3rd FEBRUARY 2005

Present -  Geoff Pardoe,  Andrew King, Robert Blair, Catherine Fox , Ian + Geraldine Downs; Shaw Brown, Pete Lawson, Andy Trull, Chris Bell, Mike Kelham, C.Sumpter (Kendal SCC), Adrian Moore (KSCC), Rob Wade, Pete Dowker, Karen Hope, Trevor Hope, Margaret Daly, Graham Daly, David Lawson, Jeff Clegg, Anne Pitt

Apologies: Sue Landon

Last year’s minutes were circulated and approved.

Matters Arising – Nil

Chairman’s report – thanked all present for attending the AGM and reminded them of the content of the Chairman’s letter sent out with the subscription renewal request (enclosed with these minutes on file). He invited any questions concerning his letter – there were none.  He stated that he was keen to encourage the recruitment of new committee members and volunteers to join in with the club activities and, in particular would like more representation by those groups not currently on the committee especially group members and windsurfers.  It should be a broad church.  Any offers of help with any aspect of the club are very welcome, however short.

Treasurers Report – A copy of the accounts was presented to all present and is attached to the file copy of these minutes (available from if required).  We have a very stable income.  The Treasurer went through the accounts highlighting some areas where there were significant changes and/or future developments.  The land rental and the boats access fee had both just risen due to the 3 yearly BWB review.  Insurance had significantly risen in line with national trends.  In particular the club were insuring more club boats since we now owned more.  Electricity had risen due to showers and heating.  Cesspit emptying charges were now a significant cost due to the showers.  The security firm FTS regularly increased their fees for maintenance of the fire and anti-theft security coverage.  The cost of replacing the water supply was a one off. 

Questions – Is it standard to transfer £5000 to another account?  Treas – purely cosmetic

Who supplies electricity? – Treasurer – Powergen.  Suggestion to research other suppliers to see if cheaper. 

What is %change in membership fees?  Treas – not straightforward since different users pay different fees eg groups and the abolition of the family membership category.  Individual membership had gone up from 40 to 60.  New income if 125 members renew would be £1500 extra.  Unless extra income was generated, then no further site works would be possible. 

What is group membership fee?  £100

One member felt that £120 per annum was not good value. 

Heating of the clubhouse was raised – treasurer explained that changing heater on any given day had no effect that day but raised costs for future days until it was restored.  Several people felt that some source of instant heat on winter days would be good.  One member suggested that they could bring their own electric heater on any given day.

Door protocol would help – i.e. not lodging external door open, and keeping partition door shut to retain heat in the “dry” area. 

A member wondered if replacing the door mechanism might not be useful to save £1000 a year, but it was explained that the £1000 was not just the door security but all the alarms etc.  Question was based round what to do with key card while sailing – it was pointed out that keycard was waterproof and could be put in sailing clothes pocket. 

Proposal that the accounts should be put on a proper profit/loss basis and that therefore the transfer to the Development a/c would be properly accounted.  Treasurer agreed. 

Membership Sec – Reported 125members with 11 of them being groups

            75 dinghy members

            50 boards

            25 new members in 2004

24 have renewed so far this year which is par for the course.

Site developments

1/ Complete final part of dinghy park – soon

2/ Clubhouse – repair damage to roof from gale and improve roof tile attachments

3/ Replace entry door

question – was there any comeback on the original builder for the latter two items?  No

Racing – In absence of Shaw Brown, Ian reported.

Wednesday nights  David Lawson won most of the series.

The series had been well attended with a slight drop in Laser numbers replaced by other dinghies joining in, so that the handicap fleet had outnumbered the lasers. Nice to see lots of new faces.   A nice racing scene which was very popular.

Sunday monthly series – successful.  Pursuit race format on the first Sunday of each month.  Well enjoyed

Winter Sunday series – less well attended by “outsiders” but a regular 10 or so boats

2005 plans explained  - spring/summer/winter Wednesday series for which all the dates are on the website, starting on March 30th.  A summer Sunday series starting on 5th June would follow a handicap race format but later in the summer, a pursuit race format would occur bimonthly in August, Sept, Oct before returning to a handicap series for the Winter.

Other racing events to be held at the club were aired – An Enterprise open with a date to be confirmed, a Topper and Bosun regatta on the w/e of 30th April, 1st May, a Miracle Open on 22nd May, a Junior Topper open on Sat 18th June and the 24 hour race for which a club entry was approved on 17/18th Sept.

Safety aspects – The Sunday series needs volunteers to act as OD and rescue boat crews.  Volunteers can opt in via the website.  Andy Trull commented that those racing should be those tasked for this, and this was agreed to generally be the case. 

Myles mentioned the option of safety boat training at West Kirby on Feb 12th.

KSA website is well used and has had 280 hits already in 2005

24 hour race – The KSA had entered this event for the first time and had had a very successful first entry.  It was approved that the club should support the entry fee providing any club member had an option of being part of the team.  It had cost £200 last year including a donation to Sail4Cancer and the insurance costs.  Great thanks were expressed to Pete Lawson for generously providing the boat for the event.


Elections to Committee – Chris Bell was due for re-election as was Gem Hart.  Chris was proposed by Ian Downs and seconded by Rob Blair.  Elected nem. Con. 

The Sec agreed to contact Gem Hart to see if he was willing to continue as a committee member

Nobody else present volunteered when asked!



1/ KSA “Try a Sail” day would be held on Sunday 21st August this year and volunteers were asked to put the date in their diaries.  Last year it had raised £264 for RYA Sailability which supports disabled sailing. 

2/ Ian Downs reported on the ruthless pruning in the dinghy park earlier in 2004 where some dinghies had been removed to safe storage elsewhere at Nick Whitely’s house.  GP14, Wayfarer, Graduate all still there and nothing heard from any owner.  It is proposed to run an advert to try and find the owners so that in due course we can dispose of the hulls if nothing is heard.  Apologies were expressed to Mark Brown whose dinghy had been inadvertently removed!

There was a waiting list for berths currently with 4 people on it.  Procedure required people to be members before they could be put on the waiting list. 

Andy Trull enquired whether it was possible to install a laser stacking system but several present felt they would not be strong enough to lift their boats up on to a shelf.  Works well for group use when many hands are present, but not for solo sailors.

3/ Maurice Burn.  Had recently and unexpectedly died.  Thanks were expressed for all his hard work in creating the new clubhouse.  The chairman explained that a memorial plaque had been commissioned for him (and for John Baron – another leading light in the development).

Meeting closed at 21.00