AGM Minutes 7th February 2020

NEXT AGM FEB 4th 2021  8.00pm at KSA

Next committee meeting…..7th May 19.30 at Bendrigg


PRESENT – Geoff Pardoe, Myles Ripley, Andrew King, Ian and Geraldine Downs, Martin Metcalfe, Chris Bell, Toby Hubbard, Tony Longworth, Alasdair Simpson, Ian Clifford, Colin Norman, Sue Brighouse, David Baron, Keith Byers, Chris Brookbank, John Gibbison, Simon  McIlroy

Apologies – Martin Browitt (Lanc Sea Scouts),Dyane Sylvester, John Peatfield, Peter Lawson , Peter Melling,


2019 AGM Minutes agreed

Matters arising - nil


Chairman’s report – he spoke to his letter and was thanked for his work  (copy attached)

He also reinforced his thanks to Ian and Geraldine for all their hard work over many years as membership secretary from which post they were resigning – and for their work liaising with various IT projects. He encouraged the membership to volunteer for the post of membership secretary and emphasized that with a little bit of IT skill it was relatively straightforward as 99% is electronic.  The issuing of berth places would be a responsibility removed from this post.  Ian offered the name of Bob Saunders who might be willing and Toby Hubbard offered, if necessary, to do it.

Constitution working party – Geoff informed those present that there is an intention to form a constitution working group of Geoff, Andrew and Myles, to review and overhaul the constitution which would be submitted to the committee and eventually to the 2021 AGM for approval.

Treasurer’s report – he spoke to his accounts (copy attached).  He explained the slightly complex nature of the year’s finances in view of the boat sale, purchase and grant received. He thanked Peter Melling for all his site works which considerably reduces the overall site costs. There was a query about the value of the building as it appears in the depreciation summary – it is revalued every 3 years to take account of the current building costs.  He highlighted the anticipated costs upcoming due to the need to establish a properly legal water supply as the adjacent barn was being sold to be developed as a dwelling so we would have to separate out water supply.  The practical work will have some costs but the biggest costs will be the legal paperwork eg easements.  There was a query as to whether we had a solicitor in the membership? None known.

The chair expressed many thanks to the Treasurer for all his hard work.

Membership report – Ian  presented the attached report which includes some statistics from the electronic booking system.  Ian exhorted that all members using any club craft should use the system to record their usage. Moreover Myles added that they should use the paper logbooks to record state of craft.  Geoff offered to include this in the members guidelines.  The Chairman expressed our thanks to Ian for this report and renewed his thanks for Ian and Geraldine’s hard work in this post over many years. Ian responded that it was a relief to have presented his final report!

It was suggested that a few hard copy membership forms be available in clubhouse on notice board

Dinghy Park Report  - Peter Melling – in his absence Geoff presented the report which is attached and thanked Peter for all his hard work.

Events report – Myles reported on various events

1/ family/ improvers’ evenings on Tuesdays which was a bit less busy than last year but still worthwhile

2/ Push the Boat Out – 5th may 2019

Plenty of customers - about 40.  Decent weather which helped the feel good factor and made the day very successful resulting in a few new members

3/ Laser Open held on April 27th 2019 – 21 entries – thanks to club members who assisted on the day with rescue, catering and general admin.

4/ Junior Topper/ Pico regatta – June 9th 2019 – loads of youngsters including from Arnside and Scouts

5/ Laser winter training scheduled for 4 days  which was successful but none has been organised for winter 19/20 at Killington

6/ Wed Evening racing  - continues but with low numbers

7/ 24 hour race – Killington did well coming 25th and their entry for 2020 has been approved.

8/ Arnside ran courses at Killington in 2019 with a half term beginners course and then a stages 1-4 in August – as well as continuing their adult and womens’ courses.  These are all available to KSA members and are advertised on their website. They are applying for RYA RTC status based at Killington this year.

