Pre-AGM meeting    

Present – Geoff, Myles, Paul

Apologies – Lydia, Ian, Geraldine



Paul to contact Chris via Facebook re webcam

Myles to deliver RIB for service

Ian/Chris to install new lock

Volunteers still requested for final two w/e in May 2012.


Minutes of previous meeting agreed

From last “actions”


Myles to organize service for RIB and to put RIB into clubhouse

            RIB now in clubhouse, awaiting service – Myles will take to Derek over half term

Ian to continue to liaise with Chris Morphet re Webcam

            Liaison ongoing but nothing apparently happening – Paul to contact using Facebook

Ian to purchase and then install with Chris, new combi lock on gat

            Chris to renew gate hinges and “secure” them

            Lock purchased – awaiting Chris/Ian mutual availability to install

Volunteers requested for safety boat cover on final 2 w/e of May 2012

            Nothing heard.

Geoff has purchased drybag for safety boat usage and will work up a contents card as a checklist – contents to include

1st aid, throw line, simple toolkit to include spark plug and spark plug spanner, knife, spare bung

Laser open confirmed as 7th April – RIB to be back serviced in time for Tim to be able to use it in week prior for buoy placement etc

Workday on 26th Feb – short committee meeting at beginning to decide date of next meeting. 

Geoff continues to be concerned by BG algae and will attempt to consult BWB on the topic to see if reason and/or amelioration can be obtained.  Some members are not using lake as much due to it esp Bendrigg.  Nb same problem noticed in canal and in Windermere in 2011.

Window replacement due in next few weeks.

External notice board to be activated.

Membership Secretary’s report 2/2/2012


Currently we have 90 members (101 – 2011) (95 - 2010).

Breakdown as follows


          15 are ‘group’ members (12 – 2011) (12 – 2010)

          52 have a dinghy  (59 –2011) (61 – 2010)

          16 have a windsurfer  (11 – 2011) (20 – 2010)

          15   have a canoe  (16 – 2011) (12 –2010)

          18 have no craft of their own  (22 – 2011) (21 – 2010)

There were 8 new members who joined in 2011/12.  If all existing members renew their membership for the coming year we can expect to collect around £13,500 in membership fees this year. (£14,700 2011)


As of 27 January I have received 14 renewals but also 3 resignations as detailed:

                    Casterton School           - loss of £525

                    Baliol School                    - loss of £190

                    Cedar House School    - loss of £225

Open Meetings

Laser NW open meeting on Saturday 7 April – Tim Luke is contact.

BSDRA event TBA – Myles Ripley is contact

CCF event TBA – Myles Ripley is contact

Laser 3000 open meeting TBA – Myles Ripley is contact

Miracle Association open meeting will not be held this year.

Enterprise open meeting TBA – Pete Lawson is contact

We shall be supporting a club entry in the 24-hour race at West Lancs Yacht Club to be held over the weekend 15/16 September2012.