MEETING 21st NOVEMBER 2011 - Bendrigg 


NEXT MEETING – THURSDAY 2ND FEBRUARY 7.30 PM pre meeting prior to..

AGM at 8pm

And WORK DAY FOR 10AM ON FEB 26TH – Put it in your diaries.!


Myles to organize service for RIB and to put RIB into clubhouse

Ian to continue to liaise with Chris Morphet re Webcam

Ian to purchase and then install with Chris, new combi lock on gat

Chris to renew gate hinges and "secure" them

Volunteers requested for safety boat cover on final 2 w/e of May 2012

1/ Apologies – Martin Metcalfe

2/ Previous minutes – read and agreed

3/ Matters arising

ACTIONS from last time

Myles has not yet organized service for RIB outboard

Pete has club laser repair in hand to complete prior to April 2012

Webcam – Ian read out latest email from Chris – progress but still plenty to do

Geoff has sorted and will continue to sort store room

Geoff to purchase 5 or 10 litre grab bag for RIB – Myles has purchased and renewed first aid and throw rope

4/ AGM Agenda First Thurs in Feb 2012 – 2nd Feb….

Same as normal agenda but nb committee meeting 30 mins before at 7.30

(Ian and Geraldine presented their apologies and promised a membership report)

5/ Blue Green algae – various theories presented but appears to be a widespread phenomenon round the area. Unsightly and puts visitors off. But generally quite safe – no adverse reactions reported. We will continue to provide guidance to membership

6/ Safety boat

Ian discussed results of questionnaire generated as result of discussions at last meeting. In general there was low usage with Sedbergh School being the largest user on Thursdays when they need 2 safety boats on water…. So there is no justification for getting a larger size or power RIB and indeed possibly no justification in purchasing a new one when this one is past its sell by date… It is used by others on an ad hoc basis. Discussion moved onto providing scheduled rescue boat coverage so that membership knew there would be cover on certain dates…. Trial to be organized for may/june 2012 to include school half term weekends. (see AOB for another initiative at that time "sail for gold"). Pete underlined the need for encouraging sailing by providing a safety boat.

Myles (post meeting) has volunteered to man safety boat on Sunday 3rd and 10th June 2012. Other volunteers sought for May w/e

7/ Webcam - Ian read email from Chris explaining progress had been slowed due to loss of job, and other technical issues. Still hoped to have it up and running by Christmas

8/ Gate security – Ian sought approval to purchase (for £24) a new combi lock for gate to avoid £5 per key costs for replacement keys. Chris enquired of suitability for welding and Pete enquired of freezing resistance if water gets into "tumblers". Ian reassured committee that his lock will be suitable. Purchase approved and installation to be coordinated by Ian and Chris Bell.

Gate hinges also to be sorted by Chris. To replace and then secure so that gate cannot be lifted off its hinges.

9/ Store Room – now tidier. Signs to go up to label shelves etc

Code to be reset if we can work out how! New code discussed ….

10/ Work day date sorted for 10am on Feb 26th

11/ - AOB

 Myles asked if he could have one of the damaged oppies to be installed in a playground? Yes

 Andrew checked which boats needed insurance – 4 oppies, 1 feva, 1 laser, 1 RIB, 2 picos

 Laser Open possible date of 7th April proposed but Ian to confirm.

 Myles enquired if club wanted to contribute a "Sail for Gold" event…(linked to Olympics) Suggested a Try a Sail and/or family day…on one of first two Sundays in June – can only work if other club members also available to help……. To be raised at AGM>>>>>

NEXT MEETING – THURSDAY 2ND FEBRUARY 7.30 PM pre meeting prior to..

AGM at 8pm