9/ Cumbria canoeists have run numerous courses, demo days and taster days at Killington


2020 plans

April 25th – Laser open – help needed please

May 16th – Canoe demo day sponsored by commercial company

May 17th – “Discover Sailing” try a sail day  - volunteers needed please

June 14th – Junior Regatta at Killington – teams of 3 all Year 8 or below to sail singlehanders

Sept 19/20th – 24 hour race – contact Peter Lawson to get involved.

Sept 12/13th – Barts Bash Race – IF anybody wishes to organise it….

TUESDAY EVENINGS  - escort boat manned and informal advice available from 5.30’ish…. starts April 21st – contact myles for more inf…. Escort boat driver will “pack up and go home” if nobody appears by 6.30’ish unless notified

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS – laser racing (and other classes welcome) – 7pm start time for normally 2 races an evening – first date is after Easter. 


27/ (all subsequent numbers to be increased by 1) If a dinghy remains at Killington and despite having all relevant fees paid, appears not to be used for a period of 9 months, then the club will take the following actions:

1) contact the registered owner at the last known address and ascertain whether there are special reasons for the non-use of the craft; if not, then

 2) request the removal of that dinghy from KSA premises to free space for active members; if the craft remains unused after a further 3 month period, then after formally advising the member,

3) to move that dinghy to storage in a remote area of the dinghy park (which may include a satellite location). If the dinghy continues not to be used for a further 12 months period, despite the member continuing to pay all appropriate fees, then

4) to require the member to remove the craft from KSA premises. If no action is taken within one month then KSA shall be at liberty to act as if the owner was in arrears, as stated in clause 28/


The reasons for this were explained to allow us to free up some berths with boats in that were clearly never used  -

Proposed Ian Downs, Seconded Toby Hubbard – For 17 – against 1 – abstentions nil –

Duly adopted


ELECTIONS – Geoff explained that we need to get back into formal 3 yearly elections of existing committee members

Accordingly, he, Chris Bell and Tony Longworth were offered up for re-election = proposed Alasdiar and seconded by martin Metcalfe – nem con – all duly re-elected

Dyane Sylvester and Colin Norman also offered themselves as new members of the committee who were gladly welcomed onto the committee.

Committee thanked for all their hard work



1/ Gate Lock causing some problems – Ian to purchase new one and install when new code adopted at work day on March 8th.

2/ John Gibbison asked for clarification for use of escort boat – what level of expertise was required – Firstly a club Annual familiarization to be completed which is partly about process and partly about usage; secondly that ideally RYA PB2 would be a base level for usage.  However experience and skill more important than certificates but would have to be assessed by Myles.  Training can be delivered at the club.   It was emphasized that the powerboat is NOT to deliver “jollies” on the water.

3/ A question was asked about whether groups can bring their own boats to use on a day by day basis, rather than storing them at KSA. It was noted that this is a complex subject which requires careful consideration so as to comply with the KSA’s agreements with C&RT and to be compatible with the interests of other KSA members. This matter will be addressed by the constitutional committee mentioned in the Chairman’s Report. In the meantime, group members wishing to bring occasional non-registered craft on site (e.g. additional safety boats for an event) are asked to seek permission from Myles.



NEXT AGM FEB 4th 2021  8.00pm at KSA

NEXT committee MEETING – 7th May 19.30 at Bendrigg

CHAIRMAN’S LETTER 2020 from Geoff Pardoe

Dear KSA Member,

It has been a good year for activity on the lake. No problems with the water level, it was an average level for the whole season, providing an excellent environment for sailing and paddle sports.

During the summer the sailing base was visited by thieves on two occasions. On the first occasion they gained access to the site by cutting the metalwork on the gatepost which held the bolt and lock and then removed the safety boat belonging to Kendal Sea Cadets. Their actions were recorded on CCTV but there were no recognisable images due to their hooded clothing and no facial images.

The second occasion was the following week when the incoming mains electricity supply was attacked resulting in the mains fuse holder being wrecked and the fuse being stolen, nothing else was stolen. After the theft of the Cadet’s boat the club escort boat was moved inside the clubhouse and extra security measures were implemented, an inconvenience for users but a more secure location. It will be protected there until the start of next season when a new outdoor security system will be created.

