Thursday 16th Sept 2010


v     NEXT MEETING –  7.30 pm 18TH NOVEMBER at Bendrigg


MYLES - Sign on Gate – to include correct website, dayticket info 01539 723766

Update dayticket flyer info with correct website

GEOFF – lawn mower to be assessed/repaired/ditched/replaced

-        Club boat damage laminated sign to be produced (also Lydia’s hygiene notice to be laminated)

LYDIA – feminine hygiene notice to be produced

IAN – to circulate proposed new fees formula in advance of November meeting

            To put Ent event cancellation on website

PETE – to contact Ent assoc and cancel Ent open – and explore a date in Spring 2011

-        Club Laser to be mended

CATH – dates for BBQ 2011

AN OTHER – approach twiname trust to fund a new pico

-        First aid facilitation

Present -  Geoff , Paul, Lydia, Pete, Myles, Ian, Geraldine, Tony, Andrew, Chris Bell,



Minutes agreed


1/ Gate sign – no action – Myles agreed to take it forward. Sign on Gate – to include correct website, dayticket info 01539 723766

Update dayticket flyer info with correct website

2/ Strimmer – repaired and serviced.  Lawn Mower old and not working – more attention needed. Geoff

3/ Club boat damage laminated sign to be produced – not yet - Geoff

4/ Cleaning – new floor machine now in and working – joe using it.  But joe not sweeping out ladies properly.  Also there are some issues with feminine hygiene – sign needed.  Lydia to produce and then Geoff to laminate.

Would it be sensible to have a deep clean prior to Ent meeting (unnecessary – see later)

5/ Photos – now up –

A/ Youth Section

A successful youth training session had been held with 15-20 people attending.  Next year suggested that perhaps three should be run  early(eg school half term), mid (summer hols) and late (august w/e) season.  Should circulate small local clubs eg arnside. And youth groups eg scouts/cadets/QKS

A follow up w/e had been held but no takers partly due to weather.

Approx correct ratio of helpers:youths had been arranged.

More use of lake by QKS next year was anticipated

B/ Club Fees

Has been decided to raise them.  There is no cushion at present for any major expenses.  Need to raise c. £1K more.  Formula to be devised to take account of those using club boats but paying no more than basic club fee.  Ian to be consulted how to achieve +£1K to be emailed in advance of November meeting –

Possibly to include raising general fee, dropping craft fees and possibly raising berth fees a little.  Was it necessary to charge craft fees at all?

Pete enquired whether we could raise any cash by renting out building?  But who to supervise, lock up/clean etc.  OK if we know them eg members @ c. £30 plus £20 for deposit.    

C/ Ent Open

 Long discussion of logistics etc all of which became irrelevant when discussion focused on low water levels and possibility of damage to peoples’ boats. 

Decision was taken to cancel the event and explore the possibility of a date in Spring 2011 eg end of May.  Pete to contact Ent Association   - Ian to put on website cancellation

            Discussion of low water led to contact with BWB to discover that sluice gate had now been mended and was now closed again.  Myles in meantime buoyed the very shallow areas near buoy 1 and off the southern tip of the island.

D/ 24 hour Event

KSA had good race esp in view of significant accident/damage to boat which took team from 35th  to a one hour delay but eventually climbed back to 42nd.  Quality of sailing was v.good with a good depth of talent at all ages.  BUT the boat is currently u/s with bow buoyancy tank compromised.  Insurance claim to be investigated (later emails see Paul and Lydia commissioned to submit an insurance claim)

Discussion moved on to consider whether we could afford/justify purchasing a replacement for one race a year – what would boat usage be if provided as a club boat? Would it be “trashed” before next race?  Do we need a new club boat for two adults?  Probably not. 

In passing it was suggested that perhaps we should approach Twiname trust for another pico?  (not assigned as an action to anybody particular)


Is now back with new valves and full service with new throttle handle and new key in store.  Spare spark plugs and relevant sized spanner in store. Anchor purchased

Training – next level of training – how to rescue.  Agreed to subsidise 50% of cost of rescue boat course but not first aid.  (@£320 for 6 people plus petrol @c.£60)

Nov meeting to consider first aid facilitation


-        BBQ – Cath organized – to be repeated – dates to be suggested for November meeting – lots of kids in holidays??

-        Club Laser – not in good condition – Pete to sort out over winter –

-        Myles confessed to be very non-green and use of chemical herbicide around club house.

v     NEXT MEETING –  7.30 pm 18TH NOVEMBER at Bendrigg