February 5 2009 


Present – Geoff, Rob, Pete Lawson, Myles, Martin, Andrew, Pete Dowker, Paul Latham, Steve Robb, Nick Smith-Saville, Michael Ruper

Apologies – Chris Bell, Ian and Geraldine Downs, Lydia, Tony Longworth

1/ Last year’s minutes – Agreed

2/ Matters Arising – Nil

3/ Chairman’s report – Geoff Pardoe referred to his letter which was sent to all members and underlined the main issue as being the site developmens which are reported later in these minutes

4/ Treasurer’s report – Accounts attached.  In summary we are solvent.  Key point is that most items are identical to previous years but Insurance and power have both gone up again.  ON the other hand the insurance paid for most of the new engine for the RIB.  Due to current world finance, the insurance from the deposit account has been almost zero.  For the same reason, membership may drop a little this year.  Treasurer warned us of upcoming major expenditure with RIB replacement in a couple of years.  BWB rental will rise this year but only in line with RPI. 

5/ Membership report –

Currently we have 99 (126 - 2008) members of whom 9 (15 - 2008) have so far renewed their membership for 2009-10.  Breakdown as follows

               13 are ‘group’ members (12 – 2008)

               64 have a dinghy  (66 – 2008)

               26 have a windsurfer  (27 – 2008)

               8   have a canoe  (9 –2008)

               29 have no craft of their own  (29 – 2008)

 It was enquired whether the Olympic bounce had overcome the credit crunch? 

6/ Site Developments – Kendal College had proposed an extension of their operation and had pre-emptively organised surveyors etc to consider a new build on the site!  Fortunately Geoff and Andrew headed them off and discussed an extension to the South of the existing building out to the fence line.  In the meantime, grants and finance have prevented any positive progress and so the whole project is on the back burner pro tem.  There were various benefits to KSA including an extension to the lease (currently we are 7 years into a 21 year lease and not sure of the future after that).  BWB had not turned KC (Kendal College) down out of hand when they had discussed a 99 year lease.  Improved changing, water, power and drainage would also be an outcome – all at no cost to us. 

Membership asked...............

Would it be a shared lease with KC?  Unknown

Who owns the building when lease runs out in 99 years? Unknown

Would there be extra Rates for the building – yes but tiny since we get a 80% discount

How many boat spaces would be lost ?  Nil if extension idea comes about

Would this project give KC a foot in the door that would allow to take over the association? Unknow

Would they expect equal or different rights to the water? And berths?

Would they provide their own safety boat? Yes

Would extension “room” be available to members?  Lockable storage?

It would need a formal presentation to the committee (and ? whole membership) before approval could be given.....

[Another site development issue – Myles asked for approval to get a quote for anti-slip matting for jetty – given]


7/ Youth Coordinator – we need one but nobody has been forthcoming.  If we are to develop youth boats etc then someone needs to organise the youth. Pete Lawson is trying to gently persuade someone.......... Pro tem if a grant application needs an identifiable youth organiser, then he would be willing to be so titled.   No members had responded to Geoff’s request for a volunteer. 

8/ Race Reports – Good season esp on Wednesday nights with up to 12 boats (primarily Lasers) racing.  Winter series had seen some action but poor weather had prevented a full race series.

Spring results – 3rd Catherine, 2nd Gareth, 1st Pete Lawson

Summer – 3rd Jane, 2nd Martin, 1st Pete

Autumn – 3rd Catherine, 2nd Martin, 1st Pete

Winter Series – 3rd Pete Dowker, 2nd Pete (!), 1st Tim Luke

Prizes awarded.............. and tropies

9/ Any volunteers for the committee? NO

               All current members and officers of the committee re-elected – nem con.

10/ Swifwater rescue – Treasurer approved suggested fee as a “membership” fee

Myles asked to get back to them and solicit their response and check their insurance

Radio Controlled lasers – more discussion – could involve provision membership for a year so that we could withdraw it if seen to impeded dinghies esp as the 100 m zone would impinge on our normal start line....... Decision to be postponed to trial day.  Proposed zone would also be quite short of wind!

Club Lasers – Lots of discussion and lots of differing views.  In particular it was worrisome that if members sold their lasers to use the club ones, then club would lose revenue (berths and boat fees) but the idea of club buying boats was to a/ give people a chance to try them out BEFORE buying their own and....2/ to relieve pressure on berths............. SO not a clear issue.  But agreed to  buy ONE laser pro tem.

Open Meeting requests..........( all added after AGM – to be carried over to next committee meeting)

The Miracle Association would like to hold an open meeting at Killington on Sunday 30 August 2009.  This event will be held in conjunction with Thornton Steward (as 2008).

The Enterprise Association would like to hold an open meeting on Sunday 27 September 2009.

Ian Downs has  contacted the West Lancs 24-hour race committee (Mal Postance) and indicated our intention to take part again in 2009 over the weekend of Sat/Sun 19/20 September 2009. As yet I have had no reply but it is ‘in hand’

Myles would like to hold a Year 8 and below topper event on Sat June 20th

Myles would like to hold a schools event on w/e of June 6/7th