AGM Minutes 1st February 2018

KSA AGM FEB 1st   2018 

NEXT AGM FEB 7th 2018  8.00pm at KSA 

Next committee meeting….. April 19th 7.30pm at Bendrigg 

PRESENT – Geoff, Myles, Tony, Peter M, Andrew, Chris Bell – committee 

Alasdair Simpson (Arnside), Mike Hinson (Sedbergh canoeists) 

Apologies –Ian and Geraldine, Pete Lawson 

2017 AGM Minutes agreed after an alteration to the 5th bullet point in the use of club escort boat section to add the word “NOT” so should now read “Anybody who is not on the authorized user list  is NOT insured”  

No matters arising  

Chairman’s report – he spoke to his letter and was thanked for his work  (copy at letter at Annex A) 

Treasurer’s report – he spoke to his accounts (truncated copy attached at Annex B (not including 2015 figures)).  He explained that the account was now with the Cumberland who were able to provide a much better service than HSBC though it is impractical to continue to require 2 signatures for online banking and approval was sought under AOB for this change.   

He highlighted the overall good year, with an underspend on budget on completion of the major jetty project for which he thanked the numerous volunteers who assisted.  Membership fees were buoyant and some external income from use of the premises for CAFF meetings was welcome. We also anticipate a refund for low water rebate of approx. £400.  Insurance will reduce in 2019 as the RYA have now developed a better insurance for club craft allowing use at all times.  The main club insurance also reduced by virtue of challenging the RYA with an alternative cheaper quote – likewise for Electricity supply when Eon decided to raise our charges by 50% - we have transferred our energy supplier to ecotricity.  There is one outstanding cheque for the Escort boat service to be debited.  

The chair expressed many thanks to the Treasurer for all his hard work on commissioning, financing and overseeing the jetty project.  

Membership report – In his absence the Chairman presented this report which had been circulated prior to the meeting and is attached at Annex C.  The Chairman expressed our thanks to Ian for this report and also for the work he has done towards re-siting the webcam and starting to develop a new booking calendar.  

Dinghy Park Report  - Peter Melling - I hope the owners of the dinghies on the northern / lower side of the triangle for dinghies have experienced the advantage of being able to run their boats straight into their berths, rather than having to stop, turn their boats and then haul them up into place.  

I would like at some point to do the same with the boats that face onto the car park, as I think this may help them against the prevailing winds and avoid any long masts sticking out and being a hazard. 

This may mean moving the KSCC power boat off the triangle and onto the adjoining plot where we keep our escort boat but we will if this is needed. 

I would at some point this year like to repaint and re-number the places used in the dinghy park.  Some boats now are bigger than was originally intended, meaning there is little room to get around dinghies and secure them down properly. 

On this point there are still some boats which are not being secured to ground anchor points, only to their trolleys. This includes some of the club boats, some of which were blown over onto other boats during the strong gales at Christmas. (this is in part due to users not securing them properly after use).  Both Ian and myself came up and put them back in place as best we could. We also retrieved some of the covers which had taken flight.  

Can we e-mail a reminder along with renewal confirmation details to members to highlight this problem and request they take the necessary action if required and remind members with a berth some work goes into the management of the dinghy park, and that it is not acceptable to leave craft or trailers anywhere in the grounds without paying the fee or having authorisation.? 

I have also noticed the opposite of this, where boats are being locked down using padlocks and chains meaning we cannot move them if needed. 

Finally do we know the owner of the trailer left in the corner of the carpark all this year? There now seems to be a canoe left along the path used to get to the spillway bridge do we know its owner? 

Mention was made of the need for some tree survey and possibly surgery esp in the overhanging trees that interfere with masts when you are rolling out your dinghy from the NW path.  Memories were evoked of a previous tree surgeon member who assisted but nobody could remember his name/contact – Myles to try and find out. Westmorland Tree surgeons had done a good job at Arnside and were recommended.  C&RT had explained that we were responsible for all the trees on the site.  

The chairman expressed his thanks to Peter for all this work plus all his assistance with the refurbishment internally in the clubhouse.  