The Police reassured us by saying that even though we are in a remote location the items that are at risk, and targeted, are the ones that can be sold outside of the sailing world. Due to the difficulty of selling on stolen sailing craft they suggested that our craft were not at high risk.

We have undertaken a number of measures to improve security including new more powerful outdoor lighting units with motion sensors, a review of the CCTV system and work on the escort boat trailer to convert it from a road trailer to a launch trolley.

Developments during the year

A successful fundraise resulted in the purchase of a Hartley 15 ‘family boat’ which has proved popular.

Thanks to the members who participated in the RYA satisfaction survey. The results show that members were broadly in favour of our activities with one noticeable exception. Two of the main points raised were the development of social events, and the provision of escort boat cover on specific dates. The escort boat cover can be coordinated by the committee; social events need members to volunteer.

B4RN broadband is a little closer but is still some distance away and there’s little sign of anything happening very soon despite offering to help with the work.

You may have noticed that the adjacent barn to the clubhouse is being sold so we will be getting new neighbours in the future. Our existing mains water supply passes through the barn and the paddock. We are in the process of seeking permission from our landlords C&RT to reroute our water supply.

A kayak rack and two canoe racks have been constructed for members use.

Overhanging branches have been cut back to reduce obstructions when moving boats.

Parts of the perimeter drystone walls have been repaired, please ensure the gate is used for access.

The emergency doors have been refurbished, double glazing units replaced and the oven ‘cleaned’.

C&RT have not as yet offered further information about the blue green algae blooms in the lake.

Thanks to Myles Ripley, who supplied and installed a new weather station. The anemometer is operating from the clubhouse roof but it is planned to move it back onto the dam wall when we have permission from C&RT to run a cable across their land and along the dam.

The club boats are being well used. Please remember to use the booking system and fill in the logbook.

The dinghy park is looking much better thanks to the efforts of Peter Melling. All sailing craft are to be issued with a sticker to help identification, this will be done as members renew. We have a waiting list for berths so if members with berths do not renew before the start of the season the berth could be reallocated. The berth area must not be used as a storage area for boats no longer used, if you don’t intend to sail your boat this year please let someone else have the berth. A new clause for the constitution is being proposed, see AGM agenda, and new guidelines for berths will be issued.

Please help Peter to maintain the site by taking away any unwanted materials, especially tyres.

Events for 2020:-

·         The annual ‘workday’ will be on Sunday 8th March at 10.00, all members welcome.

·         Wednesday evening racing sessions to start in early April, contact Pete Lawson.

·         Tuesday evening family sessions and handicap racing to start late April at 7pm, contact Myles.

·         Laser Open racing event to be confirmed.

·         RYA Push the Boat Out/Discover Sailing day is in May if members help, contact Myles.

·         WLYC 24 hour race at Southport on 19th-20th September, all welcome, contact Myles.

·         Bart’s Bash is in September but needs an organiser and members to help, contact Myles.

Please check the website for dates, updates, further details and contacts.

Thanks to those who have volunteered to help with a variety of tasks making events and maintenance so successful. I look forward to your continued support during the coming season, have a great year.

Finally a Big thank you to Ian Downs who is retiring as membership secretary this year, Please help Ian by returning your membership forms by the end of February.


Membership Secretary Report for AGM 6th February 2020  


In total 15 members either resigned (or did not renew) and 23 new members have joined since the 2018 AGM.  

We now have 105 active members). 

The breakdown of membership is Honorary – 5, Family – 79 Group – 14 and Unwaged – 7.  


22 members have no craft. (2019 17, 2018 20)  


The new members have brought 


7 Dinghies (2019 8, 2018 7) 

7 Windsurfers (2019 2, 2018 5) 

26 Canoes (2019 43, 2018 8)  


Our anticipated revenue from present membership is £17285 (2019 £14785, 2018 £13920).   


Members need to be advised that a new code for the Dinghy Park gate will come into effect on Sunday 8 March 2020.  The new code will be advised to members via email when they renew. 


