Sunday 27th Feb 2011



Geoff – Kirby Stephen Canoeing club request – to find more details and inform Ian

Ian – to collate committee members mobile number list and circulate to committee

            To find out more from Christian Fellowship and discuss terms of group membership

            To advertise KSA Family day on May 22nd 11 am start – volunteers requested (via Website)

Myles – to action  family Day at KSA on penultimate w/e in May – Sunday May 22nd 11am

            To collect and deliver new club Pico

            To action repair of leak in RIB

ACTIONS from previous meeting …..

Myles - Day ticket flyer to be printed – and distributed at AGM - DONE

            To purchase grit bin for fuel store – DONE but not yet installed – to be done by end of Easter w/e – key for grit bin would be attached to RIB key ring.

Geoff to enquire ref CCTV  - no progress yet.

Chairman’s letter to include topics as below – item A/ - DONE

Pete to repair club laser – not present to advise of progress

            Repair/replace club RIB cover – not present to advise of progress

Ian - Website to have addition of advice on tying down boats and keeping outer door shut – DONE -

Paul – to chase original invoice for club Ent. – DONE and insurance payout received.

KIRKBY STEPHEN CANOEING APPROACH – Geoff to establish date and to pass to Ian for website.

CHRISTAIN FELLOWSHIP REQUEST for use of facilities while running a residential camp in Sedbergh.  Enquired of group membership.  Wanting to store 15 canoes.  Training and summer use.  More discussion to be had via Ian.

CASTERTON – are now back in active membership – have recruited an instructor.

FAMILY DAY – approved for penultimate  Sunday in May – Myles to action – Ian to advertise on Website.

MOBILE NUMBERS – of committee – Tony requested a list of all committee members’ mobile numbers – Ian agreed to collate a list for circulation to all committee.

ERIC TWINAME TRUST – Myles had applied successfully to trust to fund the purchase of a new club Pico – presentation to be made at the Dinghy Exhibition  (done – Jack Lawson and some Sedbergh School sailors represented the club at this event).  Myles has since collected Pico from Laser and will deliver to club in time for Easter weekend.  Photo of presentation accompanies these minutes. Club paid £800 towards the cost.

ENGINE MAINTENANCE – quite expensive – but the leaking tube still leaking – Myles will action this repair – (*has been taken to Eurocraft and should be back repaired in time for Laser Open).