Minutes for 19th April 2018

NEXT MEETING – Thurs 4th October at Killington

KSA COMMITTEE MEETING 19th April 7.30 pm at KSA


Present – Geoff, Myles, Peter M, Andrew Ian, and Geraldine

Apologies –PeteL, Tony, Chris Bell, Mike Hinson , Alasdair, Martyn Browitt



* Peter M to give Ian dimensions to suit spacing of gate bars for new metal printed sign

* Geoff to price up various non slip applications for old jetty

o Geoff to continue to negotiate with Joe re land extension

* Myles to continue to do escort boat refreshers

o To remove TV

* Ian to adapt GDPR policy template from RYA

* Peter M to set up RYA website access account

* Andrew to sort out liability insurance for new kayaks (3) and remove Oppies down to 2 only


Previous minutes - agreed


Matters arising from previous minutes

MYLES- consolidate Oppy “stuff” to two craft and dispose of Oppies - DONE

To contact and arrange escort boat refresher training- MOST GROUPS DONE

Geoff – to contact plumbers re shower work – DONE but some pipes still need lagging – payment of invoice to be held over until completec £1200 + VAT

To carry out 2nd moss treatment of tarmac path to wooden jetty - DONE

To investigate and carry out anti slip work on outer section of wooden jetty – GEOFF TO COST SEVERAL SOLUTIONS AND COME BACK TO COMMITTEE – Andrew had obtained some timber samples with resin/grit strips; Myles had passed on some “gridded” matting; existing style strips ; Peter M’s idea of additional timber strips

Peter to action work on North roller door - DONE

Leak proof main room fire door – DONE – MANY thanks for all his work

Ian to update committee on booking system progress – ongoing see later

To include various reminders when he emails out the new code for the gate - DONE

Eg Organisation/group criteria and rules for access

Dinghy park boat security, road trailer reminder, use of logbooks for boat use, reporting procedure for fault reporting, use of booking system for club boats, refresher sessions for escort boat use.

Peter M – plaque installation, 2nd roller door, shower piping – DONE – even more thanks expressed esp as he had also done ladies’ shower ceiling at zero cost



1. Membership (Ian)

As usual there has been a slight drop in membership – 10 members have resigned whereas 6 members have joined. Current membership is 84.

At the AGM forecast revenue for the year was £13920, the changes to date would suggest income of £13660. Another new Group member would bring us back on forecast

2. CCTV system (Ian)

The new camera which was purchased because of the new DVR (replacement for PC) is proving to be very popular with superb pictures of the lake. Lots of thanks expressed to Ian and Geraldine.

3. Booking System (Ian)

I am pleased to report the new system should be ready for implementation when I return from holiday early in May. In particular it will provide

* Ability to add ‘Events’ to the diary – they will show in bold on the enquiry

* Ability to add craft bookings from a drop-down list of club craft (the system will restrict the number of craft and the length of time - maximum 4 craft for up to 2 hours per booking. (This may be changed later)

* Users will receive an email confirmation of their booking

* I will have the ability to add users to the system and they will then receive an email advising them of their username and password. The password will be system generated 8 characters. I will also be able to change/reset their password (This may change later)

* Only current and future bookings will show on the enquiry

* It will be possible to produce details of past bookings as a report

Even more thanks to Ian and Geraldine expressed.



“We’re fine” – Bank a/c has been successfully transferred to new bankers with mainly good outcomes of BACS payments etc. £7K in current a/c due to subs in – it’s always our flushest time of year. Ecotricity still finding it difficult to get correct meter reading and a new meter may have to be installed..



A. Weather station – recent blips seem to have been sorted by new batteries and higher temperatures

B. Trees – tree surgeon member had not yet been though promised –(since meeting he has been and Peter M reports “While I was back up at the clubhouse today, the tree man called in and took a look around at the trees. He said they all looked sound and he would be getting in touch with you soon. I mentioned that particularly for the trees near the old jetty if we knew when he was coming up we could have the dinghies under the trees moved out of the way of falling branches. I think he liked that idea! We could always move them onto the carpark for the day when we have a date.”

C. Broadband – no known updates from B4RN

D. Events –

a. upcoming Laser Open – thanks to members who have offered to help – since meeting event has occurred successfully with 20 entrants – good day.

b. Push the Boat Out – posters circulated for comm members to circulate – offers of help from members received – further soliciting will occur nearer the time.

c. 24 hour race – entry made – officially 3 entries from KSA including the Cumbria youth team and Sedbergh School.


6. GDPR – Document from RYA circulated and need to comply accepted by committee in view of rumours that “examples” were to be made of small groups! Peter Melling had supplied a document that Wanderer had drawn up and there was a template policy circulated from RYA. Ian offered to examine and adapt this template while Peter M offered to set up KSA RYA login so that other templates could be downloaded. Myles forwarded the Arnside policy to Ian to assist him.





8/ AOB

1) Gate Sign – could Peter print a new one as eyelets were giving way…. Apparently Peter can print onto metal as well – Peter M to give Ian dimensions to suit spacing of gate bars

2) Donated kayaks from Kendal SCC to be stored on the old outside racks but some boats sitting there to be removed. Liability insurance agreed to be important for them and the “sit on” kayak recently donated by a member. Insurance to be researched by Andrew

3) Old TV – Pete Lawson to be contacted in order to facilitate removal of the old TV – done and Myles will remove

4) Extension to boat park – Geoff has approached Joe and this time Joe has expressed an interest for a fee in cash. Agreed that receipts would be necessary as well as a formal agreement. The land would have to be fenced and a hard standing created but not in stone. Geoff to continue to explore

5) Pico incident and involvement of emergency services – arising from a recent call out to an inverted Pico by a member of public after a member had let his Pico drift off from jetty and had no way to recover it….. Attempts to contact committee members by rescue services had failed and Geoff enquired if we should have a wider network of public contacts. Committee didn’t feel that any more was necessary.