Minutes for 26 Sept 2019



PRESENT – Geoff, Andrew, Myles, Peter M, Pete L, Tony, David, Alasdair, Martin M, Martyn B, Chris, Toby

APOLOGIES – Ian and Geraldine



PETER M – investigate axle of club rib trailer to replace road bearings with trolley wheels

(outdoor tap, partition doors)

Robust metal cover to meter cupboard

Investigate trackers for engine/RIB

Longer term - investigate ground anchor for RIB, bollard system for parking space

UPS for cameras/lights/lock

Bar across roller shutters internally

Record and store serial numbers of RIB, Trailer, Engine

Number the Club boats and put signs up next to their berths


MYLES – put wheel clamp on RIB trailer

Remove hitch from trailer

Put in 24 hr entry for 2020 for ksa

New covers for picos

Create a tick list for club dinghy checklists


GEOFF – CCTV alert signs

Contact Ian to contact IT Pete to discuss cameras and poss maintenance contract

Dig trench – recruit assistance – for BARN

Continue to investigate implications of barn development for water/lx supply

AGM newsletter to include info on RYA satisfaction survey, security, logging club boat usage, advertise for social sec,

IAN – to create file for storage in KSA about camera / recording usage

ALL – consider constitution clause (below) and feedback to Myles

Suggest items for Geoff’s Chair’s letter for AGM

Offer to help dig trench


Previous minutes agreed as true record of last meeting

Matters Arising – the Actions from previous minutes had all been achieved with following exceptios

Outdoor tap postponed since significant water pipe work will be needed soon – see later

Double doors would be a winter project

Geoff added that the reason for the venue change tonight was due to a sickness bug at Bendrigg and he had felt that it might be wise to shift venue – apologised for late notice

Finances –

Andrew stated that the finances were in sound shape. So far this year income had been about £21K and expenditure £14K – both sums include the sale of the Vago, grant receipt and purchase of the Hartley 15. So a net balance of £8k in the current account. Membership overall seemed to be stable


Membership some late memberships had been received arising from courses run during the summer – Ian as ever exerted the wisdom of Solomon in deciding how much rebate to afford them.


Site Security – Geoff ran through the recent two breaches of security – firstly the theft of the SCC RIB and secondly the attempted breakin by removing the main fuse from the meter cupboard outside the building. Both had happened early in the morning i.e. 01.30 and 00.12 – due to defective external lighting the quality of any CCTV footage was poor though a feeling was expressed that the quality of the cameras might be updated as the Webcam one had been. IR lights were only 50% functioning. Police had been advised and their advice to us was to apply as many deterrents as we could. Info on the RIB theft had been widely circulated and then reposted via Facebook.

Discussion ensued of all the possible security measures we could take both in short term and long term including bollards at the gate or by side of building for ribs to park behind; ground anchors to secure RIB to; reactivating the alarm, moving meter cupboard inside et al.

Decisions – in short term RIB hitch to be removed so less easy to tow away and a wheel lock to be installed – both could be achieved “tomorrow”. MYLES

Consideration to be given to purchasing full wheel cover ( 'Denver Boot') wheel lock. Probably only relevant if Rib continues to be kept on its trailer.

Serial numbers of RIB, Trailer and Engine to be recorded and kept available for any theft – photos taken of these numbers on the night of the meeting

Peter to investigate way of changing axle on RIB trailer to allow non road wheels to be used – and a launching trolley to be investigated by Myles http://www.angleseymarinesupplies.com/dinghies-and-launching-trolleys.php. MYLES / PETER

Meter cupboard to be covered by a heavy duty metal cover – PETER to install on return from his trip away. (Cost of moving meter electrics inside would be of order of £2K and wouldn’t be done swiftly. )

Tracker on both RIB and its engine to be investigated and if possible installed – Peter

UPS for cctv/lights/lock to be purchased and installed – Peter. ALL PETER

Also proposal to permanently mark our Rib, identifying it very prominently as the property of KSA. MYLES / PETER

Longer term – thoughts include ground anchor for RIB securing it in its normal parking place

Or parking RIB alongside N side of clubhouse with a bollard in front of it

Also bar across inside of roller shutters to provide a further deterrent from removing RIB if inside clubhouse.

Signs needed to be posted to alert intruders that CCTV is in use.


CCTV – viewing of the footage had shown up some problems with the system – lighting was faulty so quality of image was poor; gate camera was U/S, no back up power to camera system; nobody apart from Ian knows how to extract and view the footage; no maintenance system exists to ensure functioning properly etc.

So…… A maintenance schedule needs to be drawn up – and AN other to be charged with doing regular checks – would ITnet be able to provide a full maintenance contract?

A reference file of system operation needs to be created and kept in clubhouse

A UPS needs to be installed to maintain operation even after power failure

Needs better lighting at night – Peter pointed out that IR lights was only 50% functioning

Cameras might usefully be upgraded to a higher res

Geoff will talk to IAN and ask him to consult IT Pete as necessary.


