Minutes for 17 February 2021



Present: Chris Bell (CB); Martyn Browitt (MB); Andrew King (AK); Peter Melling (PM); Colin Norman (CN); Geoff Pardoe (GP. Chair); Myles Ripley (MR);

ociationDyane Silvester (DS, minutes)


Apologies: Tony Longworth


Previous Minutes: Accepted


Matters Arising: None not covered elsewhere


Secretary: Chris Bell: Accepted by all, with thanks.


Club Craft & Events Co-ordinator: Martyn Browitt: Accepted by all, with thanks.


Training Programme: Myles to co-ordinate: he proposed a working group to discuss this, to include: CB, MB, MR, DS & Mike Sunderland. To meet (via Zoom) 25 Feb to discuss.


IT Review: Much of the current equipment is outdated. It is necessary to review our future IT requirements and determine what it we need / want to get.

It was noted that there have been power “brown-outs” that may affect IT equipment, so UPS is needed.

It was commented that the current door lock is robust and reliable where more modern electronics may be less so.

Anemometer vanes are stuck. 

Working group formed to review and discuss, to include: AK, PM, CN, GP. To meet (via Zoom) 25 Feb to discuss.


Events:  (TBC dependent on Covid restrictions)

Laser Open (24 Apr); also to include Streaker dinghies

RYA Push The Boat Out: Provisionally Spring bank holiday 31 May.


Updates: (thanks to GP for the following)


In response to the members' requests, money from the recent grants we have received has been used to purchase four paddleboards. Chris will bring them to the lake when it’s possible and the secure internal storage rack has been assembled. The metalwork for the rack is due to be delivered on the 15th Feb and Peter hopes to construct the rack when possible. Rules for using the boards, booking and logging procedures are with the logbooks in the signing out area. Big thanks to Chris and Peter for working on this project.



Our future broadband supply is closer in that the router is in place and we are awaiting the final missing link of fibre. This is held up at Low Bendrigg where the engineers have to tunnel under Peasey Beck and they have not had favourable weather conditions so far this year.


Donated windsurfing gear:-

We received a very kind donation of windsurfing gear from a former member at the end of last year. When it’s possible Chris will assess which gear is of use to members and it will go into stock for members to use, the rest will be donated. The boards will be stored with the SUPs.


United Utilities-HART Project:-

Members may be aware of a major civil engineering project taking place near to New and Old Hutton. The project has had limited impact on our access to the lake but the next phase could very different.

United Utilities are undertaking essential work to replace old sections of their Haweswater Aqueduct that carries water to the Greater Manchester area. They are to expand the present compound, called ‘Bella’, roughly between Bendrigg Lodge and Old Hutton and build their main compound, called ‘Swarther‘, near to Old Town to the south. The project in our area is due to be completed in 2027.

Killington Parish Council have taken an active role in coordinating local response to the project. GP has attended a number of meetings including two with our local county councillor and the relevant people from UU.

The position at the moment is that UU need to decide which routes they wish to use to supply their sites. The choice is to use the southern supply routes, which would have limited affect on us, or the northern routes which would greatly affect us.

At a recent meeting with UU on Friday 12th February we were able to present a very strong case against them using the northern routes, more meetings are to follow.

UU have a website that you can visit if you want more details of the project. The section to look for is called Swarther, not a great site, better accessed with a PC.


Construction is not planned until late 2023 so it is not imminent and there are lots of processes to go through including planning, we may call upon members to help present our case.


Members should contact Geoff Pardoe with any questions, or information which could help our case: He is coordinating KSA’s response.


EICR and PAT reports:-

The five yearly Electrical Installation Condition Report has been completed and the infrastructure is good, the building has passed.

We have a Portable Appliances Testing Certificate covering all portable appliances.



-        Membership application has been received from a member who has been (unbeknownst the KSA officers) running kayak hire on the Lake. He has applied for membership at a reduced rate on the basis that he will only be able to use the Lake for a few months. This proposal was rejected by the meeting which concluded that he should pay a full membership rate and provide full paperwork relating to his business to the committee.

-        PM requested that all boats are tied down securely in the dinghy park; strong winds are an issue.

-        PM further requested members take all their litter / unwanted old covers home with them as there is no waste collection at the Club.

-        MR reported that  some buoys have come adrift and new anchors will be required.

-        PM noted an issue with non members using the Lake. To be discussed at next meeting.