10th June 2010


Residual from before

[Pete to book service for RIB

Jack to cost new music facility and webcam

Photos to be hung in clubhouse - ?Pete/Paul]


Replace sign on gate and update info - ? who?

Purchase new combination lock for gate for use in Feb…. – Ian

Strimmer and lawn mower to be taken for service – Geoff

Updated list of competent powerboat drivers to be drawn up – Pete

Pete to inspect club boats on 1st month for any damage

Geoff to produce laminated notice to remind people to report damage to club boats

Myles to organize club training day on August 22nd – Ian to advertise on website.

Lydia to organize a social BBQ on a Sunday afternoon ? same 22nd?

Lydia will draw up cleaning schedule for Geoff to discuss with Joe

Lydia to discuss awayday with Geoff

Present -  Geoff , Paul, Lydia, Pete, Myles, Ian, Geraldine, Tony, Andrew, Chris Bell,



Minutes agreed


RIB training – one day of refresher had been run on work day

            Some issues with water in hull and cover needs repairing/renewing

Flagpole supports had been installed on jetty

Photos – what site for them?  Any where space exists – chris bell willing to do it.

Door now has a cord to hold it open to avoid damage by various improvised door stops. Thanks to Ian.  Door mechanism much better since new door installed

Ian has fixed cooker so now much more stable

RIB trailer very good


1/ Membership Sec report – 85 active members = £12560 including QKS.

   10 members lapsed or left

   7 new members eg John Peakfield

   No significant worries – Andrew felt that numbers were fairly similar to previous years.

   Dinghy berths now sorted and new list posted

   Some re-arrangement will follow to make sure larger berths in triangle were allocated to larger boats

   Metal numbers will be taken off breeze blocks and put onto ground

   1 member notified of state of his boat

   Chris – any news of Day members?  There are no notices on display in clubhouse for the visitor. Could we get better notice on noticeboard and on gate?  Need to change sign on gate anyway due to wrong www. Address and add day member info.

   Letter box has been removed

   Ian proposed a change of lock on gate to a combination lock which could be changed annually.  New keys with current lock are very expensive. To be done for next Feb

2/ Work day report – Brilliant – lots of good weeding and subsequently strimmed on back bank by Tony.  Our Strimmer and lawn mower appear to be u/s – Geoff will take for service

Pete and Chris had a good session of arboreal surgery

Chris has pop riveted all thermostats on storage heaters

Chris pruned all shrubs along waterfront before they became trees

Geraldine deep cleaned the kitchen

Only 2 were powerboat trained – more need doing. The policy of no refresher, no use was discussed.  Pete was to produce updated list of competent drivers ie those with level II

Pete also has to be happy with the drivers and authority to remove people from the list.


3/ QKS – 1st session had been held but short of boats since most club boats are not suitable for beginners. Karen’s email read out.  With use of Jack and Karen’s son, they can use the Feva and Ent as well but still short of boats.  Should they, in long term approach sea cadets/scouts and/or even apply for grants to purchase their own boats.  Lydia will talk to Karen.  What insurance do they have?  Teacher has no outdoor quals but Pete employed as instructor. 

Myles offered to explore use of Sedbergh School boats (subsequently done and Toppers available to QKS on Thursdays)

Discussion explored personal liability by individual/club boat/group and established that club boats carry 3rd party liability insurance for damage caused by them when used by club members.


4/ Club boats and care – What is system of care?  What do we do to spot damage?  Current system is that repair should be logged into members’ comments book but this is not working.  Often damage is found by next user who then feels frustrated that he/she can’t use it.  Eg main halyard of Ent. 

Should we have a signing out system?  Should we make people collect the kit from elsewhere?  All agreed that regular inspection should be carried out.  A notice should be put up to remind people to report any faults.

Pete mandated to inspect club  boats on 1st of each month.

[since meeting Ent halyard has been repaired; Feva gennaker halyard has been sorted]

5/ Youth section – Myles presented collated questionnaires showing a level of interest.  Myles offered to run a training day in late August – (Ian will send emails of volunteers and juniors to myles)

Lydia offered to run a social BBQ on a Sunday afternoon – possibly in conjunction with trg day?

6/ Cleaning – Not great at present.  Joe is ok but…………

Industrial deep cleaning is best

Ian and Geraldine happy to do a self hire floor cleaning session (but since have researched and got approval to purchase a machine)

A cleaning schedule is needed.  Lydia will draw one up (and there has been some correspondence between her and Geoff since the meeting on this matter).  Geoff will then present these ideas to Geoff. 

7/ Low water – all to keep an eye open for low water mark appearing (since meeting it has and it will be repainted)

8/ Lydia – asked if venue could be used for a team meeting in July on a weekday eg tues/wed.  Geoff suggested Bendrigg @ £25 or so as better since can’t guarantee sole occupancy of sailclub.  It’s an Adoption team awayday and activity – Lydia to discuss further with Geoff.

9/ Ian informed committee that Miracle open is sorted for next w/e (since meeting – this has all happened successfully.

10/ Tony suggested that our petrol jerry cans were too visible and would benefit from more discreet stowage. 

11/ September Enterprise open – suggest closing lake to members since up to a max of 30 were expected – agreed – Ian to post on website.


 NEXT MEETING –  7.30 pm 16TH SEPTEMBER at Bendrigg