Constitution – in view of many concerns over potential abuse of our generous group membership, it was decided that the following clause be inserted into the constitution under item 3b.  This amplified the existing statement in the “contract between KSA and members” which states Groups can only operate when as a group focussed on their activity.“.   The additional clause proposed is  

b) Organisations may only operate “as an organisation” under the supervision of the organisation’s authorised officers acting as a keyholder and responsible for the activities of the organisation (they may not use the facilities individually).  A list of these authorised officers to be lodged with KSA in advance of the sailing season annually.  The activity would be advertised to all members of the organisation in advance of these events happening and notified to KSA in advance.  If operating as an organisation, they have the same access to all club facilities as full members, but only when operating as an organization. 

There was some discussion as to how this would apply to canoeing groups but it was seen as important that all groups/organisations should be seen as consistent.   

Proposed by Tony Longworth – Seconded by Peter Melling – nem con.  

Events report – Myles reported on various events  

1/ family/ improvers’ evenings on Tuesdays  

Summer (may/june) saw some regulars and was well worth doing 

Autumn (Sept/Oct) was much thinner and numerous weeks there were no takers 

2/ Push the Boat Out – 21st may 2017 

7 club members assisted on the day and 5 of my Sedbergh pupils 

Plenty of customers including one disabled lady – about 30  

Weather quite kind to us.  

Unsure of new members resulting though several enquired of membership details.  

For 2018 – the whole of May is available and I would like to suggest May 13th or 20th  -  


3/ Laser Open held on April 22nd 2017 – 22 entries – thanks to club members who assisted on the day with rescue, catering and general admin.  

21/4/18 is the date for 2018 

4/ Junior Topper/ Pico regatta – June 18th 2017 

Request permission to hold similar event on June 17th 2018 – AGREED 

Explained that was open to any team of 3 Year 8 and below sailing singlehanders 

5/ Laser winter training held 3 days in 2017 organised by Cumbria Youth  

3 dates organised in 2018 – of which one already Jan 20th 

2 in future Feb 24 and March 17th  

Temporary boat storage in place 

6/ Wed Evening racing  - No info available at the AGM though believed to be thin 

7/ attempt to hold handicap racing did not have any takers – so not to be repeated in 2018 

8/ 24 hour race – Killington were on track to do their best ever but an unfortunate protest hearing scuppered that and they came 23rd (22nd in 2016).  Another KSA based team, Sedbergh School, won the Yorkshire Trophy! And a flight tankard.  Entry approved for 2018. 

ELECTIONS – none necessary  Committee thanked for all their hard work

 Organisations/groups reminded that they were entitled to a committee place 


Approval was sought for the removal of the need for two signatories for our new bank account with Cumberland.  Approved nem con.  

ANNEX A - CHAIRMAN’S LETTER 2018 from Geoff Pardoe 

CHAIRMAN’S LETTER 2018 from Geoff Pardoe  

Dear KSA Member,  

The past year has been one of continued development and reflection. Work has taken place externally and internally and a major review of the facilities was commissioned and a report has been presented, this resulting in a number of the conclusions being acted upon.  

Works completed externally.  

A new slipway to the NE side of the floating pontoon jetty has been constructed to assist members launching boats into the area between the two jetties. During construction two piles from the jetty were secured in place with concrete. The whole project was carried out by members volunteering their time and expertise thus saving the Association’s funds. A big thanks to everyone involved.  

Due to the reduced water level we were able to access the wooden jetty, inspect and repair where necessary. Work to improve the surface will continue this year.  

The access gate has been refurbished and new signage added.  

It was decided to reposition the anemometer from the clubhouse roof to a mounting on the dam wall. This now gives a more accurate measurement of the wind speed.   

Peter Melling has taken on the responsibility for the dinghy park and has been very active in making better use of the available space and repositioning of boats.  

Internal works completed or planned.  

It was decided to undertake a major review of the clubhouse as it was constructed seventeen years ago and technology has moved on in that time.   

We found funding to commission an energy and green audit of the building and its facilities. The major points in the report are published in the minutes of the committee meeting on 2nd November last year.  

