AGM Minutes 4 Feb 2016

 NEXT AGM FEB 2ND 2017 8.00pm at KSA

PRESENT – Geoff, Myles, Ian, Geraldine, Tony, Peter M, Andrew, Martin, Chris

Apologies – Paul, Lydia, Pete, Kendal SCC, Joanne, Helen Walker

2015 AGM Minutes agreed

No matters arising

Chairman’s report – he spoke to his letter and was thanked for his work  (copy at letter at Annex A)

Treasurer’s report – he spoke to his accounts and explained the new format which was required for grant applications. (Copy of accounts at Annex B)

Membership report – He spoke to his report (copy attached at Annex C) and explained that he is always willing to discuss exact fees with groups and other disadvantaged people (this point has been made on grant applications)

                Reminded members that the new gate code will be in operation from Workday on march 13th

Day membership numbers are not recorded since Bendrigg administer the scheme and the fees are accounted for separately – Myles to restore stock of forms in the clubhouse so that passers by can be informed. Forms will be available electronically for inclusion on website also.


Events report – Martin Metcalfe spoke on the Wednesday series which was won by 3 separate people this year – Martin, Pete and Paul Landon.  Unfortunately attendance has slipped and the autumn series was not viable some weeks.  Pete is looking to boost attendance by advertising it to other local clubs and it was agreed that a £10 payment for series attendance would allow non club members to take part.

The club was well represented at the Rooster Lakeland and Far Northern Laser series with Tim Luke winning the radial class and 2nd overall.  George Thomas won the 4.7 rig series and was 8th overall.  5 other club members took part of which 2 completed a whole series. The Killington event was well attended but was subject to very high winds.

John petersfield was assisted in his 650km challenge by sailing a dinghy 42km with assistance from Myles and Louie from Sedbergh School in a RS400.  He wrote a very nice thank you to KSA

KSA were placed 20th in the 24 h Race which is two places higher than last year.  It was agreed to enter again this year and the cheque/entry form will be sent (done)


THIS YEAR – April 16th Laser open at Killington – help wanted

May 22nd – “Push the Boat Out” day at KSA – help wanted

June 19th Junior regatta for teams from schools

Aug 22 – 25 – course to be run for Arnside club by Myles – who will pay £200 for membership

Sept 17/18th 24 hr race – 50th anniversary also incorporating Bart’s Bash

Tuesday evenings – improvers’ sessions will start on April 12th and continue during school term times.

If wanted and sufficient help offered – there could be an August family day?



KSA are very grateful to Ian and Geraldine who have offered to finance the installation of 2 webcams to cover the gate area for security and the jetty/lake for public viewing on website. They will use the same mast as the weather station.  The hardware will be in the store cupboard with a monitor so that authorized people can review footage – cameras activated when scene changes – plenty of storage on the system. Good for security and PR.  Hopefully installed and running by end of Feb. 



Planning permission – has been obtained as of 4/2/16

Grants – Andrew recapped the history – Cumbria community foundation have come up with £4.5K from 3 trusts that they admister

In pipeline – bid for £7.5K from Frieda Scott;  £4K from Hadfield Trust; £1K from Sedbergh community trust

Without the large ones above we cannot fund the jetty without other sources of funding…..

Total cost is of order of £21K which include legal, planning costs.

£4K to be supplied from KSA funds but could rise to £7K if really necessary

Canal and River trust still to state formally that they are happy with the plans

April 1st visit by Candock (preferred supplier) to sort out some details – C&RT will be invited to attend.

Three suppliers tendered for the project having all done site visits with varying pros/cons and the sub committee selected Candock from the Netherlands as their preferred supplier.


ELECTIONS – none necessary as all are willing to continue to stand

Committee thanked for all their hard work



CONSTITUTION – clause 3d and 33 have had to be altered to comply with some grant applications – amended constitution is now on the website

GP14 – had been offered by a club member to any interested party and since the AGM that offer has been taken up.

