9th May 2011

NEXT MEETING –  MONDAY 19TH September  7.45PM



Ian to post link to RYA advice on blue green algae on website

            To consider putting all club boats together in one dinghy park block

            To contact Andy Trull concerning boards – done

            Update website info on club boats/boards

            To advertise 24 hour race entry proposal and solicit entries from all members

Geoff – deal with urinal!

Andrew – to consider/vet the webcam proposal 

 ACTIONS from last time

Geoff – Kirby Stephen Canoeing club request – to find more details and inform Ian done

Ian – to collate committee members mobile number list and circulate to committee Ongoing

            To find out more from Christian Fellowship and discuss terms of group membership  Nothing more heard

            To advertise KSA Family day on May 22nd 11 am start – volunteers requested (via Website) – done

Myles – to action  family Day at KSA on penultimate w/e in May – Sunday May 22nd 11am Done – see later note

            To collect and deliver new club Pico -  done

            To action repair of leak in RIB – done

Pete -  to repair club laser – ongoing

            Repair/replace club RIB cover – done 

2/ Blue Green Algae

RYA advice was voluminous and link would be posted on website – however the need to get all members to sign a disclaimer was not adopted. All agreed that newspaper story was unhelpful in view of ongoing presence of the algae for many years – no different this year. Yellow sign to be displayed on gate

[nb outside notice board still needs installing]

3/ Youth training day – Myles agreed to run this and it was to be advertised on website.  Ian would email those members with youngsters in their family. Chris and Paul volunteered to assist.

[since the meeting the event was called off due to very inclement weather – an attempt to reschedule it for Sat/Sun 4/5 June foundered on lack of interest – separate email sent to committee]

4/ Pico – new pico courtesy of Twiname trust had been collected and installed. Myles would keep paperwork.  Enquiry to put all club boats together in one block in dinghy park. Ian would consider this and report back.

5/ Webcam – Chris Morphet outlined a proposal to install webcam and associated equipment for benefit of club.  All hardware would be provided free from his employers and costs would be broadband line rental plus one off connection charge.  Would be able to put a live feed onto website which would allow view of lake (conditions) and allow a feed to be recorded (1 month capacity) for security purposes – view of gate proposed.  System would also allow remote access of security system.  A visible sign may help deter vandals/thieves.  Various queries about who owns kit; whether broadband is available at the club; servicing fees; insurance; wireless access for members;

Chris was invited to submit detailed costs (which has been done) and Andrew is considering.  Those present felt that it was a good idea.

{Chris also offered his mother’s services to provide first aid tuition.}

6/ OPENS – past and future

Sat 18th June – Miracles  - to be confirmed – (v.disappointing turnout in 2010) volunteers would be needed – Paul and Lydia offered and Pete/Jack would check

Sun 19th Topper event – junior – Myles is sorted for this

Ents – no news of replacement event but maybe in 2012

Laser event went very well – small profit of £150. Helps spread the word about KSA. 23 boats, lots of Killington sailors including 1st/2nd!!

Wed evenings – biggest ever regular turnout

 7/ AOB

·        Urinal blocked – Geoff to sort

·        Windsurfer storage – old ones should be removed but in fact the 5 chained together are owned by Settlebeck and “in use” and the other one is the club’s second board.

·        Website to be updated to have info on club boards (website not quite correct yet – states three boards but only 2) Chris confirmed that all the kit was complete for the boards.

·        Rebate of BWB sub was still ongoing

·        Safety boat course to be run by Pete in summer  - pete to update and list on club board.  Some younger members want to do level II course.

·        24 hour race entry fee – ongoing discussion but if fully open to all members eg adverts in club and on website then could be paid for by club. Agreed to advertise on website


v     NEXT MEETING –  MONDAY 19TH September  7.45PM