MEETING November 9th 2005  



v     1st November  MEETING 2006

v     Present -  Geoff Pardoe,; Rob Blair, Lydia Holdsworth, Andrew King, Pete Lawson, Myles Ripley, Derek Stevenson, Pete Dowker, Andy Trull

v      Apologies: Chris Bell, Ian and Geraldine Downs, Paul Holdsworth


v     Actions required –

v     Derek and Andrew to explore deep cleaning of floor

v     Andy and Lydia to get banking interest info to Andrew

v     Geoff to install heart attack location info notice

v     Geoff to invite canoeists and windsurfers to prepare a report and deliver it for AGM

v     Pete Lawson to follow up on interested adults to run a youth section

v     Geoff to mastermind the water supply plumbing

v     Andrew to investigate insurance and contract options for security alarms.


1/ Future of racing

Pete Lawson reported on the meeting after the first winter series race.  OD rota had been sorted and a further meeting mooted for the final Sunday of the series to discuss the summer – incentive being a mini-xmas party – ie mince pies etc.  Confirmed that outsiders were welcome to compete in the series. The series would be a morning handicap race followed by a pursuit race on a sliding handicap basis in the afternoon (since then this has been transformed in to an afternoon series with a sliding handicap – whether pursuit or handicap by popular vote on the day._)  4 results to count from the 8 race series

2/ Dinghy park work day

Date 2nd Dec 11am – canoeists would be welcome. 

3/ AGM – Membership fees  - no need to raise them.  1st Feb is the date.  Money in the bank is c.10K but earning no interest.  Various ideas as to suitable accounts to put it in to raise interest income. Andy offered to enquire of Arnside, Lydia will sort out website info for Martin.Money who gives advice.

4/ Anti-slip jetty surface – current surfacing was failing and there was no point in relaying the same.  Paint and small mesh stuff was suggested – Derek to investigate via a jetty builder. 

5/ Health and Safety – Pete enquired of the KSA policy on heart attacks!  What is our best evacuation route – do ambulances know our postcode and do WE know it?  Queried whether service station or sailing club shoreline was easier – evacuation route up grassy slope to service centre was likely to be more problematic than ambulance access to slipway at KSA.  Agreed to install a written notice to members (visible through window from outside) with Grid reference and post code so that they can inform emergency services.  Geoff undertook to do this.

6/ AGM  - It was felt that we should request a windsurfing and canoeing report at this AGM since they were equal partners in the KSA.  Geoff will invite appropriate representation.  Ian also asked for help to stuff envelopes at the work day. 

7/ AOB

A/ Water report – the long and winding road continues!  We have paid 2.5K for our access to the new freshwater supply which will be going live this year.  Bendrigg got switched on today.  Plumbing will be needed which Geoff will sort out in time for the imminent switchover.  It is a private supply so we are responsible for any damage eg bursts. Metering will have to be installed

B/ Septic tank – aka Klargester- new bloke was now in situ instead of previous and we would ask him for advice about its rapid filling and the alarm problems. The sensor was presumably knackered and needed sorting – with full NBCD gear a volunteer to descend into the pit was sought to no avail

C/ Pete enquired of the possibility of a sound dampener for the main room since it was difficult to hear.  Lots of discussion but eventually the likely cost and cleaning maintenance made the decision to be NO. 

D/ Open meetings – for 2007

Laser 3000 for one of the days 23/24 june

Enterprise - ?September

Lancashire RYA youth squad trg for a day – no fee to be charged but check insurance

Miracle – probably not

An enquiry was made if anyone knew of cheap accommodation eg service station hotel but thought to be a boring place to spend the night!  Thorns hall  or the Bull in Sedbergh might be approached

E/ Family “club” – Pete enquired whether it would be all right to set something up to encourage more kids. Approved.  Apparently several adults interested in running it.  Pete will follow up on this interest

F/ Store – Geoff expressed concern that it was being used as a dumping ground eg buoyancy aids – Rob Blair explained that they had been offered to club – shame to turn them down.  Geoff offered to provide weights to get them tested

Ent sails had been kindly donated by Paul and Lydia and it kept this good set out of general circulation for leisure use.

Dustbins had been placed there to wash wetsuits in by Pete

G/ Security alarm – our callout had been downgraded due to power outage causing clock to be out of synch.  Is it worth it?  Are there insurance implications?  Can we upgrade to a fully serviced contract whereby these problems get fixed for us?  Andrew to investigate insurance and contracts.