MEETING 4th September 2008

v    Present -  Geoff Pardoe, Myles Ripley, Paul Latham, Paul Holdsworth, Lydia Cole, Andrew King, Ian and Geraldine Downs, Pete Lawson, Chris Bell

v    Apologies: Rob Blair


Paul to set up meet with Craid Reed and Geoff to do initial assessment (urinal to be inspected)

Ian and Geoff to discuss nature of club access info to be sent out with renewal memberships

Geoff to organize new transom stickers

Buoy 3 ground tackle needed – who?

Previous Minutes – approved

Action reports–

Matters Arising

Berth and Car park – Paul

Some boats gone – have chatted to some others eg skipper owner.  As winter comes on, more opportunity to clear boats eg top corner – Kendal boats. 

Use of base of old toilet hut?  Need to cap off the water pipe to avoid any “accidents”.  Craig to be asked. 

Cut up old trailers and disposed of.

Boats have been cleared off car park

Transom stickers needed – some discussion about their style.  Geoff will organize new ones.  Can they be smaller and mast mounted – but what about lasers?

Need to renew sign “No vehicles past here” at top of slipway. – action who?

Summer Events

Miracle Open – 9 entries - £4 profit

24 hour race entry dealt with – (post meeting – event held – v.successful 27th)

21st Sept – Ent open – all organized – brief discussion of details (post meeting – event held – 15 boats – successful)

Wed night series has been good with an average of 10 entries.  Younger people joining in.

Winter series will happen starting on first Sunday after clocks change .. Advertised on website.


SLDC have discontinued their rubbish collection so………….. all people must take their own rubbish away – no bins any longer in clubhouse. 


New form received by Andrew from SLDC valuation dept.  Complicated scenario  - who owns what? Esp. Clubhouse?


NEXT MEETING –  Thursday 13th November

Apologies in advance – Ian and Geraldine – doing sailing research for KSA in warmer climes.

Agenda items – AGM agenda needs setting

          Subs to be reviewed.