AGM Minutes 7th February 2019

NEXT AGM FEB 6th 2020  8.00pm at KSA 

Next committee meeting….. 

April 4th 7.30pm at Bendrigg 


PRESENT – Geoff, Myles, Tony, Peter M, Andrew, Chris BellAlasdair Simpson (Arnside), David Imeson +2 from Morecambe, Toby Hubbard from Kentdale Scouts 

Apologies –Ian and Geraldine, Pete Lawson Martin Metcalfe, Mike Hinson (Sedbergh canoeists) 


2018 AGM Minutes agreed  


Matters arising  

Peter M apologized that berth numbers had not been refreshed ie painted 


Chairman’s report – he spoke to his letter and was thanked for his work  (copy attached) 

Treasurer’s report – he spoke to his accounts (copy attached).  He explained initially the concept of KSA as a loose grouping of groups, families and organisations who use the lake for water sports and our aims to support watersports on the lake – primarily sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and to help facilitate that including those whose resources might be limited.….It  is not a profit making organization.  

He highlighted the notable features on the accounts such as reduced insurance fees, very small maintenance fees due the sterling service of Peter Melling, the low water rebate that will be due next year.  He also highlighted increases in energy costs and phone bills and would welcome the arrival of B4RN.  All is healthy. 

The chair expressed many thanks to the Treasurer for all his hard work. 

Membership report – In his absence the Chairman presented the attached report.  The Chairman expressed our thanks to Ian for this report. 


Dinghy Park Report  - Peter Melling 

This has been a tidying up year, with several attempts at keeping the dinghy park ship shape.  

In March I lowered the internal height of the second roller shutter door down to 2 metres and carried out some additional draught proofing to the panelling above the door. 

The low water mark has been re-painted during the summer months, I also cleared an assortment of junk and rubbish from the dinghy park and beach areas, which included multiple wellies both right and left feet but not a matching pair amongst them. 

The number of old tyres I collected, meant we had to use the services of a professional tyre disposal company to get rid of them. There are still a good number being used around the park, but if they are past their usable life and members are replacing them, can we please ask members take the old tyres away to their local waste disposal site, as they will gladly take individual tyres from the public.  

Work was also carried out on the trees around the dingy park allowing better access for dinghies with their masts up to get in and out of their berths. 

I have been trying to clear the assortment of old canoes from around the site with the help of Mike from Sedbergh Canoe Club, we are now making good progress with only one canoe left to go.   

I have also been working on the old canoe racks, the first of which was the old board rack which I have now adapted to take kayaks.  

I have removed the rust and repainted it with Hammerite and I’ve added some home made rail protectors. This now needs to be re-sited ready for use.  Some prep work will need to be done before we can place the rack where we would like it. 

This year we have also found new homes for the 3 dinghies left abandoned on the park last year. Turtle the K14 has ended up near Penrith as a Pirate style sand pit! The Bosun has made its way to Whitehaven (I think Sea Cadets) with its trailer being used by one of our group members here at Killington, and the vintage Mirror now also has a new owner here at Killington. 

Geoff and myself also have a plan to erect some additional canoe racks along the field fence as the number of KSA canoeist members is growing. 

We have also discussed building some form of 2 story rack for the Picos to give us more berth spaces, I need some thinking time and ideas before we start this project. 

Also we have been having a problem with the club Picos NOT being secured down properly, new covers have now been bought for some of these boats Please will users make sure they leave boats secure. I have been looking to see what solutions there are to help this problem and can source some ratchet tie down straps 4 for under £9 If I bought 2 sets we can use the extra set’s for other jobs or the escort boat if Myles wants to use them for this purpose. 

Space is still an issue and we are working hard to find new spaces for new members. As soon as all the existing members have renewed and the closing date for renewals has passed I will be talking to Ian to see which boats we can get removed from site to allow any new members a berth if required.  

I have a problem when other groups use our facilities and bring up boats and trailers, can we get them to inform Ian, Geoff & Myself, to say who they are, what they are “temporary” leaving on site and get an OK as to where they can leave their kit as part of the agreement of them using our facilities. 

Having gone around the dinghy park with Geoff last week trying to decide who owns which boats can be confusing, so perhaps we should go back to having a sticker with either the berth or membership number on it, this would help me to recognise which are KSA members boats. 

