AGM Minutes 4 Feb 2021





7.30pm on Thursday 4th February 2021 via Zoom

Attendees – Geoff Pardoe, Andrew King, Peter Melling, Ian & Geraldine Downs, Myles Ripley, Peter Melling, Dyane Sylvester (Morecambe Bay YC) , Martyn Browitt (Lanc Sea Scouts), Tony Longworth, Chris Bell, Colin Norman, Mike Sunderland (Cumbria Canoeists), Sue Brighouse (Cumbria Canoeists), Ian Clifford (Kendal SCC), Nigel Odling, Alasdair Simpson (Arnside SC)

 Next AGM is Wed Feb 3rd 2022

  • Next committee meeting is Wed Feb 17th at 7pm by Zoom


 Apologies – Ian Dawson, Toby Hubbard

 Last years minutes - agreed

 Matters arising -nil


  • New constitution – approved by electronic voting before meeting – 41 votes in favour, nil against, 3 abstentions – Constitution is approved


  • KSA committee – voted for electronic voting before meeting 44 in favour, nil against, 1 abstention – Committee is duly voted in


ANDREW KING (Treasurer)

MYLES RIPLEY (Membership Secretary)

PETER MELLING (Facilities Manager)

MARTYN BROWITT Lancaster Sea Scouts


DYANE SILVESTER Morecambe Sailing




  • Chairman’s report – see attached annex

Geoff thanked Myles Ripley for long service as Sec and notified attendees that he would be transferring to memb sec role

Geoff thanked Ian Downs and his wife, Geraldine, for their long and successful work as membership sec and as a thank you awarded them honorary life membership.  They would continue as webmasters. Happened to be Ian’s birthday today so a “Happy Birthday” was sent.

Informed attendees that all the reports had been sent out in advance as listed by title below (full text can be seen in annexes after the main minutes) -there is no events report as there had been no events in 2020 due to Covid


Ø  Treasurer’s report


Ø  Membership report


Ø  Dinghy park report  


Ø  Events report


Ø  Racing report


Mike Sunderland (Cumbria Canoeists ) enquired of the canoe membership as to how many canoes vs kayaks and how many were stored at lake. 

Data collected didn’t record canoes vs kayaks.  Approx 1/5 were stored at lake.

Mike further offered assistance with training opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and SUPs in conjunction with Cumbria Canoeists –

            Thanks offered by KSA for that offer

He further recorded Cumbria Canoeing thanks for the productive relationship with KSA


Peter Melling enquired of the 17 “not renewing” members whether they had berths that were now free? 

            2 or 3


Andrew King stated that of the groups who had been offered grants for 2021 – 2 were still outstanding with an answer and asked reps at the meeting to chivvy their respective bodies to respond.  2 grants had been turned down and the funds would be redirected within club training


Peter Melling enquired whether with the extra members would we need more racking for boards/canoes? 

            Diff to answer as many people brought those sort of craft on roof racks or in uninflated state.

Peter is designing and will, in due course and when access is allowed, install racking inside the clubhouse for the new SUPS and donated windsurfers . 


Declining dinghy numbers is a national trend – KSA will try to encourage dinghy membership by open/taster days and by the provision of Saturday coaching sessions.  Mike Sunderland encouraged this and said it had worked well for them.



  • Any other business

Sue Brighouse enquired of rules re use of buoyancy aids on SUPs – and encouraged committee to do as much as it could to “enforce” this rule. She also raised the possibility that those not wearing them may be “illegal” lake access people just launching onto the lake from the road.

KSA guidelines for SUP use are being drafted and will include the use of buoyancy aids.  However KSA cannot enforce use and/or inspect buoyancy aids for suitability. 

Peter Melling raised fact that when googling re Killington there were various suggestions that round lake walks and random free access to lake was possible. To be investigated further

Sue Brighouse also enquired whether any progress had been made on the blue green algae front that had been mentioned for 2020.  Understandably Covid has got in the way of that progress but Geoff has been regularly sending photos to C&RT with examples of blooms and hoped that 2021 would be more productive in terms of a proactive response to BG algae.




