Pete to book service for RIB

Ian to circulate work and RIB refresher dates to membership

Myles to install flagpole brackets

Ian to have a membership numbers update for next meeting

Ian to try to contact QKS ref joining

Myles to collate questionnaires

Jack to cost new music facility and webcam

Photos to be hung in clubhouse - ?Pete/Paul

 Present -  Geoff , Paul, Lydia, Pete, Myles , Jack, Ian, Geraldine

Apologies: Andrew

Minutes agreed

Ian has been in touch with QKS but nothing heard

RIB has not been serviced – now tricky to do in busy season.  Emphasised that we must check oil.  It is running well. Pete will book it in.

No date yet set for RIB Refresher trg.  But set for Sun June 6th during meeting.  Ian will circulate to  relevant persons

Flagpole brackets not yet installed – Myles will take on. (done on jetty)

Membership – Ian – reasonable takeup – about par for this time of year.  No new members yet.

Less berths requested.  May have to have a push if no new members appear.  Ian to report a numbers update at next meeting.

24 hour race – paul agreed to be contact/coordinator.  Ian will do entry and to Andrew for cheque.  Lydia pointed out that Ent will need a “service” prior to race.  Agreed that we will enter. 

Miracle Open – June 19th Sat – help needed – mainly in place

Rescue – 3 ladies wanted to sign up for Level II course. Enjoyed doing rescue boat duty at Laser open.  Can Pete be authorized to run another Level II course? YES

Ent Open – NW championships.  2 day event in October.  ?30 boats or so.  Have to close lake to others. Agreed.  May have to move some lasers temporarily to make berths available to visitors. 

Casterton berths – likelihood of being occupied?  Not likely at present but have paid for them.  If required later in summer, Ian will directly contact school.

QKS – (Karen;s new job makes her more busy).  Qu’aires need analysis but she can’t.  Myles will collate info in time for next meeting.  Still no news as to QKS intentions.  Ian will email Dave Howard again.

Workday – went well but v.cold so mainly indoors work achieved.  Geoff would like to get vols to do some more outdoor work.  Eg strim and weedkill .  First Sunday in June suggested. Along with RIB refresher training. Would be nice to get some new volunteers.

Fireball – Who owns the Fireball that has been displaced and replaced and ….. Geoff admitted that this fireball was masquerading as a lugger and belonged to Bendrigg staff.  Chairman apologized to berthing officer and promised to sail it!

Access card working well – currently

Rescue Boat – sad state in Feb – should have been put inside at end of winter series.  Geoff pointed out that we must look after club equipment.  More TLC needed.

Club laser needs a fettle – Pete to take in hand

Wed evening racing – going well – good turnouts

Photos from Laser Open – to go up in clubhouse. – Photo achieved in W’land gazette

Thank you to Ian for shelving in store room. 

Suggestion to replace music machine in Club house – Jack asked to cost it and report back.  Good for open meetings

Could we install a web cam for weather access from remote locations – cost likely to be prohib itive but costing requested. 

Missing table – Pete asked who had removed old wooden table/desk – thought to be Ian – Pete to contact to return. 

                        NEXT MEETING 10TH JUNE 7.30pm at Bendrigg