage must be reported as soon as possible.

* Any user of the Escort boat should aspire to RYA Qualification to level 2 or Rescue boat endorsement

* Anybody who is not on the authorized user list is not insured

To effect this refresher training, those who wish to renew their authorization in 2017 should contact Myles (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Pete Lawson (Facebook messaging is best way) to arrange a mutually convenient time and date.

Events report – Myles reported on various events

Wednesday racing – had faded away despite attempts to refresh participation early in the year. One more attempt will be made this year but in addition….

Tuesday evening 7pm single handicap racing will be initiated – with potential for individual handicaps to be incorporated for less experienced racers….. starts April 25th

A laser open had been held on April 16th with a turn out of 15 boats and all podium places had been filled by KSA sailors as well as the 4.7 and radial class winner. This year’s event will be on April 22nd and volunteers sought to provide rescue boat and other services.

A push the boat out event had been held on May 22nd and had been very successful with over 20 participants taken out on the lake. This year’s event will be on Sunday May 21st and volunteers requested again

KSA had taken part in the 24 hour race and had been successful . Approval had been given for another entry for 2017 and all members were welcome to get in touch with Pete lawson to take part in the KSA team – 2017 event is Sept 9/10th at Southport marine lake

This year’s events –

March 5th – Workday – all welcome 10- 1 – deep cleaning of clubhouse, a bit of painting, dinghy park tidying – request to notify that date earlier noted

April 22nd – Laser Open – volunteers needed

May 21st RYA Push the boat out day – volunteers needed

Sometime !! – Jetty reception – perhaps on a Tuesday afternoon

Prep/Junior Regatta on Sun June 18th

Sept 9/10th – 24 hour race – expressions of interest to Pete Lawson

Tuesday evenings – improvers’ sessions will start on April 25th and continue during school term times

Handicap racing – 7pm single race starting April 25th and continue during school term times

All these dates are in the club craft booking Google Calendar

ELECTIONS – none necessary – but inactive committee members to be requested to consider resignation

Committee thanked for all their hard work


Views on new jetty solicited – good and works well esp now that cleats on N side are installed. Maintenance enquired after – brushing down with stiff brush is all that is required…. But corrosion monitoring in place.

Heating for winter events enquired about – not possible to increase power of storage heaters. Suggested that bringing along fan heater for event would assist esp if door into “dry” area was kept closed. Roller doors ensure plenty of ventilation aka heat loss. Possible that 2nd door could be sealed up. Geoff mentioned that the hydro people had informed him of possible water source heat pump but having asked for details nothing had been heard.

Request for help from Ullswater for Birkett Race 1st w/e in July – could Killington RIB be used? With a driver preferably ? Andrew requested reassurance that Ullswater YC would insure it.

NEXT AGM FEB 1st 2018 8.00pm at KSA

NEXT committee MEETING – April 26th at 7.30 at Bendrigg



ANNEX A - CHAIRMAN’S LETTER 2017 from Geoff Pardoe

Dear KSA Member,

2016 has been an eventful year with three major new projects coming to fruition.

Our new floating pontoon jetty. A new fixed jetty proved too expensive so we switched to a floating pontoon. We are grateful to The Cumbria Community Foundation, The Hadfield Trust and the Sir John Fisher Trust for their generous support to supplement our funds. The Canal & River Trust also supported us throughout and gave a vital lease extension.

The contract went to a Canadian manufacturer (Candock) through their Dutch agent. The balance of price, quality & service was clearly the best on offer. Technical issues, and Brexit, caused crises but these were overcome and installation took place in September. Many thanks to the committee for all the hard work.

The jetty is wheelchair accessible and has created a calm harbour which is ideal for rigging, launching and training. It is clearly a hit with users of all ages and abilities and was being used even before completion!

The final stage of the project is to extend the concrete slipway, on the right hand side of the jetty. This is scheduled for autumn 2017 when it is likely the water level will be lowered by CRT for dam repairs.

The new jetty is a major asset for the Association which makes us one of the best equipped clubs in the region, while still being one of the cheapest.

The second major project of the year was the installation of a CCTV facility. This was instigated and mainly financed by KSA members Geraldine and Ian Downs. The project provides live pictures of the lake on the website to complement the weather station information. Peter Wood of ItnetUK provided the system and generously offered a recording facility without extra charge. The system gives members a real time view of the lake, and improves security by giving 24 hour monitoring of activity.

The third innovation was the installation of an anemometer which is linked to the website to give live information on wind and temperatures; you can also access Windguru weather forecasts.

