Thursday 25th Nov 2009    

PRESENT – Geoff, Andrew, Myles, Martin, Geraldine, Ian, Paul, Lydia, Pete



–       Geoff  - Install key press

–       Purchase and “install” new laptop

– Peter - Service RIB and have tubes/valves repaired

Arrange date for Safety refresher training

– Andrew  - Chase BWB for tree report

Initiate various refurbishments – windowsills, double glazing, crash door lock, replace front door

? Who? - Flag pole/start mast supports on jetty to be installed –


WINTER SERIES – most w/e achieved – due to finish on 20th Dec (20th Dec cancelled due to snow and no wind!)

TREES – Attention still needed – first volunteer approached was not keen. 

New man in charge of lake on behalf of BWB – seems amiable and pro-active.  Andrew has asked him to find out about the outcome of the BWB tree report that was requested. 

BERTH MAP =- Paul requested to supply to Ian

1/ AGM AGENDA – Fees – need to rise?  Ok for executive committee to do it – not necessarily an AGM item.  Last rise was pre 2008 but not sure when it was.  Membership OK at c. 100. In current financial climate, agreed that it was unpolitic to raise fees.  BUT we need to warn membership that we will have to in 2011.  Need to cover projects. 

2/ REFURBISHMENT – Contacted the original contractor to replace the 3 blown double glazing units @ c. 195 pounds.

Windowsills and wood – wood is ok and damage is due to condensation.  Refurbishment of them will be £185

Installation of locking knob to panic escape doors to allow access if electronic door fails – either £245 or £345

Replacement of Entrance door £1240 plus FTS charge.

ALL above agreed..............

Replacing roller door with glass to increase insulation and light @ £3669 – NOT to be done yet.

Looking further in to future.  RIB hull will need replacing.  Trailer still needed for it.  Tubes need servicing and/or valves. 

Flag/starting pole supports installation on jetty – actioned

Non slip is v.good.

Grass rigging area by RIB has gone “bald”? due to tree?

New laptop for membership info and door lock – to be compatible with current software – Approved

3/ WATER LEVELS – significantly down due to  BWB action to facilitate a repair to broken sluice gate.  Low water rebate auctioned.  IF a dry winter then lake could be low next year, which in turn could raise risk of grounding. 

4/         WORK DAY – agreed on 28th Feb

5/ VENUE OF FUTURE COMMITTEE MEETINGS – due to cold and acoustics, it was proposed that we should move venue of regular meetings.  Geoff offered the Bendrigg facilities.  BUT AGM will be held at club house. 

6/ YOUTH SECTION – QKS keen to join club – have been informed of group membership “deal”.  Were to be informed that Tuesday would be a good day to target for their regular sessions.

From our own club membership point of view, a questionnaire to be sent out with renewals letters and we would then react to response. If there is lots of demand then we could organise a try a sail day or take further action.  AGM “stuff” to go out in first week of Jan.


Current dates proposed for external events at Killington 2010

11th or 18th April – Laser NW travellers event – tim luke is the contact

1st + 2nd May – BSDRA Regional event (sat) and CCF event (sun) – contact is myles ripley

8th + 9th May – 3000 open – myles ripley is contact

19th June Miracle Open – Ian Downs is contact

Sept – Ent open

? date – Ent NW championships


8/ AOB

Internet weather station requested..... Geoff will ask his tame computer whizz about the practicalities

Key press will be installed with same key code as before 1539

3 more safety boat people have been trained – the three ladies with the Xenon

Refresher training needs to be planned for 2010 season


NEXT MEETING 7.30 before the AGM at 8pm on 4th Feb 2010

WORK DAY 28th Feb 2010


In preparation for the committee meeting, I have now received the following quotations from Dave Riddick, the guy who Maurice employed to do the carpentry and windows on the clubhouse. He is an 'old school' sort of guy and I believe very trustworthy.

Replace 3 faulty window units: £195 + VAT

Repair damaged interior window cills: £185 + VAT

Fit locking knob to panic bar exit - £245 - £345 + VAT depending on the solution adopted.

Fit new non-flexing hardwood front door with all appropriate fittings and liase with FTS re automatic bolts etc: £1,240 + VAT

Replace one roller shutter door with masonry and window unit to match existing windows in club room: £3,669 + VAT

Myles - would you like to circulate this to the committee prior to the meeting?