MEETING 14th MARCH 2007

Present -  Geoff Pardoe, Myles Ripley, Ian and Geraldine Downs; Martin Metcalfe, Rob Blair, Paul and Lydia Holdsworth

Apologies –  Chris Bell, Pete Lawson, Andrew King  


ROB/PAUL to install rest of racing buoys

MARTIN to investigate VHF legislation for possible radios

ROB  to design gear rack – pass plans to Geoff to action

GEOFF  to chase Cedar house about removing wayfarer

ROB  to ask Pete to organize tree lopping – Ian to provide loppers

GEOFF to further investigate anti slip

IAN to ask his sewage consultant friend for advice on septic tank

GEOFF  to investigate push button flush mechanism for urinal

MARTIN to investigate water free urinals

LYDIA to investigate availability/cost of professional cleaner

PETE to get price for RIB trolley so that we could go ahead and purchase

IAN to circulate membership with proposed race and try a sail day _ (done)

 Matters arising from Actions required last time……

Deep cleaning of floor – to be done at beginning of next week

Andrew has set up current account with 4% interest

Geoff has installed heart attack location info notice


Pete Lawson to follow up on interested adults to run a youth section – progress has been made and Charles and Elaine Blackett-Ord have indicated willingness to help.

Water supply plumbing has now been connected and sorted.  Geoff advises a couple omore weeks of no drinking water while the pipes are flushed through

Automatic fire alarm notification has now been adopted and the security alarm automatic call out has been cancelled without any adverse effect on our insurance.  Geoff asked for more volunteers for the call out list – Myles offered. A back up battery time clock has been installed to avoid false alarms due to powercuts.  There is still a fault with the door to be sorted.


Matters arising from November

Racing buoys to be finalized – still awaited – Rob and Paul will do it. Some confusion about buoys rescued from stranding at bottom of lake but if so, where were they?

Walky talkies had not been used but had been made available.  Martin to investigate new VHF legislation to assess whether we could use these.

Gear rack needs to be done – Rob to draw up a design to pass to Geoff to get a contractor to do it.

Geoff to chase Cedar house again to remove wayfarer

Lights had been sorted

Tree pruning – not yet done. – the overhanging branches down by the water were the problem.  Ian offered to provide some tree loppers and Rob was to aske Pete to organise.  If not feasible, a tree surgeon might have to be contacted.

Anti – slip – Geoff had got some samples but had forgotten to bring them.  Slats to be cut to fit existing planks and then screwed/glued in place.  Geoff will further investigate.

Septic tank aka Klargester – had been emptied but still some liquid in.  Alarm still sounding – was it gummed up with S**T? Ian knew a sewage consultant and offered to get his advice with a possible site visit. 



Geoff thanked everyone very much for their hard work which had achieved a lot.  The “Mrs Mops” had requested a long feather duster which he had invested in.  Lydia enquired whether we needed a professional cleaner to spring clean the clubhouse occasionally eg just before Open meetings?  She offered to enquire of availability and cost.  She also displayed an unhealthy knowledge of the male urinal which generated a lot of discussion which resulted in Martin to enquire of water free urinals and Ian’s sewage friend to be further asked for advice.  Geoff would investigate cost/feasibility of a push button flush mechanism

Geraldine asked if we could buy a yard brush – Geoff would get one.



Berth lists handed over to Paul and Lydia.  Ownership of unmarked Topaz enquired of? Nobody knew.  

CF signs had the template for the transom stickers. Yellow boat in NE corner blown over but tie down rope was rotten.  Member to be informed.



76 had rejoined, 27 still awaited, 3 resigned including one who unfortunately felt that too many bits had been removed from their boat.  

Ian had agreed special membership terms for Lancaster Sea Scouts and Kendal Sea cadets – committee approved.


RACING – A long discussion of the way forward.  All agreed that weekly was non-viable and even that monthly might not work.  Proposal to float a “one off” family race day sometime in June/july/Aug would be a good way of trying to get a date that suited a majority.  Then we could plan it.  Ian offered to circulate all the dinghy members with this request (DONE). 


TRY A SAIL DAY – postponed discussion from AGM – Was August the right date?  Did we still need to run it?  Probably better earlier in season.  Myles would not be available to run it until school term over and proposed w/e of 7/8 July.  Ian kindly agreed to circulate this proposal as well but unfortunately the email that went out mentioned August when Myles would not be available! (Corrected) 


RIB TROLLEY – Myles asked Rob to remind Pete to get price for a new trolley that we could purchase.


RACE TRAINING – the advertised Kendal College course instructed by Pete Lawson was queried but it was agreed that anything that promoted the sport of sailing was good for us to be associated with. It is on the website.


LASER 12 HOUR RACE – Rob informed the meeting that it was likely that a KSA team would be entering this new race at Southport on final w/e in April


TREASURER – Andrew had asked for someone to volunteer for this.  Martin indicated that he might be willing and would communicate with Andrew to assess the degree of commitment required.


NEXT MEETING –  Monday 25th June – 7.30 PM