Thursday 17th Sept 2009


v        Present -  Geoff Pardoe, Ian and Geraldine Downs, Andrew King, Myles Ripley, Karen


 Apologies: Chris Bell, Lydia Holdworth Paul Holdworth, Pete Lawson




1/ Trees – BWB – Andrew has found it difficult to get interest from them.  The trees have been examined but message was left with no info about the outcome.  Action is in their hands. They have been informed of our concerns.  So we can do our own pruning.  Geoff will try and find a volunteer to do it.

2/ RC Lasers – ongoing

3/ Casterton remaining as members. Looking for Pete to train new staff

4/ No contact from Paul as to dinghy park plan

5/ All members requiring berths are berthed so no waiting list

6/ Key press not done – Geoff will do

7/ Double glazing guarantee. Not yet found – ongoing

8/ Shower tiles done

9/ trailers got rid of

10/ August try a sail didn’t happen – see below


A/ Club boats – need a better system to report faults.  Use comments book but we need to be more speedy in looking for comments. 


B/ Youth section – Karen, whose son is a friend of Jack Lawson.  Sailing has changed her son’s life and she was concerned why it was not on curriculum at QKS.  Chicken and egg – how to start it.  Sailing taster session had been held in July and very successful – indeed oversubscribed.  Self-evaluation feedback had indicated big enjoyment at only a small cost of £8 plus travel.  Insurance not totally sorted  but could make them temporary members.  The basic plan of the day was circulated./

Are we up for helping them?  There is money out there (further confirmed by Andy Trull at a later meeting)

Should we be aiming to become a RYA RTE?  Is now the time?

Questionnnaire designed and circulated

Agreed that KSA is not very good at getting things to happen at w/e

Letter and Questionnaire to go out with renewals and back by AGM

Need to get a contact from QK to talk to….. (attempt made but no joy yet)

Who would fund boats and instructor?

How would it impact on car parking?

C/ Events – 24 hour race had happened happily

       Ent open had happened



HEP – meeting had been held – unlikely to occur

Winter Series – Geraldine and Ian willing to do food

       Dates on Website ( two Sundays achieved @ time of writing)

Membership form ref to insurance has been changed so don’t need your own insurance to sail club boats.