2nd FEBRUARY 2012 


Present – Geoff, Myles, Paul

Apologies – Lydia, Ian, Geraldine, Catherine Fox

1/ Minutes of 2011 AGM agreed

2/ Matters arising  - nil

3/ Chairman’s report – Geoff spoke to his Chairman’s letter circulated to all members with their renewal notice.  Universal acclaim was evident.

4/ Treasurer’s Report – See attached

Little to report – quite a stable year.  Electricity bill significantly reduced possibly due to lack of cold weather in late autumn.  1 cheque awaited cashing and window replacement bill due soon so current balance in bank will significantly reduce soon.   The builder due to do the window replacement has been appointed as “Consultant Builder to KSA” and will do annual audit and be available for remedial work.

Treasurer was thanked for all his hard work

5/ Membership report

Currently we have 90 members (101 – 2011) (95 - 2010).

Breakdown as follows

          15 are ‘group’ members (12 – 2011) (12 – 2010)

          52 have a dinghy  (59 –2011) (61 – 2010)

          16 have a windsurfer  (11 – 2011) (20 – 2010)

          15   have a canoe  (16 – 2011) (12 –2010)

          18 have no craft of their own  (22 – 2011) (21 – 2010)

There were 8 new members who joined in 2011/12.  If all existing members renew their membership for the coming year we can expect to collect around £13,500 in membership fees this year. (£14,700 2011)


As of 27 January I have received 14 renewals but also 3 resignations as detailed:

                    Casterton School           - loss of £525

                    Baliol School                    - loss of £190

                    Cedar House School    - loss of £225

Discussion included concerns over economic climate and possible drop in membership maybe exacerbated by blue green algae.  On the other hand there is scope for exploiting the Olympics interest.  Hence the manned rescue boat days in late May/Early June (volunteers still requested).  ?? should we organise a membership/try a sail occasion on one of these – PROVIDING we get volunteers.

Ian thanked for his report

6/ Racing report – Healthy attendance and quality of Wednesday night racing

          Winter series abandoned this year for reasons of declining numbers over last few years.  Tim Luke sampled South Windermere series

          New Winter event – two day Festive Fat Burning mini series! – good turnout and discussion towards repeating a slightly altered format next year is ongoing.... possibly two w/e days separated by a week

Open Meetings proposed for 2012

Laser NW open meeting on Saturday 7 April – Tim Luke is contact.

BSDRA event – 5/5/12 – Myles Ripley is contact

Junior (year 8 and below) team event 16/6/12 – Myles Ripley is contact

Miracle Association open meeting will not be held this year.

Enterprise open meeting TBA – Pete Lawson is contact

We shall be supporting a club entry in the 24-hour race at West Lancs Yacht Club to be held over the weekend 15/16 September2012.


7/ Elections to committee – all existing members were re-elected – nobody from the floor was available to join the committee though 100% of the floor were willing to assist with things that needed doing.

8/ AOB

Rules Clinic Session advertised on Sunday March 25th to be held at Sedbergh School at 6.30

New lock installation discussed – hoped that Chris would be available at the time that new season is “initiated” on March 1st so both events could coincide.