Minutes April 4 2019



Present – Geoff, Andrew, Chris, PeterM, Tony, David (Morecambe),Martin, Myles 

Apologies – PeteL, Ian, Geraldine, Alasdair, Toby 



Geoff to draft and circulate newsletter in time for 27th April open meeting – dogs, events, volunteers, questionnaire upcoming,  

To research quotes for double glazing units 

Chris Bell to inscribe hi vis jackets and install white board. 

To enquire of printing of dinghy labels.  

Andrew to coordinate remaining group letters of support and then to action fundraising for Hartley 15 

PeterM to source dinghly labels 

To source, obtain and get delivered pipework and cement for canoe racks 

To spec and install outdoor tap with push cut off 

Double door to be reinstalled and then, later, plan and carry out partition changes 


The previous minutes were agreed  

Matters Arising –  

Draft newsletter still in preparation – numerous items raised in the meeting were registered to be included eg dogs, events, late subs etc 

Work day had to be postponed to later in March but a smashing number of people with good skills attended and much work was done – many thanks to all 

Refresher sessions for escort boat had been carried out for Morecambe, Kendal Sea Cadets, Lancaster Sea Scouts, Kentdale Scouts, Bendrigg, Arnside and Sedbergh School – some still to be done – Myles will chase 

Hi vis jackets were now in place in store for “on duty “ committee member – A suggestion was made to inscribe on back of them KSA, and to have white board in clubhouse to state if committee member was present and available – Chris will action 

24Hr race entry done 

PeterM had written to all members including groups and a significant number of replies had been received.   

Morecambe correct email for booking system had been sorted 

B4RN update – still on its way – at some stage we will need to dig a trench from “landing site” in Joe’s field to clubhouse probably all way round to store room entry point. Geoff asked for volunteers.  

Family Club boat fundraising  

Some groups yet to reply – various to chase eg Myles to contact Lytham Sea Cadets and Kentdale scouts 

Suggested that contact be made with Arnside to find out which charities they had tapped for recent grants towards their Hartley 12 dinghies.  

Once this info and letters generated, Andrew will take forward the application  


Dinghy Park developments 

PeterM had done numerous improvements and the committee was very grateful.  Kayak rack installed and almost full, new cage site surveyed and actions planned.   

Still to arrange remaining areas of triangle in better spacing to suit larger dinghies and to herring bone to ease access. Will help to know exactly which dinghies have not renewed as some “unloved” dinghies were sitting in some of those spaces and there were new members wishing to obtain berths.  

Canoe racks planned for South Fence – sourcing pipework but one source via Cumbria Uni probably not going to happen but synchronised purchase with kentdale scouts (for their new cage) will reduce delivery and possibly bulk purchase. £200 aprox approved for purchase of materials  

Boat labels discussed – suggested printing numbers on labels rather than rely on writing numbers on which will fade.  Chris offered to enquire of neighbour and PeterM will investigate as well.  

Outdoor tap with PUSH function installation approved  - PeterM to spec and go ahead. 


Partition Door –  

Despite numerous efforts to solve the misalignment of the doors in the partition, it had been realised that they will never fit!  Discussion of solution ranged from complete removal of partition and substitution by a frame coated in same panels as on roller door OR to fix the existing partition in position and then cut a double door frame into it and install new double door.  Various off cut solutions for double doors presented.  Peter to continue to spec and recruit help to install.  

Noted that removed door needs to be reinstalled for space, heating and safety reasons – Peter asked for volunteers and a Wednesday evening just before laser racing might be good to get extra pairs of hands.  


Renewal of defective double glazing units 

 Geoff commented that several double glazing units had blown and needed replacing  - after expressions of disappointment of their longevity had been recorded agreed that a couple of double glazing firms be approached to quote for replacement.  Also noted that  it would be good to record which units were replaced so that longevity could be confirmed.  Furness Glazing to be approached 


Dog policy  

Agreed that loose dogs were undesirable as well as no dogs to be allowed in clubhouse – notice to this effect to be put in clubhouse and included in newsletter.  Guide dogs would be an exception to this rule.  



Chronologically  and to be in Geoff’s newsletter 

Wednesday evening laser racing – due to start last night but nobody was available.  Hopefully next week. Due to continue till Clocks change in October. 

Saturday April 27th – Laser Open – 11am briefing for three races – Landons had offered to cater and one to rescue boat.  Dean had offered to assist prior to racing.  Myles to be race officer. More volunteers needed esp on rescue boat duty. Newsletter to ask for volunteers 

Tuesday evening sessions  - from 6pm’ish till 8pm’ish - escort boat available, informal tuition available – starts Tuesday April 30th and runs till end of June – except half term – Geoff to include in newsletter 

Sunday May 5th RYA PTBO Club open day – volunteers needed to take people sailing – 11 – 3pm – PeterM can help in am, Chris Bell may be able to help. Ian and Geraldine on shore duty – publicity flyers distributed to committee members to post around their homes.  

June 9th – Junior team singlehanded regatta – Upper age limit school year 8  (practice afternoon  on 8th available.) 

Arnside have advertised various courses some of which to be held at Killington  

Possible Sea Kayak demo day to be re-arranged from postponed date.  

24 hour race Sept 14/15th – all welcome to volunteer for KSA Day  


Lancaster RGS one off day request  

Agreed to give permission on Tuesday June 25th to use clubhouse and launching facilities – no club boats or escort boat usage requested – price £50 



Weather station – now installed and working – probably over-reading – intention to move to wooden jetty in due course – long and convoluted installation history. (windsock on member’s dinghy also appreciated on “lake view”- ) 

RYA questionnaire – We had signed up to the RYA club survey for 2019 – which will happen after end of April – Geoff to include mention of this in newsletter so that members recognised its legitimacy when they receive it.  

Finance – Andrew reassured committee that finances were in good order.   

Membership report – Ian reports “Brief update for where we are as of Tuesday 2 April:  We have collected £12630 so far with around £3760 still outstanding - represented by 23 membersAs I reported earlier we have had 2 new members in the last week who have already paid.