2019 Pre AGM Meeting

NEXT MEETING – 4th April  7.30pm at Bendrigg  



Present – Geoff, Myles, Peter M, Andrew, Chris, Alasdair, Tony,  

Apologies – Ian and Geraldine, Martin, Pete L,  



1/ Geoff to prepare draft newsletter in April and to circulate for amendments 

2/ All to attend work day on March 9th  

3/ Myles to organise refresher sessions on escort boat esp group users 

Also to place some hi vis jackets in store for use by comm members 

Also to put in 24 hour race entry 

4/ Peter M to contact by direct email members to enquire of views on family club boat 

Also to sort out Morecambe boat  booking email recipient 


ACTIONS from last meeting 

Geoff – ongoing dialogue with Joe re land – Joe has declared that he is definitely not interested as he has plans to develop the barn 

Peter M – research new family club boat – done see later 

Contact tree surgeon re roadside trees – roadside trees suitably “pruned” 

To look at new berthing sizes in triangle et al – plans afoot….see AGM Dinghy park report 

To continue to sell out of date member’s boats! -successful sale of 3 boats 

Myles – to research pico boat covers and communicate with Peter L – pico covers and 1 new sail purchased 

To enter cumbria canoeing events into diary - done 

ALL – to volunteer to create newsletter -nil but at meeting Geoff agreed to produce one in April with contributions from all concerned eg open meetings, courses, PTBO day etc 


Non slip on jetty seems to have stood up to winter submerged 

B4RN getting closer  but not yet here. 

Myles needs to renew escort boat refreshers for 2019 



Geoff had circulated in advance of meeting various guidelines for approval and revision – Berth occupiers guidelines amended in a few places. Rest agreed as sensible and up to date. 

Geoff also communicated proposal for Canoe Cage by Kentdale Scout association who had requested installation of a 20foot container which was thought to be a bad thing by all – Key proposer was at the AGM and discussions ensued with him later.  


Peter outlined his ideas for the triangle especially the south side 

Installation of the refurbed kayak rack that he had worked on  - overhanging the lake adjacent to Sedbergh canoe club cage 

Proposal for open boat/canoe racks along grass on south side of car park 

Possibility of using space behind club house if we got really short of space 

Purchase of boat stickers approved. 



Peter had outlined a proposal for a Hartley 15 and had got Ian to email round membership regarding their views on this but very few replies (10) received. Proposed to go back and directly email especially the group users.  The counter proposal of a Wanderer as being cheaper to obtain was outweighed by durability issues.  Purchase would have to involve grant bids and probably sale of the Vago.  Hartley are inclined to offer good deals but £5.7K is likely to be as low as it gets (ex demo boat). All agreed that evidence of need would have to be generated.  


Proposed to take advantage of early bird fee and double entry with Sedbergh School to reduce cost – agreed 


Booking system enquired about and desirability of email to confirm…. It would seem that the email  is going to only one recipient per group and it would need to be sent to the most appropriate – (Morecambe Bay – Peter M offered to investigate) 

Committee member on duty – Chris said it might be useful to identify when a comm member was on site to give more impetus to “suggestions” being made by comm member to eg dog owners…..Myles Agreed to supply hi vis jackets to  be held in store to be worn when on site if a comm member.  




NEXT MEETING – THURSDAY 4th April  7.30pm at Bendrigg