MEETING 22nd May 2008

v    Present -  Geoff Pardoe, Myles Ripley, Paul Latham, Andy Trull,  Paul Holdsworth, Lydia Cole, Andrew King, Ian and Geraldine Downs, Pete Lawson, Rob Blair

v    Apologies: Chris Bell, Martin Metcalfe


1/ Geoff to consult card records to see who may have witnessed RIB incident.

Geoff to draw up draft RIB signing out sheet

Geoff to confirm date of Lib Dem BBQ for website and club calendar

2/ Andrew to research other engine suppliers for alternative models

Andrew to check whether Lib Dems had paid for last year’s BBQ

3/ Pete to establish from Shepherds exact description of damage and any alternative they may be able to supply

Pete to run annual refresher training starting with a course in next few weeks.

4/ Paul to contact Craid Reed to offer “contract” as building maintenance coordinator.

Paul to contact Lancaster Sea Scouts to resolve Big Trailer issues and allocate a suitable berth.

5/ Ian to write to owners of Express and Merlin Rocket Ian to make entry for 24 hour race

Ian to remind as yet unpaid renewing members to pay up!

Ian to demand full fees from Kendal College

Ian to create and then send, in 2009, card of membership conditions to all members

6/ Myles to send donation to Eric Twiname trust

Previous Minutes – approved

Matters Arising


Still unresolved as to who was responsible.  Geoff to consult card records to see who might have witnessed any incident that may have occurred between c.4pm on Thursday 24th April and c.2pm on Sunday 27th April (nb at meeting wrong dates were quoted)

Shepherds surmise that a stone caught in prop guard may have caused damage which would cost c. £2000 to repair.

Andrew had ascertained that if insurance claim made they would likely pay £1250 being current list price for engine – thus leaving shortfall of 750.  New engine would cost c. £2000. 

General agreement that we were angry and disappointed by actions of AN other.  Who were probably a group since few, if any, individuals use the RIB.  MPR mentioned that few groups were using signing in/out book and he had put reminder notice on door.

Need to tighten up procedures including a signing out book for RIB usage – (useful for engine hours as well). Geoff to draw up a draft one

List of authorized drivers to be on display – Pete to draw one up.  Some training had been done and later it was agreed that annual refresher training should be carried out.  This would also assist us with any 3rd party liability claim in the future.

            Peter to set up a course in the next few weeks

Prevention for future.  To research engines with sacrificial sheer pins – although some manufacturers do not do such a thing any longer.  Retain prop guard - ? metal one.  Big foot engine no longer made and perhaps not necessary on a lake this size (later emails have shown that marrying a big foot shaft to a small engine was not necessarily a wise design decision). 

IF we replace engine then alternative manufacturers should be researched to minimize this risk. 

            Martin Yates at Galgate and Highams in Manchester suggested as possible suppliers

Some agreement that inexperienced rescue boat drivers will inevitably tend to hit the bottom – some info from other lakes quoted. 

Worst case scenario – Andrew could put claim in having asked for any witnesses (on a “no blame” basis) to see if any facts could be established. 


Geoff was keen to put in place a management system for the clubhouse.  Geoff brings in maintenance people from Bendrigg from time to time but not an efficient method. 

We had tried to ID a coordinator from the membership but it hadn’t worked!

Any volunteers?  Silence………..

Craig Reed suggested on a paid basis.  Paul offered to contact and ask him. He would establish his likely fees and report back. 


The vexed question of racking for gear was brought up…………… A design was needed and then we were willing to pay for it to be installed.  Much discussion of why’s and wherefore’s drew out the following points

§       Members won’t be bothered to put gear away tidily unless there is a clear system and even then there is a role for someone to tidy up periodically.

§       “generous” donations of windsurfing gear were not actually very useful and just added to the pile of junk!

§       Roller shutter door could be removed, replaced by shelving and a high window.

o      Postponed to autumn.

§       Paul Latham offered to supply some excess bins for a starter system (installed for oppies and pico)

§       Use of rear of clubhouse suggested but rejected.


Universal abhorrence of boats using car park for berthing – nuisance.  Big rack of toppers (Lancaster Sea Scouts) and the wayfarer were particularly unwelcome.  Berth allocation issues for Lancaster Sea Scouts to be researched and resolved by Paul.  Paul also to contact wayfarer owner to establish why ?She had not yet removed it since the original “temporary” arrangements!

Pete suggested moving mossy boats to awkward spots eg behind clubhouse so that owners were pointedly reminded of their usage. To be discussed and possibly actioned on Tuesday 3rd June.


June  14th Topper Regatta – for Year 8’s and below – Myles as contact

July 20/27th – Sunday 5pm – (did they pay last year? Andrew to check) – Geoff to confirm date for website and club n’board calendar

August 31st Miracle Open – Ian for contact – various club members involved

Sept 13/14th 24 hour race – Ian to make entry on behalf of KSA

Sept 21st Enterprise open – Pete as contact


Pete enquired whether someone had deliberately removed this sign?  Geoff to provide replacement.


93 paid members, 29 unpaid members – Ian to reissue reminders

3 members need berths

Kendal college membership issues aired including a surprised comment that they appeared to have plenty of money for high profile capital expenditure but were “unable to afford” club membership as full fees.  Full fees to be demanded – Ian to action


Myles had been sent a letter requesting donations from fundraising events to this sailing charity, which had supplied us with cash for a new Pico and for 2 winsurfers.  All agreed it should be supported by a donation of £200.  Myles to send contribution.

  NEXT MEETING –  Thursday 4th September


  Tuesday 3rd June – Dinghy Park Action Evening