MEETING  5th September  2006

Present -  Geoff Pardoe, Ian and Geraldine Downs; Rob Blair, Paul and Lydia Holdworth, Andrew King, Pete Lawson, Myles Ripley

Apologies  Chris Bell

Actions required

v     Ian to contact Derek Stephenson and ask for ideas ref club handyman.

v     Ian to investigate numbers for dinghy park

v     Geoff to sort out main door, and increase dwell time on showers in ♂ changing room

v     Pete to “Chair” a discussion group at the occasion of the first winter series race to discuss the future of racing at KSA

v     Rob to get spikes sawn off the dinghy park spikes.

v     ?Rob/Paul to install final buoys

v     Myles to investigate price of walky talkies for next meeting

v     Rob/Paul/Lydia/Pete to install rack for gear by roller door.

v     Andrew to weed kill around the clubhouse and dinghy park - done

v     Geoff to contact Cedar House to enquire of movement of Wayfarer

v     Pete to get outboard control cables replaced.

v     Pete to offer a few dates for next rescue boat course.

v     Andy to install rigging guides


Review of Summer Events

Summer race series had been cancelled after the first few events had  received little interest and few volunteers for duties.  Ian’s efforts were appreciated and his frustration understandable.  The winter series was due to start on Oct 29th and Myles offered to OD for it, and Rob for the 5th Nov.  It was further agreed that publicity for it should include an invitation for all interested racers to attend a discussion after the first winter races to try to thrash out interest levels, types of series/races etc for both summer and winter series. Agreed that we should really try and run these series. One idea was a monthly pursuit race.  Pete was prepared to run an OD course if required.

Try a Sail Day had been moderately successful and raised 82.50 pre gift aid which had been sent off to the RYA Sailability charity. 

24 hour race was this w/e and Paul is the manager (a short meeting was held after the committee meeting to discuss fine details of the w/e)


Myles asked if club would be interested in purchasing 2 or 3 walky-talkies to assist events at the club.  Mandated to enquire and report back at next meeting.

Outer door needs some attention – top solenoid

Flickery bulb in ♂ showers need replaced

Dwell time in ♂ showers requested to be lengthened – agreed

Professional cleaning of floor required –

Some rotten wood on windowsills noticed – sealant on outside would be a good first aid measure. Pete also reported comment by two architects that more ventilation in lounge area needed.  Velux vents noted to be closed and suggested opening them.  (done)

Several of the above items need the attention of a club handyman.  Derek Stephenson was suggested as a contact and Ian agreed to contact him. 

Tree pruning was requested – possibly on work day or services of a proper tree surgeon.

Oppy trolley had been purchased and installed – much appreciated – Oppy sprit needed attention (done)

Minisail was still being offered but the donor was being slow in releasing the boat to us despite his best intentions by getting it fettled at Shepherds etc.