February 7th  2013


v Present -  Geoff , Lydia, Andrew, Pete, Myles,  Martin, Chris, Tony, Paul, Joanne

v  Apologies: Ian and Geraldine Downs



Martin to look at small print on lease

VOLUNTEERS wanted for 26th May family  day

Receipt book for temporary membership tickets?



1/ Minutes of 2012 AGM agreed


2/ Matters arising  - nil


3/ Chairman’s report – Geoff spoke to his stunning Chairman’s letter circulated to all members with their renewal notice.  Universal acclaim was evident.


4/ Treasurer’s Report – approved - See attached

In good shape – income has held up well

Expenditure – nothing new and unusual – new “landlord” due to change of title from BWB to Canal and River Trust

Rent is up due to 3 yearly review

Insurance is a big chunk but entirely appropriate

Electricity is good because of long term contract


Build up for new RIB @c. £9K

Significant building charges eg replace roller doors may occur this year

Lease runs out (21 year lease) and with new ownership of trust then higher rental may occur. Martin offered to look at lease for small print.

Whole income side of accounts is only as healthy as membership holds up.

Treasurer was thanked for all his hard work


5/ Membership report -  

Membership is healthy

Since the 2012 AGM we have had 17 new members who have contributed £2360.00

Between them they have brought

11 dinghies

2 windsurfers

3 canoes

3 members have no craft.

In total we now have 90 active members of whom 7 are honorary members.


6/ Racing report – Healthy attendance and quality of Wednesday night racing with a few new members.

24 hour race went well – 18th ex 90

Winter event dwindled after good start due to cold!



Open Meetings proposed for 2013


Laser NW open meeting on Sat 13th  April – Tim Luke is contact.

Junior (year 8 and below) team event 15 &16th June 2013 – Myles Ripley is contact

Enterprise open meeting 21 & 22nd Sept 2013 – Pete Lawson is contact

We shall be supporting a club entry in the 24-hour race at West Lancs Yacht Club to be held over the weekend 7& 8th Sept 2013


Family day organised for 26th May  - volunteers invited


7/ Elections to committee – all existing members were re-elected –

Joanne Lartye volunteered to join the committee and was gratefully elected to the committee. 


8/ AOB


GRANT APPLICATIONS – 1/ Sport England small grants appl for £10K for 2 x pico and 1 x vago – now successful

2/ Banks Community fund for £5K for RIB  - it, if successful, leaves us with no obligation to them.


Invasive species – members warned to be vigilant for any signs of invasive species esp if travelling to other clubs for open meetings – Geoff gave info about “Killer Shrimps”


Pete Lawson asked about RH slipway   was “stoned” but chapter of interesting wrong stone size delivered – however dropoff on RHS has been eased.  Small aggregate stones to be installed when water drops.


VISITOR DAY TICKETS – useful source of income – Membership forms on the board - £10 per week – receipt book in clubhouse would be useful