Club Boats

Andrew for finance, Peter for collection and setting up – both thanked for all their hard work in obtaining the Hartley 15 much quicker than we had expected. Myles had inducted 8 people in its use. Due to end of season, not many uses had been made of it yet.

Arising from RYA feedback, agreed to clearly label club boats – which would also help maintenance since people could identify which boat had the fault.

2 more new covers for club picos agreed to purchase – Myles/Andrew


Responsibility – Whose fault is it if an accident occurred and it was found that the boat was faulty? Clearly the user should not use the boat if it was visibly defective but should we have a recordable regular checking system > General agreement –

Tick list to be developed for each boat MYLES

eg Rudder, tiller, tiller extension present YES, Universal joint in good order – No

Martyn Browitt happy to assist with this but not available till Spring

Toby suggested use of online record system “Papertrail”


Building maintenance

Peter M had been busy alongside Geoff in several projects – Geoff thanked him for all his hard work

S. Fire door opening/securing system renewed/replaced. Much improved.

Partition doors better but more work needed.

Blown double glazing units replaced.

Green box for emergency release of electric lock had been moved to avoid accidental activation

Oven found to be as dirty as a dirty oven can be….. Peter asked for approval to get in commercial oven cleaner to do a deep clean. Agreed.


Dinghy Park

6 new canoe racks had been safely installed with steel, concrete and much man power!

The Zapcat that had been dumped there – Myles mandated to inform owner that it would be moved and stored elsewhere or disposed of

Triangular area – Peter intends to echelon that area to allow easier access and dinghies would benefit from facing prevailing wind. KSCC had offered to help in any boat moving

Several totally unused boats - why should we afford them space when active sailors want those spaces? But if they pay their berthing fees we cannot force them off? Action – each owner to be contacted and a conversation to be had to move them away from KSA, including assistance offer to sell , or otherwise dispose of boat. If that didn’t work then a constitution clause to be added at AGM to allow us to take action.

27/ (all subsequent numbers to be increased by 1) If a dinghy remains at Killington and despite having all relevant fees paid, appears not to be used for a period of 9 months, then the club will take the following actions: 1) contact the registered owner at the last known address and ascertain whether there are special reasons for the non-use of the craft; if not, then 2) request removal of that dinghy from KSA premises to free space for active members; if the craft remains unused after a further 3 month period, then after formally advising the member, 3) to move that dinghy to storage in a remote area of the dinghy park (which may include a satellite location). If the dinghy continues not be used for a further 12 month period, despite the member continuing to pay all appropriate fees, then 4) to require the member to remove the craft from KSA premises. If no action is taken within one month then KSA shall be at liberty to act as if the owner was in arrears ,as stated in clause 28/


Development of derelict barn adjoining our land – this has been sold and permission granted for 3 dwellings. New neighbours afford opportunities and threats! Practical issues include the fact that our water and electricity run across that land and indeed inside the barn. This will have to be researched and dealt with . GEOFF?

Also – B4RN is approaching and we will need to dig a trench from the access point by the above barn across the back of our clubhouse to allow conduit to our clubhouse. Treasurer welcomed this as it would reduce our inflated BT bill!


RYA Club members satisfaction survey

In general people (27 replies) were broadly in favour of our activities – with one notable exception.

However there were several strands of comment that generated some discussion –

Social events/interactions – Geoff would advertise via newsletter and AGM for a social sec

More safety boat cover – (thanks expressed to Morecambe and Arnside for covering the Tuesday nights over the summer holidays) - Some weekend cover would be ideal; another evening would be good; bank holiday would be good. But who to provide it? Arnside/Alasdair happy to provide cover whenever they are already out for their own courses – often only one Wayfarer out ….. Visibility of this would be via club booking system. Martyn B happy to provide some cover next year. Toby would like to do some youth racing from, initially, a very low level which would also provide rescue boat cover and might dovetail with Wed nights.

In run up to AGM , calendar with some of the above dates to be published.

Labelling of club boats – see discussion above under club boats – Peter to add labels


Events –

PTBO had been good – plenty of new members recruited – even more assistance from club members would be appreciated – in 2020 a date in May needs to be chosen…….

April Laser Open – good turnout for 1st event of that series – (just last w/e last event had been held and 3 sailors from KSA had been prize winners )

Wednesday evening racing continues with eg 4 racing this Wed

The Lancaster Sea Scouts had held a 12/24 hr event at Killington for fund raising which had been very successful

KSA had competed successfully at the Southport 24 hr endurance race – plaque installed! – The committee granted Approval for entry for next year – and insurance and Ent Association costs to be refunded. Myles to do the entry. ANDREW to arrange payments on receipt of paperwork.

Future events

Laser open on April 25th

PTBO sometime in MAY

19/20th Sept 2020 – 24 hour race



Geoff asked for any items for inclusion in his Chairs letter for AGM

Feedback from C&RT about blue green algae – they haven’t come back to us since our conversation in which they said they would look out old report and compare. Myles enquired if we knew if the service station were breaching their discharge consent? Martin M and Andrew would enquire

Alasdair informed us that Arnside were applying for RTC status with Killington as a satellite base.





Apologies already from PeteL, PeterM, MartynB