WINDSURFERS – Myles asked permission to park a trailer (large) alongside clubhouse for windsurfers – agreed.

PHOTOS- Tony has a good selection of photos that he offered to provide to post in clubhouse – maybe a large frame with a selection inside…..



Annex A  CHAIRMAN’S LETTER 2016 from Geoff Pardoe


Dear KSA Member,

Membership of the Association and usage of the lake continues to be healthy. However there is some concern about the rising cost of providing a fleet of dinghies for the use of members and a review of our finances is necessary in the near future. The Association will remain very inexpensive for the excellent facilities we are able to provide for members. Please remember to treat the club boats with respect and to report any problems or damage to Myles Ripley via the website contact. In this way we can all keep the costs down!

The winter storms have again dislodged a number of poorly secured boats. Would berth owners please ensure that their boats are secure and not a danger to others. Thank you! The annual pre-season work day made a big difference to the appearance of the site. Work was concentrated on the removal of discarded materials, abandoned boats and trailers thoughtlessly left mainly by former members. A large skip and cutting tools had to be hired at considerable cost. This is completely avoidable if everyone abides by the membership guidelines which are being reviewed currently.

The next pre-season workday is planned for Sunday 13th March and all members are invited to attend; no special skills are needed, just enthusiasm. This is a session where we can make a difference in a short time – please come along and don’t leave it all to others.


Tuesday evening open sessions with escort boat cover will re-start from April 12th for the duration of the Sedbergh School term. All are welcome. Please register interest with Myles on (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). It is also intended to provide escort boat cover again during selected summer weekends; see the website for details.

All Laser sailors are invited to take part in the Laser Open at Killington on Saturday April16th

KSA will again be entering a team in the 50th anniversary W. Lancs Yacht Club 24hour race during the weekend of 17th-18th September. Contact Myles Ripley or Pete Lawson if you would like to join the team.

The Wednesday night racing sessions will again run from April until October. If you want to participate contact Pete Lawson.

All upcoming events are on the website.


Long-standing members will remember that the Association used to operate out of a wooden hut! In 1999 we finally negotiated a long term lease with British Waterways and were able to start on our long term development programme. The first project was the construction of our clubhouse which was funded primarily by the Lottery to support our work with local young people and those with disadvantages. Since then we have also purchased a fleet of dinghies and the escort boat which is available to offer support to our members.

2015 saw the start of the latest phase in the Association’s development with the proposal to build a new fixed jetty to improve our lakeside provision especially for our user groups.

Firstly we secured an extension of our lease to 2031 – essential to securing grants.

This success was tempered by the rejection of our grant application to the Lottery because we had previously received Lottery support – 15 years ago!

We re-thought the development and came up with an alternative plan for a floating jetty which is considerably less expensive and very suitable for our lake with its variable water levels. A decision on the preferred Jetty supplier will be made in mid January.

Fundraising has progressed with some success and we await the outcome of several applications. If you are aware of any potential funders who would be worth approaching then please contact Myles Ripley or Andrew King

We are still intending to keep to the original construction date, which is early autumn 2016 but work can only start when funding is in place.

We very much hope to see this project completed this year, providing another valuable facility for members and completing our current long term development programme.

Special thanks to Andrew and Myles for the massive amount of work they have done to get the project to where it is today. A big thanks to all the committee members and everyone who has helped with the events during the year, and I look forward to your continued support during the coming year. Have a great year on the lake in 2016.


Finally, please help by returning your membership form before the end of February!







Routine Items

Major Projects






Membership Fees




Misc income




Jetty project - Development Grant Income to date




Total Income












Canals and Rivers Trust - Land rental




Canals and Rivers Trust - Sailing rights




SLDC Rates




KSA Club Insurance through RYA




Club Boat Insurance




RYA subs
















Cess pit 




Site works




Building works




FTS Fire & Security equipment maintenance




Sundry expenses




Racing costs




Admin expenses incl. postage and internet etc.