CHAIRMAN’S LETTER 2021 from Geoff Pardoe

Dear KSA Member,


Many thanks to everyone for their consideration, patience and compliance with the restrictions we have had to endure this season. It was difficult to accept the closure of the facilities in the Spring and November but there was no alternative, our members health is paramount.

At the time of writing access to the lake, restricted use of the club craft and the toilet facilities are open, and will hopefully stay that way until we are able to announce welcome changes to legislation that will allow full access to the facilities.


The Association has been the beneficiary of two welcome grants that were designed to help community centred organisations. The monies are mainly to assist our charitable and voluntary groups who have had severe difficulties both financially and practically in not being able to participate. We have acted on suggestions offered by the groups by helping with their financial situation, and with the availability of club equipment and training opportunities.

The request from the groups plus the growing interest in paddleboarding has resulted in the purchase of and delivery of four paddleboards for the use of all members, they will be accessible from the start of the new season through the booking system.


It is our intention to present a proposal to provide a limited number of training sessions to encourage members to extend their skill base. The initiative needs to be developed, approved, and if successful it will be implemented during the new season. This would represent a departure from the previous policies of the Association, so it will need careful thought to ensure it can be professionally presented to the highest standards of the RYA.


Review of the Constitution


You will be aware with the arrival of the proposed new Constitution in November that there has been a major review. The old one was no longer fit for purpose after being repeatedly amended over decades. The new Constitution clarifies various issues that have caused debate in recent years and provides a robust management structure for the future, while maintaining the informality of KSA’s day to day operations. The Constitution is concerned solely with the governance of KSA, all other aspects have been incorporated into a reviewed and revised set of KSA Rules documents.                                    Part of the process involves re-forming the entire committee including the office holders. The returned self nominations forms have been processed and the voting forms for the new Constitution and information about the new committee should be in this mailing. Please return your completed voting form for the new constitution by the closing date and the results will be declared at the AGM.

The AGM which is scheduled for Thursday 4th February 2021 at 7.30pm and will be on Zoom, joining details of the meeting will be sent out with guidance for anyone unfamiliar with Zoom.

The relevant revised KSA Rules documents will be sent out to members when they renew their membership. Hard copies can be found on the notice board in the clubhouse.

A big thank you to Andrew King and Myles Ripley for their expertise, hard work and patience in reviewing and producing the documents.


Developments during the past year


B4RN broadband is a lot closer with the conduit for the fibre being laid to the boundary fence in the summer. We were then able to extend it to the outside wall of the storeroom and now the router has been fitted inside the building. The final connection of the fibre is programmed to take place in January.


We received a kind donation of windsurfer gear from a former member. This will greatly increase the number of boards available for members and hopefully encourage more participation.


Early in the year a meeting was held with the Canal and River Trust, our landlords, to discuss the blue green algae in the reservoir. They were very helpful and outlined what could be done to find the reasons for the increase in blooms. We have done our part during the year by recording, when possible, the blooms we witnessed with photographic evidence and forwarding them to C&RT. Unfortunately their planned survey work was unable to take place but I understand that it may be possible for the work to start in the 2021.


The booking system for club boats will hopefully return to normal as the season progresses but at present the restricted access procedure remains.


There is now an outside tap for members to wash their equipment before taking it off site to another venue. This is designed to reduce the spread of waterborne bugs. Please be considerate of your water usage as it is a metered water supply and expensive.


Membership of the Association increased during the summer months with an influx of young families. This was greatly welcomed and we were able to accommodate them safely. The location, accessibility and facilities were positive reasons expressed for joining.


A new hard standing area for the escort boat is awaiting its final surface, with new and robust security measures having been incorporated in the area.


Please help Peter Melling to maintain the site to a good standard by taking away any unwanted equipment or materials. Berth occupiers need to ensure their craft are secured to withstand the increasing number of periods of exceptional high winds.


The coming season


The sponsored dinghy training sessions are planned to take place over a number of Saturday mornings during the new season. Dates and further details will be announced when we have permission to commence.

It is hoped that we will have someone in place to coordinate events and training sessions during the season. There will be the opportunity for members to help provide escort boat cover at weekends other than the published sailing events. This will involve members being offered escort boat training sessions sponsored by the Association in exchange for a commitment to give their time at selected times when escort boat cover is provided.

