MEETING 1st MARCH 2006

Present -  Geoff Pardoe, Ian and Geraldine Downs; Martin Metcalfe, Rob Blair, Paul and Lydia

Apologies –  Chris Bell, Pete Lawson, Andrew King  

Actions required –

Rob/Pete to do kit list for RIB – in time for this season

Andy to instal rigging guides

Andy Trull boat investigation to continue with Enterprise being the natural choice – suggested that the Enterprise association website would be a good source.  Pete et al to further discuss to decide how good a boat we want and Andrew King to decide on max budget. 

Rob to pass on safety boat protocol to Ian for website publication – to be done again

Power boat course to be advertised to membership by Ian having clarified what level of RYA course it is (done)

Wheelie bin – Ian to try – if no success then Geoff will try!


1/ Purchase of club double hander – quite a lot of discussion revolving round choice of class.  Most people wanted an Ent since it would allow club to easily have a boat for 24 hour race.  However, it was also not expected to be a tip top racing boat since it would be too expensive and the major users of the boat would be relative novices moving on from being learners towards buying their own boat.  Ian promoted the thought of a Miracle.   Agreed that there should be further discussion involving among others Andrew King to set a budget and Pete Lawson to advise on what building material/age would be ideal.  Andy Trull thanked for his research and to be asked to continue his research and perhaps to widen it to the Enterprise Association website. 


Geoff reported on there being a new development at the relevant farm and that there was scope for a fresh approach.  He would pursue this idea.


There would appear to be a need to enlarge our capacity (and that of the “emptier”).  It was really nice to hear talk of a Klargester again to enliven the minutes although it was an irrelevance since we are not allowed to discharge into soil/lake.  David Beare ex of Sedbergh was quoted as a suitable consultant but nobody was sure whether he still lived in Sedbergh.  Geoff will ask around for advice


Geoff will get his man to re-adjust the taps.


Despite an initial response of “pretentious” further consideration suggested that a detailed discussion would be valuable.  What exactly do we want to achieve with this association? More discussion will follow.  Windsports alone will not be sufficient since we have canoeists on the lake. 


Agreed that Myles suggestion gleaned from Yachts and Yachting to award average points in the series to anybody doing duties was universally agreed and will be actioned this season. 


A work day of 25th March at 10am was decided.  To deal with cleaning walkways around clubhouse (growth of algae, moss, weeds); builders rubble clearance; fencing; removal of sailboards.  25th march decided as the day prior to the Enterprise open and therefore the club would look nice for visitors. 


Ian reminded us that anybody not paying up by 31st March would lose their berths – there were 7 people awaiting berths so the pressure was on.  He had sent a reminder letter.  There may need to be a second work session to shift boats in the wake of this 31st March


Dominic Ashton had kindly set up the new lock and welded chains etc.  Ian had distributed new keys and the new lock would be actioned  this Sunday 5th March.  Old keys would be collected via post office.  Still needed to secure the gate against being lifted off its hinges.  Dominic would be willing to do this.  Paul also pointed out that the fence adjacent to the gate is very flimsy if someone wanted to break in/out with boats/trailers.  Concept of reinforcing fence was discussed. 


Geoff asked for an update and it was pointed out that all events were on the website and many of them also on the calendar on the wall in the clubhouse – including the work day by the end of the meeting.

24 hour race must be open to all club members if they wish to take part.  There was some scurrilous discussion of the captaincy of said team and problems with weed gardening. 


Kite surfing – agreed that this was unsuitable at Killington

Picos – Myles enquired of any source of multiple picos for hire – none known. 

Enquiry of extra racks – Andy Trull had enquired – yes it was possible but sourcing the manufacture would be probably up to the individual organisation.