Safety Boat Purchase / Service




Dinghy maintenance and repairs








Development Costs




            KSA + CRT legal costs for 10 year Lease extension




                                            Jetty project expenses to date




2015 expenditure








Net income / (expenditure) for the year







Consolidation: Routine + Major Projects Account



Net Income for year 2015



add Balance brought forward



Represented by Cash at Bank at 31 December 2015




 Prepared by Andrew King (Hon Treasurer)

10 Jan 2016


Note on Financial Reserves policy


Since 2000 when the new clubhouse was built, the Association has operated a deliberate financial policy designed to deliver stability and to make the Association self sufficient (except when considering major new projects). In developing this policy the Association had to take account of:-

1.       High Fixed Costs. The Association's accounts show that over 90% of routine annual expenditure of around £10,000 is on items that cannot be reduced in the short term (i.e. a year).

2.       Risk of Fluctuating Income. KSA needed to set a policy that would encourage a stable membership  and long term loyalty to the Association in a sector which suffers from volatility. Uncertainty is the last thing we need.

3.       Exceptional Costs. Finance needs to be readily available to maintain and enhance facilities used by members.

The Policy

The long term policy sets a target of a year's costs to be held in reserve to allow the Association to be robustly self-sufficient and to provide time to react to any financial disruption.  This policy is never an end in itself and never stands in the way of developments which will benefit members, but it provides a useful discipline and has been remarkably successful in practice.....

The Benefits

1.       Stable and Loyal membership. The Association's membership fees are both modest and stable, allowing members to budget sensibly. In addition the KSA Membership Secretary has flexibility to assist any member (especially groups) facing financial problems, by reducing fees until the problem is resolved. This policy has built a very loyal group of  members and also protects the Association's long term membership and income.

2.       Maintenance of Facilities. The Association's facilities, notably the clubhouse, the dinghy fleet and the safety boat all need expensive maintenance and renewal, not least because of the high numbers of young people who regularly use them. Reserves allow the Association to maintain the quality of these facilities at all times.

3.       Financial Self-Sufficiency. The Association is entirely self-sufficient except when major developments are undertaken. All routine costs plus capital items up to perhaps £5k are always met from our own resources.

Current Operating Reserves

At the end of 2015 the Association's accounts show a bank balance of £17,000.

This can be broken down as follows:-

£  5,000 allocated to the jetty project (in addition to the £2,750 already spent).

£10,000 Routine Operating Reserves (outlined above). The core of the Association's operating ethos.

£  2,000 Jetty project contingency fund (10% of the projected capital cost) set aside to underwrite delivery.


This long term financial planning is what makes the Association secure, stable and well-equipped to facilitate 'water sports for all' in this corner of Cumbria. 

Annex C

Membership Secretary – report and comments for AGM 4th February 2016



Membership remains healthy but membership is slightly down


Since the AGM we have had 4 new members (2015 18) .  An additional 3 people sent an on-line application form but did not complete the process!


Between them they have brought


2   dinghies                            (2015 10)

0   windsurfers             (2015 1)

1   canoe                      (2015 16)


23 members have no craft. (2015 20)


In total we now have 89 active members of whom 4 are honorary members (2015 94 and 4).  The breakdown of membership is Honorary – 4, Family – 67, Group – 11 and Unwaged – 7.


Our anticipated revenue from present membership is £13075  (2015 £13445).





1.   Members need to be advised that a new code for the Dinghy Park gate will come into effect on 13th March 2016.  Members will not be issued with Membership cards or Berth stickers.  The new code will be advised to members via email when they renew.


2.   Cumbria Canoeists will again be holding a “Sea Kayak Open Day” on Sunday 6th March between the hours on 10.00 and 14.00 – all members are welcome.



3.I have received one request to hold a Laser Open meeting on Saturday 16th April 2016.