Events can only take place if members are willing to get involved by offering their help. With members support an array of events are possible including social sessions but the initiative must come from the membership.


Sailing Events for 2021:-


The listing of events for the new season are aspirational and can only take place if they comply with whatever the Governments rules are at the time. We need to be positive and plan for activity to take place when we are allowed to. The website will be the main notice board for confirmation of planned events and hopefully the announcement of additional events as the season progresses. 

·         Wednesday evening racing sessions, for start date contact Pete Lawson.

·         Laser Open racing event on April 24th, if we are allowed.

·         The dates for the RYA Push the Boat Out/Discover Sailing day to be announced.

·         WLYC 24 hour race at Southport on 11th-12th September.

·         Bart’s Bash is on 11th-12th September, the event will need an organiser and members to help.

All events at the lake will be put in the events calendar on the website and advertised on the KSA Facebook page.


The date of the annual ‘workday’ will be announced when it’s possible. This will mainly involve outdoor work as the clubhouse is still in very good condition due to having very little use since last year’s work.

Thanks to those who have been able to get involved in volunteering their help with a variety of tasks. I look forward to your continued support during the coming season when hopefully there will be an expansion of opportunities to volunteer to help to develop the Association.


Finally a Big thank you to Ian Downs who is retiring as membership secretary at the end of the season. Please help the new membership secretary by returning your renewal membership forms, which are now electronic, by the end of February.




Prepared by Andrew King (Hon Treasurer) 31 Dec 2020

















Membership Fees

 £ 18,785.00






Sale of Club assets






Sale of Laser Vago

Refund of Business Rates


 £       153.60

 Refund of Business rates



Refund for Low Water in 2018

Misc Income








 £       150.00


E-savings interest



E-savings interest



 £ 12,000.00

 Covid grants. £10k SLDC +



Grant for family boat purchase




 £2k Yorks Dales Millennium




Total Income

 £ 18,935.00

 £ 12,153.60



















Canals and Rivers Trust - Land rental

 £       789.09






Canals and Rivers Trust - Sailing rights

 £   3,551.78





Offset by £885.56 refund.

Legal fees







SLDC Rates

 £       153.60


Refunded re. Covid (above)



Reduced 80% (charities/schools)

KSA Club Insurance (includes Boats)

 £   1,918.37


Insurance for 2021



A key cost. Savings since 2016.

RYA subs

 £       130.00







 £       915.00





A key cost.


 £       638.24





New contract agreed with BT


 £       208.66






Cess pit 

 £       185.00






Site and Building (costs of Facilities Management)

 £       569.61






FTS Fire & Security equipment maintenance

 £       521.37






Racing costs






2019/2020 24 hour race fees

Admin expenses incl. postage and IT etc.

 £       193.38






Boat Repairs / Service incl. Escort boat

 £       325.78






Bank charges

 £         34.10

 Offset by Interest




offset by Interest (see Income)

Sundry expenses

 £       126.41






Exceptional Costs







Purchase of New Craft


 £   1,694.81

4 x Paddleboards



Purchase of H15 'Family boat'

Other projects


 £       720.00

Weather station




2020 expenditure

 £ 10,260.39

 £   2,414.81












Consolidated Account







Net Income for year 2020

 £   8,674.61

 £   9,738.79





add Balance brought forward

 £   3,860.12











of which transferred to E-savings A/c






Represented by: Current Account at 31/12/20





                         : E-Savings Account*




Earns interest

* KSA policy is to seek to hold sufficient funds to cover 1 year's operations.

KSA is also committed to a programme of support for Group members in 2021, with free membership + cash grants and equipment.




Depreciation: The above accounts are prepared on a Cash basis. No provision is made for Depreciation of assets.


For the record, these assets are insured as follows:


Depreciation provision p.a?















Escort Boat:



















KSA ACCOUNTS 2020 COMMENTARY (Accounts attached separately as Excel file)


2020 has been an unprecedented year. Our concern was that sailing would be stopped or curtailed by the Covid crisis and that we would lose members, with no prospect of any reduction in our costs. Our long term policy of holding sufficient reserves to cover a year's operation looked likely to be called into use.

