February 4 2010 


Present -  Geoff , Paul, Lydia, Andrew, Pete, Myles ,  Martin, Jack Lawson, Tony

Apologies: Chris Bell, Ian and Geraldine Downs, Paul Latham

1/ Minutes of 2009 AGM presented and agreed

2/ Matters Arising – nil

3/ Chairman’s Letter – as mailed out to all members

4/ Treasurer’s report – attached as separate notes

Comments – We are solvent but we need to keep a close eye on cash flow

Eg we will not proceed with plan to remove 2nd roller door pro tem. AND will not consider purchase of any more club boats

We will need to put fees up next year – options to be discussed by the committee include

Just raising membership fees (and not berths) because members getting benefit of club boats and that group members, some of whom have significant cash problems would be  very adversely affected if berth fees raised

Raising berth fees and leaving membership fees alone – this would have benefit perhaps of deterring those who leave boats at club but never using them ie cheap parking fees (a suggestion of imposing buoyancy tests each season would perhaps reduce this problem)

A mixture of berth and membership fee increases

5/ Membership report – see attached

6/ Site developments – Exciting prospect of liaison with Kendal College to develop facilities has fallen by the wayside since government cuts on funding to the College. 

Clubhouse has received significant work – new door, replacement double glazing units, refurbishment of windowsills

Installation of non slip surface to jetty

7/ Race Reports   - Martin

Another good year – good numbers with an average number of 10 on a Wednesday night. Enthusiasm is high

Spring series – 1st Pete, 2nd Martin, 3rd Gareth

Summer Series – 1st Martin, 2nd Pete, 3rd Paul

Autumn Series – 1st Pete

Winter Sunday series – 1st Dave and Eddy (Ent) – (final day of series cancelled due to snow and freezing temperatures!)

A similar format is expected for 2010 with first race on the Wednesday after  clocks go forward

8/ Committee members  - volunteers from audience

Tony  (

Jack Lawson – Youth rep –

It was noted that unlike previous years, 100% of the membership volunteered to come onto the committee!

All existing members of the committee were willing to continue to stand

Group members to be invited/reminded that all groups were entitled to have one member of the committee

9/ AOB

QKS and youth section – questionnaires – in absence of Ian it was unknown how many replies had been received.  Ian to be asked to bring results to next committee meeting in April