Thursday 5th Feb 2009

Present – Geoff, Rob, Pete Lawson, Myles, Martin, Andrew, Pete Dowker, Paul Latham

Apologies – Chris Bell, Ian and Geraldine Downs, Lydia

Previous minutes  - agreed

Matters Arising – nil

Work Day – March 1st 10am – all to try very hard to make it!

Kendal College proposals for extension to facilities – project currently on hold- see AGM for details

Howard Cook  - swiftwater rescue courses proposal – has applied to run 3 x 3 day courses per year. Generally agreement that he should do so but a number of queries raised – cost? Type of membership? Does he expect exclusive rights to facilities when others are present?  Are powere boats to be used (in fact, is the lake to be used?).  Agreed that Myles should get back to him and enquire of the above and propose a fee of 50 pounds per course.  To be understood that clubhouse should be left “as found” ie no expectation that KSA will clear up after him. 

Laser radio controlled club – a brief presentation on their behalf was given. They are currently on the lake next to Pine Lake and want a new venue.  5 to 6 people normally but sometimes more – 10-12 races in 2 or 3 hours. Quarter size but 4 times the speed. Just a collection of people who operate throughout the year but chiefly in winter due to some of them sailing “real boats” in the summer.  Only a small corner needed and their max range is 100m.  Normally meet every Sunday.  Area suggested was along dam wall but this is “out of bounds” (BWB) and would impede our dinghies launching. A suggestion was made of operating to the North East of the jetty since this was little used by dinghies and wouldn’t impede dinghy sailors.  Lots of grass bank for operators to control from and wouldn’t annoy fishermen.  Car parking was raised but perhaps they could use the fishermen’s car park?  It was agreed that they would provide a demo on the work day. 

Purchase of Club Laser - @650  - Pete Lawson has refurbished Kendal College Lasers and has them for sale.  A number of the Wednesday laser sailors would appreciate this eg Rob has lent his boat every Wednesday this last year and not raced himself.  Has now sold his boat.  Various issues were raised (see AGM later as well). Had been agreed at last comm. Meeting to support purchase of three YOUTH boats (two of which were to be funded by grant) . In absence of Lydia (who had initiated the grant research) it was not known whether any funding was feasible.  Also Feva had been purchased and would be arriving in March. More info needed. 


NEXT MEETING – March 1st 12 noon at end of work day......


AOB – Mirror Association wanted to hold a training day and w/e open meeting at end of April/early May.  Part of NW travellers series.  There were members at the club so it would be held on same basis as other Open meetings namely day membership for visitors.  Pete Lawson would be liaison. 



NEXT MEETING – March 1st 12 noon at end of work day......