In practice things turned out better than we anticipated:

·         INCOME: When the first lockdown happened, we had already banked the majority of the year's membership subscriptions. Members were so keen to sail that despite the restrictions that had to be imposed to meet government requirements, we not only retained membership but actually gained members during the year as people joined the club to access relatively  safe outdoor activities. This was unexpected.

However some of our members, notably the not-for-profit Groups, had a very bad time. They lost most of their income and were unable to function. Fortunately KSA has been  able to offer some support:

·         GRANTS: KSA applied for and received a refund of the Business rates that we had already paid when the pandemic struck. We were also invited by SLDC (our local authority) to apply for a 'small business support grant' worth £10k. We were successful in our application.  Subsequently The Yorks Dales Millennium Fund generously awarded us an additional £2k to fund free memberships for our Group members in 2021. KSA has devised a comprehensive programme of support for our Group members: - free membership + a cash grant + new equipment. This will use the entirety of the grants awarded, in 2021.

·         EXPENDITURE: There are few points of interest in KSA's expenditures in 2020. Our major costs like electricity, BT, rent and insurance are largely unchanged (though we look forward to the prospect of B4RN broadband in 2021; this should substantially reduce our telephony costs). A few costs have reduced due to the pandemic - e.g. racing fees and premises  cleaning. Our only significant capital expenditure has been on 4 Paddle Boards bought as part of our Group members' support package (but available for the use of all members). There has also been a programme of site and premises work which has proceeded at modest cost due to the efforts of the Facilities Manager and volunteers. This has saved the club significant sums and means we enter the new year with our facilities in good shape.

·         OUTCOME: The surprising end result is that we have ended the year 2020 in the best financial position the club has ever known, with a strong current account and significant E-savings. We have no significant financial worries. 2021 will certainly see a sharp reduction in our bank balance as we implement the support programme for our Group members but we hope for a more 'normal' financial year in 2021.

Statement prepared by Andrew King (KSA Hon. Treasurer) 31/12/20


Membership Secretary Report for AGM 4th February 2021  


In total 17 members either resigned (or did not renew) and 27 new members have joined since the 2019 AGM.  

We now have 118 active members). 

The breakdown of membership is Honorary – 5, Family – 90 Group – 12 and Unwaged – 11.  Later in the year the Group members will be subdivided into Group (charitable groups like scouts, schools etc) and Associates (Other groups like other sailing clubs, trainers etc)


21 members have no craft. (2019 17, 2018 20)  


The new members have brought 

 7 Dinghies (2020 7, 2019 8) 

5 Windsurfers (2020 7, 2019 2) 

21 Canoes (2020 26, 2019 43) 

25 Boards (previously 0)


Our anticipated revenue from present membership is £15055 (2019 £17285, 2019 £14785). We have not asked charitable Groups to pay their fees this season at a cost of £1760, nor have we demanded renewal fees from members who joined after September 2020 at a cost of £1160. 


As of 20 January, we have so far collected £3550 from 38 of our 118 active members.  I would like to encourage the remaining 80 members to pay their subscriptions as soon as possible.


Members need to be advised that a new code for the Dinghy Park gate will come into effect on Sunday 7 March 2021.  The new code will be advised to members via email later, after they have renewed and providing the Covid19 regulations allow. 


Ian Downs

Retiring Membership Secretary




The Laser sailing programme was inevitably impacted heavily by the Covid-19 pandemic with

the spring series entirely lost to the first lockdown. However, the summer series was able to go

ahead approximately as normal with six sailors taking part. 14 races were sailed and Peter

Lawson won overall with 8 first places.

The Autumn series was very successful with 7 competitors including two new additions to the

fleet, Nigel Odling and the very youthful and competitive Grace Culling. 16 races were sailed

and this time was won by Peter with 9 first places but Oscar Riley was notable for his third place

and no doubt will be one to watch in future series.

A Saturday Winter series was planned for the first time in several years but got off to a slow due

to other commitments. Two races were held on 25 October, both won by Peter, before being hit

by the pre-Christmas lockdown.

Summer series:

1st Peter Lawson

2nd Martin Metcalfe

3rd Jack Lawson

Autumn series:

1st Peter Lawson

2nd Martin Metcalfe

3rd Oscar Riley



Martin Metcalfe