A summary of craft bookings from January to December is 


        Craft      Times booked 









Sea Canoe




Wind Surfer







A detailed report showing all bookings for the year is available. It would be a step in the right direction to encourage members to always make a booking for club craft to help us know the full usage of club craft





Before the new season starts I hope to have sorted an outdoor fixing point for the RIB trailer in the dinghy park, this should make it harder to steal.  I don't think we can make it impossible, but we certainly can make it extremely difficult.  I also think if we do this for our rib we should also offer this to Kendal Sea Cadets for when they get their rib replaced.


At the coming work day or soon after I propose the new KSA boat labels should be fitted to all the dinghies in the park and that the larger boats on the top side of the triangle are angled like the ones on the bottom side.  Unfortunately I will have been away at a wedding the day before so will arrive early in the afternoon for the workday, but will be there asap.


In general there have been issues with members NOT securing the club picos down or replacing the covers properly. This is also a problem with some members own craft. They must consider it may not just be their boat that ends up being damaged, but other members boats and covers, as the masts come crashing down on surrounding boats.


My last note is the dinghy park is “full” and I would like to ask the committee if we can amend the constitution (that if a boat is not used in any season it should be removed by its owner from the dinghy park). We are a sailing club and not a boat storage facility. 

Exceptions can be made for “special” circumstances i.e. illness, etc.  But there are some craft which I have not seen move for over two or three years and in some circumstances their condition is bringing the look of the dinghy park down. I know these members pay their subscriptions, but we now have people wishing to sail and wishing to bring their boats up to Killington, but can’t as there is nowhere to berth their boats.


I will soon be looking for help/man power to sort out the folding partition doors in the club house volunteers will be welcome, date to be arranged.


In April, 9 double glazed units were replaced in the club house. It now looks as if another one has gone.


In June work was done to create the 2 large canoe racks by the paddock side of the dinghy park.

There are now just a couple of free spaces left.


The new Family size H15 dinghy appears to be being regularly used and appears to be liked by all that have used it.


Following the damage to the mains electricity cabinet it has now been replaced with a more substantial cover.

Also the conversion of the club rib trailer into a slipway trolly by removing the road wheels and suspension and fitting trolly wheels seems to be working fine.

The thefts highlighted the drawbacks in our security lighting systems (new flood lights have been installed).   There are still ongoing issues with the security cameras and weather station but hopefully these will be resolved soon.


The club house catering oven has had a major DEEP CLEAN and now looks like new, please try to keep it clean!

Prepared by Andrew King (Hon Treasurer) 31 Dec 2019








Routine Items






Membership Fees





Sale of Club assets



Sale of Laser Vago


Refund of sailing fees



Refund for Low Water in 2018


Misc Income








E-savings interest





Grant for family boat purchase







Total Income















Canals and Rivers Trust - Land rental





Canals and Rivers Trust - Sailing rights



Offset by £885.56 refund.


Legal fees





SLDC Rates



Reduced 80% (charities/schools)


KSA Club Insurance (includes Boats from 2018)



A key cost. Savings since 2016.


Club Boat Insurance





RYA subs








A key cost.





New contract agreed with BT







Cess pit 





Site works










FTS Fire & Security equipment maintenance





Sundry expenses





Racing costs



2019/2020 24 hour race fees


Admin expenses incl. postage and IT etc.





Boat Repairs / Service incl. Escort boat





Bank charges



offset by Interest (see Income)







Exceptional Costs





Purchase of Family dinghy - H15



Purchase of H15 'Family boat'







2019 expenditure










Net income / (expenditure) for the year





Consolidated Account





Net Income for year 2019





add Balance brought forward









Represented by: Current Account at 31/12/19




                         : E-Savings Account*


Earns interest at 1% p.a.


* KSA policy is to seek to hold sufficient funds to cover 1 year's operations.






Depreciation: The above accounts are prepared on a Cash basis.




No provision is made for Depreciation of assets.





For the record, these assets are insured as follows:



Annual depreciation provision?












Escort Boat: