30th October  2012





Geoff to contact Canal and river trust to enquire re discharge obligations of service station as part of a general enquiry re blue green algae

Will also ask them about the hydro project and any implications of water drawdown in dry months

Geoff will ask Joe if any ill effects of same blue green algae on fish/fishing

Geoff to check on lottery funding criteria that may be relevant to us.

 Andrew to get back to Banks re turbulence issues of proposed windmills and whether we can piggyback any weather live feed.

Andrew to contact Bob the computer man to enquire re CCTV

 Tony to contact Orton re rowing boat

       Also to cut grass

 All comm members to supply Geoff (and Ian) with dates on which volunteers should be solicited via Geoff’s widely read Chairman’s letter

 Pete to generate date for refresher powerboat training

 AN other to obtain a new Pico rudder for Club boat…… (Myles is willing to do so but wasn’t actually agreed at meeting!)



       Present -  Geoff , Lydia, Andrew, Pete, Myles,  Martin, Chris,Tony

       Apologies: Ian and Geraldine Downs, Paul Latham



       Actions required from last meeting–

            Ian to research noticeboard – nothing heard but committee decided to cancel this action               

           Membership had been emailed and website notified of family days in July/August which had happened

       Geoff will review double glazing units and inform Andrew at end of year

       Ladies shower had been sorted

       Webcam – see later agenda item

       Ent Sept event – no longer relevant but hadn’t happened



Nothing further had been heard of Orton rowing boat request so Tony volunteered to approach them

RYA meeting had happened – Myles in attendance


1/ maintenance – projects solicited

Fence at West side of car park needs renewing – nem con

Grass cutting needed – Tony volunteered

Some fire alarm problems had been reported but since have stopped

Request to improve RH slip – the one running roughly NW.  Andrew to contact builder and to liaise with Martin for a site visit


2/ Blue Green algae – Geoff had liaised with a site visit by FBA  - 4 diff types were observed (and no green algae) .  Not clear why so bad in last 2 years but some hypothesis that a population had built up in mud.  BWB don’t seem concerned.  Jack Lawson has suffered as has Lydia.  Ideas mooted about Service station sewage plant  - could we find out what discharge license they have?  Geoff will contact Canals and Rivers Trust.  Would contacting RYA be useful?  Anglers – any adverse effects?  Geoff will ask Joe


3/  Wind farm – mast is up and planning permission for 3 turbines has been submitted.  KSA stance is neutral at present.  Andrew concerned that nobody  from Banks had come back to him re turbulence effects which may adversely affect sailng in north end of lake.  While in contact with them to obtain answer, might suggest being able to access their wind data esp if live feed possible.

Hydro turbine project being investigated – feasibility study for BWB – ongoing – will this have any draw down effect on lake in dry months when lake level is low?  Geoff will contact Canal and rivers trust to enquire. 


4/ CCTV – Committee agreed to halt the arrangements with Chris since progress was minimal. However there was still a desire on both security and “conditions” knowledge basis to investigate feasibility.  Andrew will contact Bob the computer to enquire.  Using the mast on Joe’s land seems a sensible location for one camera.


5/ AGM – agreed to format agenda in normal fashion.  7th Feb 8pm in Clubhouse

Mailshot should ask for volunteers for specific events (see item below for dates proposed to date)


6/ Events

Refresher powerboat training was agreed – Pete to come up with some dates.

6th April – Laser racing – Tim Luke in charge

1st June – a Family day (Myles to organize)

       Other family / training days wanted but Myles not available to run./assist next summer

7/8th September 24 hour race


7/ Events reports

Family days in June/July and August had all happened successfully

Wed evening racing proceeding with 57 of 60 scheduled races occurring with last ones coming up this Wed

Winter racing discussed – Lydia to organize a Sat pm series starting in approx. 3 weeks

Tim Luke is proposing a 8/9th Dec Winter weekend as well as Lydia’s Saturday series –

       Both presumed to be informal laser 1 racing – run from on the water

24 hour race very successful with Killington coming 17th overall and 4th Ent at one stage.  Had to borrow some other people to make up team who paid for the privilege! Young team members spent hours preparing the boat which is showing its “age”….



8/ Membership - agreed not to issue memb cards next year 

Membership is healthy

Since the AGM we have had 17 new members who have contributed £2360.00

Between them they have brought

11 dinghies

2 windsurfers

3 canoes

3 members have no craft.

In total we now have 90 active members of whom 7 are honorary members.



Myles asked that pico rudder currently on yellow pico should be returned to Sedbergh – agreed but will wait till a new one is acquired….. In future any damage to club boats should be claimed on insurance ASAP if the price of the item is worth risking a rise in our premium….. eg this would not have been worth claiming for.  Need for any user of boats to be reasonably competent in rigging boats so that this sort of loss is not replicated…… Pete offered to drill out new pintle and fit a bolt permanently so that could not be removed from boat.


Lottery funds – small grants – apparently quite available so Geoff will check criteria and consult


Eric Twiname funding for donation  - agreed by all that we should contribute towards a member of the Trust running in the Great South run.


Geoff proposed that our next meeting should be the pre AGM meeting on Feb 7th at 7.30 in the clubhouse

And that the Workday should be on 1st Sunday in March 3rd – please put these dates in your diary now