2017 Membership: The Association continues to attract new members with a flurry of people joining at the backend of the season. We have been happy to welcome Arnside, Lytham, and Morecambe sailing clubs as Group members who can use our facilities for group activities when conditions are unsuitable on their own waters. We are also assisting Cumbria Youth Sailing Team by providing a venue for them.

Installing the new jetty has increased the club’s running costs, especially insurance. It has been necessary to review the annual fees, which have not changed for years. A small increase of £10 for individuals/families and £20 for groups, applies to 2017 membership. There is no change to berth fees.

We continue to offer exceptional facilities at a remarkably low cost to all our members.

Club craft: Members can now book a dinghy online by using the ‘craft’ dropdown on the website.

Members may not be aware that the escort boat was vandalised during the season. On a separate occasion a user damaged the prop shaft and guard. We rely on the honesty of all members so it is highly regrettable that someone

seriously damaged this vital craft and failed to report the incident. This has caused very considerable cost and made it impossible to claim on insurance. Members are reminded that only properly Authorised users may drive the escort boat and only if the signing In and Out book is completed every time. Any damage to any club craft must be reported to Myles immediately. Group leaders must also remember to enter their details into the ‘group’s book’ on arrival.

Events for 2017:-

* The annual ‘workday’ will be on Sunday 5th March at 10.00, all members welcome!

* Wednesday evening racing sessions to start early April, contact Pete Lawson.

* Lakeland and Far Northern Laser Open series, Saturday 22nd April, Laser sailors welcome.

* Tuesday evening family sessions and handicap racing to start 25th April at 7pm, contact Myles.

* RYA Push the Boat Out sessions are on Sunday 21st May.

* Official opening of the jetty - date to be decided.

* WLYC 24 hour race takes place at Southport on 9th-10th September, all welcome, contact Myles.

* RYA Barts Bash will take place during the weekend of 16th-17th September, contact Myles.

Please check the website for dates, updates, further details and contacts.

A big thanks to all the committee members and everyone who has helped with the events during the year, and I look forward to your continued support during the coming year. Have a great year on the lake!

Finally please help Ian Downs by returning your membership forms before the end of February.




















































































Membership Fees 










































Minor Development grants income 





















Major Development grant income 





















Total Income 































































Canals and Rivers Trust - Land rental 





















Canals and Rivers Trust - Sailing rights 





















SLDC Rates 





















KSA Club Insurance through RYA 





















Club Boat Insurance  





















RYA subs 




















































































Cess pit   





















Site works  










































FTS Fire & Security equipment maintenance 





















Sundry expenses 





















Racing costs 





















Admin expenses incl. postage and internet etc. 





















Safety Boat Repairs / Service 





















Dinghy maintenance and repairs 





















Development Costs 





















              Minor projects (security system + weather station) 





















                            Legal costs for 10 year Lease extension  










































        To Candock - jetty supply & installation (paid to date*) 





















                                                  Other Jetty project costs  










































2016 expenditure 










































Net income / (expenditure) for the year 








































Consolidated Routine + Projects Account  




















Net Income for year 2016 



















add Balance brought forward 



















Represented by Cash at Bank 



















at 31/12/2016 










































* Note Further jetty costs of £2,600 are payable to Candock in March 2017  



and slipway concreting costs of perhaps £4,000 are also anticipated.  























  Prepared by Andrew King (Hon Treasurer) 10 Jan 2017 





 Annex C  Membership Secretary – report and comments for AGM 2nd February 2017

Membership has undergone significant change this year. Three groups have left whilst four have joined. Unusually we have had four new members join during November/December.

In total 23 members either resigned (or did not renew) and 15 new members have joined since the 2016 AGM. We now have 81 active members of whom 4 are honorary members (2016 89, 2015 94). The breakdown of membership is Honorary – 4, Family – 60, Group – 12 and Unwaged – 5.

16 members have no craft. (2016 25, 2015 20)

The new members have brought

11 dinghies (2016 2, 2015 10)

3 windsurfers (2016 0, 2015 1)

1 canoe (2016 1, 2015 16)

Our anticipated revenue from present membership is £13785 (2016 £13075, 2015 £13445).


1. Members need to be advised that a new code for the Dinghy Park gate will come into effect on 12th March 2017. The new code will be advised to members via email when they renew.

2. We have received one request to hold a Laser Open meeting on Saturday 22nd April 2017.


3. I am pleased with the CCTV (including the ‘live’ picture of the lake on the website) which, along with the live weather information. It may be that has encourage such a record number of new members.