PRESENT -  Geoff Pardoe,  Myles Ripley, Ian and Geraldine Downs, Pete Lawson, Shaw Brown, Dave Barker, Andrew King, Mike Kelham, Andy Trull, John Moor, Aidan Howlett, Arthur Moss, Jack and Zoe Pickup, Catherine

APOLOGIES – Chris Bell, Maurice Burns, the Chetwood Family, Robert Blair, Peter Barker, Sue Langdon

LAST YEAR’S MINUTES – were approved without amendment – Prop – Geoff Pardoe, Sec. Andrew King – nem. Con.

MATTERS ARISING – Mike Kelham enquired of their distribution – they had been published on the website and e-mailed to all the committee.  He remained concerned by their lack of circulation.  The Sec. Agreed to ensure that a copy was posted in the clubhouse.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – Any questions?  - No

            Within this report was notice of Dave’s intention to resign in favour of Geoff due to continuing and expanding pressure of work. 

Proposal to elect Geoff Pardoe to Chair – Prop. Ian Downs, Sec. – Andrew King

Other nominations invited – none forthcoming.     Voted – nem. Con.


 Geoff announced that Ian Downs had agreed to take over as membership sec. – prop Dave Barker, Sec – Geoff Pardoe – nem. Con.

 MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY REPORT – (from the retiring memb sec)

120 members of all sorts- which was fairly stable

            21 new members

            72 dinghy members

            47 board members

Geoff thanked all and sundry for being patient with his paperwork and asked all to give their support to Ian.


We had a balance of c. £5500 in the bank which made us stable and secure for the present.  Sufficient funds were available for new buoys and finishing the rest of the dinghy park. 

We could contemplate replacing one of the garage doors with more windows.

There were no outstanding financial concerns. 

Dave enquired of whether we could afford to landscape the lake frontage near the jetty as a picnic area.

Mike Kelham enquired of the long term plans to fund a rescue boat for the club, which was felt by all to be necessary.  In the medium term, Myles had offered to loan us a boat providing the RN came up with a promised rescue boat for the school.  Ian suggested formalising an arrangement with Myles, which Myles was somewhat resistant to.  However it was agreed that paying for servicing and fuel use was acceptable.  Andy Trull pointed out that communal use would tend towards abuse, not just by schools.  It was very clear in the constitution that power boats could only be used for coaching and rescue- not for pleasure boating!


Further ideas beyond those above (dinghy park, picnic area) were solicited. Shaw enquired of resurfacing 2nd ramp into ex-harbour area.  Andrew informed us that Maurice wanted to examine fate of the shingle that had been loaded into that area post-demolition, after the winter. 

Jack Pickup enquired of car parking – could we afford to buy an area of field behind clubhouse?  Or, chew into the bank by south of clubhouse?  Enquiries would be made. 

Dinghy park places – there was a waiting list, but until the 2004 membership applications had been received it would be difficult to assess how many places would remain. Demand for places has grown.

RACING – Shaw reported of the evening series – mainly lasers though the occasional Miracle had been sighted.  He was keen to encourage other classes to participate. 

In the spring series Dave Lawson had won, 2nd Jem Hart, 3rd Shaw Brown

In the summer series Jem Hart had won, 2nd Dave, 3rd Shaw

In the autumn series Dave had won, 2nd Peter Lawson, 3rd Shaw

Overall Dave Lawson had won. 

A healthy number of participants had been present.

The Summer Sunday series had been a success under the mastermind of Ian with Shaw winning, Peter Dowker 2nd and Ian and Geraldine 3rd

The Winter series had been successful as well- spurred on by the excellent catering provided by Geraldine and Ian Inc.

The weather had been variable (hairy on occasions) and the numbers also but Peter Lawson was overall winner, with Shaw 2nd and Peter Bowker 3rd.  It had been good to see quite a healthy number of young sailors esp. those from Roa Island thanks to Pete’s good influence, but also including Lancaster sea scouts and Sedbergh School.  Westmorland Gazette had shown interest and published weekly reports including photos. 

All three race events were proposed to be run again this year. The summer series would start on 1st Sunday in June – 6th June

A laser Open was proposed for the August Bank Holiday w/e – 28/29th August


Invitations to join the committee were issued and unlike many years there were responses!! 

Catherine was proposed by Shaw and seconded by Dave Barker

Robert Blair in his absence was proposed by Shaw and seconded by Ian Downs

Both were elected nem.con.


Jack Pickup enquired whether we could install a remote wind speed and direction instrument. Mention was made of “Wendy Wind Blow” – a concern who financed installation of such by phone charges. It was suggested that someone should look into it. 

Geoff proposed a formal thank you to Dave Barker concerning his long and loyal service to the Assocation, especially in his work driving forward the building of the clubhouse, and proposed him to Life Membership- Nem. Con.

Grateful thanks were also proposed to John Moor for all service to the committee over the years.