Some actions have taken place, mainly to reduce heat loss, other work will continue during the year.   

The roller shutter door nearest the room partition, which has had minimum usage, has been sealed on the outside, insulated, and boarded on the inside, thus eliminating any draughts and creating more usable space.    

Insulation, internal panelling and draught excluders have been added to the front door to reduce drafts.   

Work has started, and is in hand, to improve the function of the partition doors. A big thank you to Peter Melling for undertaking all this construction work.  

The maintained/emergency lighting will be improved when the contractors service the equipment in early spring.  

After long discussions it was decided to stay with the present heating and hot water systems as the alternatives would involve high installation costs that would not be regained in any savings in energy.   

A new electricity supplier has been appointed saving the Association a welcome amount of money and providing us with green energy.   

A significant saving has been made by renegotiating our insurance policies.   

The plumbing in the roof space suffered serious damage from mice biting through some of the plastic water pipes causing water ingress into the shower and kitchen areas. Action was taken to isolate the water to the affected areas and a permanent solution that will remove the rest of the plastic pipes and replace with copper is in hand. My apologies for the recent reduced showering capacity.  

Events for 2018:-  

·                     The annual ‘workday’ will be on Sunday 4th March at 10.00, all members welcome.  

·                     Wednesday evening racing sessions to start early April, contact Pete Lawson.  

·                     Tuesday evening family sessions and handicap racing to start late April at 7pm, contact Myles.  

·                     Laser Open racing event to be confirmed.  

·                     RYA Push the Boat Out takes place in May, contact Myles.  

·                     WLYC 24 hour race at Southport on 8th-9th September, all welcome, contact Myles.  

·                     Barts Bash will take place during the weekend of 15th-16th September, contact Myles.  

Please check the website dates, updates, further details and contacts.  

This year has been blessed by the number of people who have volunteered to help with a variety of tasks making maintenance and events so successful. A big thanks to everyone. I look forward to your continued support during the coming year, have a great year on the lake.  

Finally please help Ian Downs by returning your membership forms by the end of February.  












Routine Items 

Major Projects 

Routine Items 

Major Projects 






Membership Fees 





Misc Income 





Minor Development Projects Income from grants 





Major Development Project Income from grants 





Total Income 















Canals and Rivers Trust - Land rental 





Canals and Rivers Trust - Sailing rights 





SLDC Rates 





KSA Club Insurance through RYA 





Club Boat Insurance  





RYA subs 




















Cess pit   





Site works incl. relocation of Weather station 





Buildings incl. Energy efficiency works 





FTS Fire & Security equipment maintenance 





Sundry expenses 





Racing costs 





Admin expenses incl. postage and IT etc. 





Safety Boat Repairs / Service 





Dinghy maintenance and repairs 





Development Costs 





              Minor projects  





                            Legal costs for 10 year Lease extension  










        To Candock - final payments 





                          Other Jetty project costs incl new slipway  










2016 expenditure 










Net income / (expenditure) for the year 









Consolidated Routine + Projects Account  




Net Income for year 2017 



add Balance brought forward 



Represented by Cash at Bank at 31 December 2017 




Annex C 

Membership Secretary – report and comments for AGM 1st February 2018

In total 5 members either resigned (or did not renew) and 11 new members have joined since the 2017 AGM. There are an additional 2 potential members who have shown interest in joining and they have indicated they will make their applications shortly – watch this space. 

We now have 88 active members (2017 81, 2016 89). 

The breakdown of membership is Honorary – 5, Family – 64 Group – 13 and Unwaged – 6.  

20 members have no craft. (2017 16, 2016 25) 

The new members have brought 

7  dinghies(2017 11, 2016 2) 

5  windsurfers(2017 3, 2016 0) 

4  canoe(2017 1, 2016 1) 

Our anticipated revenue from present membership is £13920  (2017 £13785, 2016 £13075). 


 Members need to be advised that a new code for the Dinghy Park gate will come into effect on Sunday 11th March 2018.  The new code will be advised to members via email when they renew.