MEETING Thursday 13th November 2008

v    Present -  Geoff Pardoe, Myles Ripley, Lydia Cole, Andrew King, Pete Lawson,

v    Apologies: Rob Blair, Chris Bell, Paul Latham, Geraldine and Ian Downs


Lydia to pass Geoff’s phone contact to Craid Reed to set up site maintenance meeting

Paul to consider triangular area in advance of January workday

Buoy 3 ground tackle needed – Peter will organize this in time for new season

Paul to inform Ian so that he can notify (with sub renewals) those who will not be given berths this yea.r

Peter to check trophies before AGM!

Previous Minutes – approved

Matters arising – Geoff will approach Ro Gregory to take Express away

Did Paul settle the siting of the sea cadets/scouts trailer? Not sure – Lydia will enquire of Paul

Refresher courses in RIB driving will be organized for new season by Pete and advertised on website along with a course for new drivers. [boat is going well]

RYA sign still to be displayed.

Transom stickers had been ordered

Pete will sort out buoy #3 for next season.

Ian and Geoff still to have a discussion concerning access

Paul has contacted Craig who is willing to do the work – Lydia was given Geoff’s phone numbers to pass onto Craig so that they could set up a site meeting to look at certain outstanding maintencance issues.

AGM February Agenda

1/ Small increase in fees (see attached quote from constitution).  Membership fee (only) to be increased by £5 pa which would represent approximately a 5% increase for the average member. 

13/ The annual subscription covering the period 1st March to subsequent 1st March, for sailing craft and canoes shall be fixed by the executive committee of the Association.  The reasons for the subscription levels shall be explained at the AGM and recommendations received for consideration by the Committee during the following season. 

A discussion of finding cash for more club boats ensued.  It was agreed that a grant application should be made (Lydia offered to explore this).  Some urgency was recognized since most manufacturers offer quite good deals at this time of year.  If we could raise a grant to cover purchase of two boats (eg Pico/Topaz) then club would buy a third.  Long term view to try and have 6 boats.  Would be very helpful to a youth section in particular (Topaz mentioned as good in this context since multiple rigs can be used).

2/ Youth Coordinator – a volunteer to be asked for at AGM plus “feelers” to be extended amongst known adults in the club plus possibly an advert…. And certainly a notice in the club.  There are a number of juniors who would like to sail but can’t unless rescue cover and/or suitably proficient adults are in attendance.  Coordinator would perhaps be able to recruit volunteers on an occasional/rotated basis to provide cover.  Coordinator might also organize junior events/training. 

Geoff offered to use a contact of his to perhaps place an article in the W.Gazette highlighting our activities. 

Agreed to propose to members at AGM “We are thinking of starting a junior section…..Does anybody have ideas as to how best to run/organize it?”

3/ Racing trophy awards – Pete would find it in his own interest to ensure trophies were available at the AGM!

4/ Set a date for Workday


Items requested

Paint changing rooms

[Deep clean floor- by contractors]

Clear remainder of scrap from the old toilet block area

Re-visit the triangular dinghy area and further improve – needs prior planning.(paul)


Is Paul happy with present situation.  It was felt that it was much better but that it was very unlikely that it would ever be perfect!

Paul to inform Ian which owners to be notified to remove boats (and who we would refuse to renew berth allocations to)


Sunday race series happening

Wednesday series had been very good

Laser training had been very useful


Lydia enquired who issues swipe cards?  A member had commented that they had received gate key but no swipe card.  Geoff reminded us that the idea was that member would come to club to receive a clubhouse briefing and be issued with swipe card at same time.  This system was sent to new members when they received gate key.