Something mentioned in an earlier meeting. Once we have moved the canoes from the middle of the main triangle berth area I would like to see about herringboning the dinghies on the car park side to match the lower side. 

Having made repairs to the car park fencing earlier this year, we replace the warning sign regarding water bourn parasites etc. that can be transferred on boats and trailers and the need to clean these off when leaving any sites. Perhaps we should have an outdoor tap and hosepipe and even a cold water shower point outside so visitors can rinse off their kit allowing any thing to be drained back into the reservoir, to comply with the sign we are displaying. 

Finally, on an internal issue the work to sort out the folding doors needs to continue,  can we agree what is to be done i.e. fix one side permanently in place and leave the other to be able to be pushed back or ? Suggestions please.  

This could possibly mean the removal of one door section during the work day in March, for re hanging at later date. 



Events report – Myles reported on various events  

1/ family/ improvers’ evenings on Tuesdays which was a bit less busy than last year but still worthwhile 

2/ Push the Boat Out – 20th may 2018 

Plenty of customers including one disabled lady – about 30.  Excellent weather which helped the feel good factor and made the day very successful resulting in a few new members 

For 2019- May 5th is set and helpers will be needed 

3/ Laser Open held on April 21st 2018 – 25 entries – thanks to club members who assisted on the day with rescue, catering and general admin.  

27/4/18 is the date for 2019 

4/ Junior Topper/ Pico regatta – June 17th 2018 

Request permission to hold similar event on June 8th 2019 – AGREED 

Explained that was open to any team of 3 Year 8 and below sailing singlehanders 

5/ Laser winter training scheduled for 5 days but so far only 2 possible due to weather – 2 more due  

Temporary boat storage in place – see dinghy park report for some issues over this 

6/ Wed Evening racing  - petered out in 2018 due to low water levels having been quite successful till then.  

724 hour race – Killington did well coming 24th and their entry for 2019 was approved.  


Arnside outlined their plans for courses at Kilington this year with a half term beginners course and then a stages 1-4 in August – as well as continuing their adult and womens’ courses.  These are all available to KSA members and are advertised on their website. There was ongoing discussion about liaison with Morecambe youth plans.  


ELECTIONS – none necessary  

Committee thanked for all their hard work 

David Imeson and Toby Hubbard agreed to join the committee and were warmly welcomed. 

Organisations/groups reminded that they were entitled to one committee place 



1/ Alasdair from Arnside advertised the Crossfields Boats conference to be held at Arnside on 16th March 

2/ Youth Team from Morecambe solicited advertisement of their fundraising efforts to purchase a Westerly for youth sailing on the Bay 

3/ Morecambe asked if Friday evenings were all right for their regular slot which would appear to be fine.  


NEXT AGM FEB 6th 2020  8.00pm at KSA 

NEXT committee MEETING – April 4th 7.30pm at Bendrigg  




Membership Secretary – report and comments for AGM 7th February 2019  




In total 17 members either resigned (or did not renew) and 20 new members have joined since the 2018 AGM.  

We now have 86 active members (2018 88, 2017 87).  The breakdown of membership is Honorary – 5, Family – 64 Group – 13 and Unwaged – 4.  


17 members have no craft. (2018 20, 2017 16)  


The new members have brought 


8 Dinghies (2018 7, 2017 11) 

2 Windsurfers (2018 5, 2017 3) 

43 Canoes (2018 4, 2017 1)  


Our anticipated revenue from present membership is £14580  (2018 £13920, 2017 £13785).  



  1. Members need to be advised that a new code for the Dinghy Park gate will come into effect on Sunday 10tyh March 2019.  The new code will be advised to members via email when they renew.  

  1. The new craft booking diary came into effect at the beginning of June 2018 

A summary of craft bookings from 1 June to 31 December is 


Craft                Times booked 

Escort boat              29 

Pico                           60 

Feva1                          1 

Laser                           0 

Optimist                     0 

Canoe                         3 

Kayak                          5 

Wind Surfer               6 

Vago                            1 


A detailed breakdown shows that two thirds of the bookings were made by Groups (35 bookings, 90 craft) and a third by individual members (15 bookings, 23 craft) 

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