Committee meeting – 19th September – Bendrigg

Apologies from Myles, Chris and Martin

 Next Meeting – Monday 21st November 7.45pm


Pete              to repair club laser

Pete              to run safety boat course if required

Ian                to chase Chris M on webcam

Ian/Geoff      to sort out store room

Myles/Geoff to change code number on store room    

Myles           to organise safety boat service

Geoff           to renew grab bag

Ian/Geoff + others    to advertise 24 hour race  

1. ACTIONS from last time

Ian          to post link to RYA advice on blue green algae on website – done

         to consider putting all club boats in one block – not practical

         to advertise 24 hour race on website etc. – done, link to results on website

Geoff     to deal with urinal – done

Andrew  to consider /vet webcam proposal – see agenda item

Pete        to repair club laser – not done yet; boat now unuseable

  safety boat course to be run if demand – no courses run over the summer.

  Will do safety boat training (6 people at a time) late autumn if required.  

2. Blue Green and Green Algae

 Geoff was concerned that there was much more on view than usual. Tony suggested that it could be the process of oxygen sinking that had promoted its growth. Everyone agreed that it was worse everywhere this year but that the RYA policy of allowing users to decide for themselves once acquainted with the facts was the best solution.

3.Web cam

Chris Morphet is still working on the project.  Ian explained that there is a problem connecting the web cam to the server at the moment but that it will get resolved. The price is still the same and he will chase Chris to confirm prices to Andrew by email.

There was some discussion about the need for an anemometer or a view of a windsock/tree when installed.

4. Store Room

Geoff said that the room was in a mess.  It was agreed that the initial plan to do signs to show where things should be put would be implemented and that buckets would be purchased to store anchors on the floor. (Action Geoff/Ian).

The door has been left open so the code number should be changed. (Action Geoff/Myles)

5. Safety Boat

The state of the boat is good but the motor needs a service sometime after the AGM. (Action Myles – book in early)

There was some discussion about when a new boat would be required and the potential cost. It was agreed that probably the best way forward was to spend £1500 on new tubes when required, as this would prolong its life.    

The grab bag and some of its contents needs replacing. A spare bung should be included. (Action Geoff)


6a. 24 Hour Race.

Very successful. Andrew will issue Pete with a cheque to cover the insurance and entry fee when he sends him the receipts.

Ian would like ideas for a flier, from those taking part, to encourage other members to join in next year. This is to be sent out with the membership pack next year. Geoff will mention it in his AGM letter. (Action Ian/Geoff.)

 6b. Sedbergh Canoe Club

S.C.C are members of KSA and hope to rent a twelve foot corner of Joe’s field to erect a rack/drying shed. They will continue to be group members and access the lake through KSA boat park.  There was some concern that this access could affect future KSA’s plans for the boat park. It was explained that KSA have sole rights for the use of the lake for watersports and that the access lanes on the boat park are part of the agreement with BWW. SCC have been advised that they need to remove their current canoe cage from the boat park. This area and the lockers in the club house will then be available for other use.

 6.c. Pink Adventure

They have now paid their membership.

 6d. Open Meetings

There will be no Miracle Open next year as only 4 boats came this year and 3 the previous year.

The Enterprises want to come here next year. Geoff said that the Bendrigg annex which sleeps 21 plus camping could be available for the event if at the right time of the year.